Time to Challenge the Democratic Party, CBC, Black Elites


By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway


In what used to be Blacks voting for Blacks as a catalyst to break the color barrier to achieve civic/political representation has now morphed into a nouveau Black elitism which is rapidly morphing into Black fascism led by this new Black elitism.  In reality, what is going on in the Black community is a quiet warfare between the Haves and Have Not Black Americans. This war is silent like a volcano slowly moving toward eruption. For too long, everyday working Black Americans have seen organizations which should be looking out for their interests have done anything but.


In May, the NAACP announced that it was retooling and going on a listening tour basically to bring in the grassroots. Then, that next month this historical organization delivered a press release built on the premise that its annual convention’s goal would be to stop Trump basically by any means necessary. Then it turned around and invited Trump to attend its convention. Trump refused to do so. Then the NAACP released a statement condemning President Trump for turning down the invitation. The NAACP’s action has become the norm for too many Black organizations which are no longer about average, hard-working Black citizens but rather about Black elites and attacking anyone and any entity that is non-Democratic Party. So much for the NAACP’s non-partisanship.

These Black elites are now stooped in the Willie Lynch position of being no more than an extension of the Democratic Party. On the other end of the Black political spectrum, ironically, is another type of morphing Black elitism. This is the nouveau grassroots elitism which, again, is about the extension of the Democratic Party. This grassroots elitism, which I will label Black Poverty Enablers (B.P.E.), operates on rage and on increasing rage under the guise of community organizing.  Its tactic is to march and march and march. The word ‘grassroots’ has become just another calling card in advancing one party and one party only, the Democratic Party, in the Black community.


What these two extreme elite factions have in common is that they are D.A.K.’s – Donkey Ass Kissers.

They have one mission and one mission only which is to make sure that Black citizens adhere to the tenets of the Democratic Party. This allegiance has become so domineering in the Black populace that even when two African American Capitol police officers foiled an assassin at a congressional baseball game practice, there was nil praise of them from the Black elitist establishment. Why? The answer is simple and in this simplicity, alarming. These Black police officers who received Medals of Valor from Trump had the audacity to save Republicans from an assassin. Had not they been there, the bodies would have piled up, including those of children. But because these bodies would have been Republican bodies then it seemingly would have been acceptable. As these two Black police officers (one male and female) were having ribbons of valor placed around their necks by President Trump, no congratulations came to them from any Black political, civic, or civil rights group.


These Black elitists have made it clear that they know what is best for the Black community; they have in essence become paternalistic in their behavior on punishing any Black individual, any Black organization, any Black non-conformist to the Democratic Party. The same paternalism they have accused white supremacists of practicing, they now themselves are practicing in the Black community post the 1964 Civil Rights Movement—a movement which had no political party affiliation. Its only goal was to make sure that the U.S. government lived up to its Constitutional responsibility found in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments which were passed during the 1860’s—not 1960’s!


If you are an average working Black American who wants safe neighborhoods, safe schools, homeownership, own your own business, better jobs, better education, better wages—you know, if you are a Black American who is now looking for economic empowerment then you are out of the equation, because these two extreme factions of Black elitism have successfully pushed African Americans as an ethnic group out of the equation. The African American is getting to an economic point where he is even no longer a desired consumer and where it is politically correct to displace him with members of  the Hispanic community, the LGBTQ community, the Oriental-American community, the Native American community, the Indian-American (as in India) community, white females  and even the Martian community. These groups have in fact become the desired consumer because their respective minority group has produced a viable economic core in the same vein as the Jewish community has. These respective groups’ cores have created businesses not only to hire their own but others as well. This gives them a non-consumer (non-consumption) economic clout which begets political clout. Not only have these hyphenated-Americans become official ‘minorities’ entitled to  the same Affirmative Action and EEO privileges as Black Americans, they have enthusiastically embraced capitalism. Many of their capitalistic ventures were made on the backs of Black consumers and the fight Blacks fought to bring about the fruits of the 1964 Civil Rights bill.  An example in present day is the Oriental-American’s monopoly of Black beauty and hair products in the African American community. Any fool knows that if you’ve just stepped off the boat, you should have a map on where to find Black neighborhoods which are the pathways to America’s Land of Milk and Honey. However, what you have to respect about these ‘minorities’ is that they see after their own first. The African American collective under the influence of these two factions of Black elitism no longer puts the socio-economic interests of Black Americans first as was done in the Civil Rights Movement era.


Instead, these elitists put the interests of the Democratic Party first. Two examples of this practice are the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).


During the NAACP’s convention, this historic organization held an LBGTQ workshop. The LBGTQ community has been successful because it has put its agenda and members first. Now if that ‘left’ shoe was on the other foot and if an LBGTQ convention were held, you can bet your fatback bottom dollar that there would not have been a workshop on specifically Black anything and/or on advancing a Black anything. Again, if that ‘left’ shoe had been at a NOW convention, you can bet your fatback bottom dollar that there would not have been a workshop on a specifically Black anything and/or advancing a specifically Black anything. See, I don’t want to hear about how they might have had a workshop using the adjective ‘Diversity’. Any fool knows there is Diversity and then there is Diversity. Diversity is a politically correct term used and utilized to include the adjective ‘Black and/or African American’ when it is socio-economically expedient to get civil rights benefits and/or privileges for other ‘minorities’ other than what has now become the second largest minority, Blacks. Once these groups have secured what they want economically, the term Diversity becomes code to exclude a Black anything—Black sheep or otherwise.  There, too, is a propensity for Corporate America and other mainstream entities to hire other ‘official’ minorities to appease and to comply with their public relations—oops Affirmative Action– mission statement and to fly under the radar of the EEOC.  Any fool knows this is how the game is played. But why shouldn’t it be played this way? In the 21st Century, Black Americans have allowed themselves to be put out of the equation by their own.


In addition, these D.A.K and B.P.E. Black elitists have aligned themselves with pseudo white liberals who love them some po (can’t even afford the ‘or’) Black folks. These are not the genuine white liberals in days of yore who put themselves on the moral and physical battlefront as Freedom Riders or human rights workers in the Civil Rights era or earlier as did the Quakers or John Brown. This is white liberal trash who grin, shuck, and jive while also labeling everyday hard working white Americans as a “basketful of deplorables.” Such liberal symbols as The North, UCLA, free speech, anti-NRA rhetoric, anti-Southern accent, anti-Christian, socialism, anti-wealthy, anti-capitalism have become weapons of mass economic destruction. I mean at the end of the day, everybody knows that Boston is a rich man’s Mississippi – in spite of being one of those proverbial symbols of white sanctified liberalism. The same racism found in Mississippi exists in a Boston or any other symbol of said liberalism.

This new Left activism is no more than a movement to control.  Simply, to control.  There is no rhyme or rationale to why they want control, except they desire it. They deem themselves the Best and Brightest and a Non-deplorable while they dress in terrorist black haute couture to destroy property, lives and livelihoods. They are anti-everything which means that they stand for nothing, except control. They aided and abetted the Black elitists in trying to destroy Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, and those Black ministers who went up to talk to the newly elected President Trump. Many of those Blacks who went up admitted that they had been Hillary Clinton supporters, but indicated that talking to Trump was not about politics to them but rather about economic advancement in the Black community. Dare I say that Steve Harvey and Jim Brown have done more to help Black Americans than most of this Black and white elitist trash? Yet, these controlling liberal bastards continue to try to destroy a man like Harvey who lived in his car to get where he got!  How dare they! Yet, hypocritically, they did not go after Martin Luther King III who also went up to talk to Trump. King III, a businessman and co-owner of Bounce TV, behaved I believe as would his father whose last speech “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” was about Black economic-empowerment, the next phase of the Civil Rights Movement which has yet to be realized. In fact economic-empowerment was the core reason for the Poor People’s March on Washington. To reiterate, when these brave Blacks met with Trump it was not about being in love with Trump, but rather about being in love with hurting Black citizens who continue to hurt regardless of what party holds the presidency. These Black elitists have bullied other Blacks to a point that they are afraid to go against them for fear their careers and livelihoods would be lost or that they would be bodily harmed. So much for “We Shall Overcome.”


When these elitist bastards lost the election, they declared themselves as warriors of the Resistance as if they were in some Third World nation plotting a coup d’etat. The word ‘Resistance’ became a proper noun under which The People must now subjugate themselves.  These elitists even chose to advocate the riddance of the Electoral College, even some members of the Congressional Black Caucus called for this. This political mechanism was designed to give the minority a voice within this political system called a democracy which was even designed to have two chambers—the Senate and the House of Representatives to further ensure that as many of The People’s voices as possible would be heard. Yes, we know that America is not a ‘perfect’ Union but in the long run even on wobbly wheels, it has worked and has kept running in spite of its imperfections; and it still remains the land where others ‘run’ to try for perfection.  I mean I don’t see these white leftists running to become citizens of any failed Eastern European nation or the Black leftists running to become citizens of any failed African nation. I didn’t see any of these wealthy white or Black elitists offer their private jets to take protesters to lands where females are ranked less than dogs.


All this is to say that liberalism in the 21st Century is not about common sense to get a problem solved but rather to systemically and individually destroy anybody of any race, color, sex or creed which disagrees with it and an elitist Democratic Party. They are about control as its own reward.


In other words, these are destructive bastards on the rampage. And they have successfully gotten a hold of the Black community not to help it but to deliver America’s poorest and most discriminated against ethnic group to the Democratic Party on every Election Day. After Election Day—this venerable Holy Day – Black American citizens are thrown back into the tar pit only to be pulled out of the sticky mess for another Holy Election Day.

Thus, this is why the Black Vote has become a joke (ala Rahm Emanuel who caters to the Hispanic Vote) as these elitists continue to plunge the Black populace into economic demise (and in Chicago into self-inflicted genocide). And if the truth be told, it is no longer about systemic white racism as it is about systemic Black elitism destroying its own– sacrificing its Black babies in a volcano of crazed liberalism to appease the Democratic Party. And worse yet, it is about this Black elitism transforming the Black ethnic group into a one-party micro nation within the United States of America. That one-party micro nation behaves the same as a failed communist state, in which the party members are the elitists and given the best homes, best education, best automobiles, best economic ‘equal opportunities’ and other ‘affirmative action’ privileges according to how these Black elitist party members rank within this quasi-Black communist party state. Welcome, Black folks, to the 21st Century communist party operating in the Black community under the auspices of the Democratic Party and its socialist agenda which is designed to keep Black Americans po (can’t even afford the ‘or’) and happily dependent. (As for my own philosophy, I believe capitalism is the best economic system, but there should never be a system which is one-hundred percent capitalism, because there should always be a goodwill welfare layer within that system for humanitarian reasons. No one is immune to falling through the cracks when bad economics times happen or when a medical crisis wipes out bank accounts or to help those who genuinely cannot help themselves. Many of us have been there at one time or another; and those who haven’t may very well go through it. So don’t judge.)


Yes, the Congressional Black Caucus once upon a time was bipartisan and had no problem with Black Republicans being members of it. But now, the CBC is no more than an offshoot of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party only. Even the first Black president Barack Obama would not meet with the CBC until they begged, begged and begged some more. Why should he have? He was the symbolic pro tem leader of the Democratic Party and saw no need to respect the CBC, because everybody knows that Black folks worship the Donkey. Collectively speaking, even the Black church worships the Donkey. So why should he —as America’s first Black president—have cared that the CBC was begging in thickening saliva to meet with him… and, gee whiz, when he did, he uttered for all the world to hear his reprimand of them as if they were ungrateful brats, “What are you whining about?” Of course, they continued to kiss this Donkey’s ass who made it a point to care more about refugees or an inanimate transgender bathroom more than water in a predominant Black Flint or who scolded Black voters that he would be disappointed in them if they did not vote for Hillary Clinton—when it looked as if Trump just might pull this thing off and that he had to save face because he had run around in Europe like a loose cannon shooting off his mouth, boasting that Trump would never win. It was not so much that Obama was in love with a Hillary presidency as he was in not making a fool of himself. Never mind that he brought this humiliation on himself. But dare I say that he was the first president to my knowledge to go outside the country and campaign against a U.S. presidential candidate; also, to my knowledge he was the only president to threaten an ally when he said to the Brits that if they voted for BREXIT, he would put them in the back of the line.


In 2018 and 2020, it will be time to challenge old-guard members of the CBC. It is time for a Maxine Waters and a John Lewis to go. Once upon a time they were elected because of their earnest Black interests. Win or lose, it’s time for common sensical and economic-minded Blacks to challenge these Black office-holders both in the Democrat and Republican establishments. It’s time for them to go and take their place in history, seeing that they have chosen not to emerge from their legendary status into the 21st Century. Yes, let them remain in the 1960’s, honor them in the 1960s, let them rot in the 1960s if they so please. But do not remain with them in the 1960’s. Move on.


To those Blacks who dared and will dare, you must become the new Black renegades and challenge the Black elitist factions of Donkey Ass Kissers and Black Poverty Enablers. On a Trump agenda, you must make sure that Black-owned construction companies are part of a trillion dollar-plus transportation highway-byway infrastructure program; you must make sure that a Small Business Administration includes ‘Black’ and not use the guise of ‘Diversity’ to continue to discriminate against Black-owned businesses; you must make sure that Silicon Valley not continue its nouveau Klan discrimination against Blacks by attaching black algorithms on the word ‘Black’ and ‘African American’. These pseudo liberal technocrats continue to Adam Smith back slap Black Millennials under a sub rosa belief system that Black Americans are incapable of learning technology/STEM. It is up to these Black renegades to recognize that the Siliconites have begun to techno-colonize continent Africa as new markets of consumption without inviting African American-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to have capitalistic stakes to become woven into Silicon Valley’s global economic-ownership infrastructure. Black technocrats must create Black-owned companies in the Valley and produce jobs, jobs, jobs; and if not in the Valley then in the South—in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, in these bowels of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s time to move into the 21st Century.

You must establish that the Black Vote is not the panacea with whatever ails Black America. It is about jobs; about Black-owned businesses positioning themselves to create jobs to hire their own as well as others; about Black home-ownership; about Black babies being safe in schools; about Black citizens being safe in neighborhoods; about education-empowerment on every level from public school, to charter school, to home-school, to private school, and the school of Hard Knocks and Knots. It is about You not Them and not the Democratic Party.

Yes, there is something severely wrong in an ethnic group where even the religion segment preaches the goodness of the Democratic Party more so than the goodness of Jesus Christ or God Almighty. I have seen too many times Black ministers stand up and preach the gospel of the Democratic Party, signaling that if any of his or her members vote any way other than Democrat, they have sinned. There is something severely wrong in an ethnic group where any person who disagrees with the Democratic Party is not even welcomed in a church, school room, or civic meeting or to even have an opinion. There is something severely wrong when a collective legislative group announces that it will not even sit down with a newly-elected president or even attend his inauguration and continue not to even go into any meeting to discuss economic throes and woes in the Black community.


The Black community must confront itself. It is at a crossroads.  There was a time protest marches were necessary to advance a socio-economic agenda.  There was a time it was taught that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. That time has passed.


Now the chain is weak. The chain has no economic links.

Break the chain!




*This op/ed is on the Editorial Lane of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at www.blackinformationhighway.com.  Welcome, Travelers!


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Donna Brazile’s “Hacks” Hacks More Than Russians

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune
and the
Black Information Highway

“When the name Hillary Clinton popped up on my phone in February 2017, I realized hers was a call I’d stopped waiting to receive…. Win or lose, in the days that follow, the candidate extends that circle of gratitude to members of the party and donors. Bernie Sanders called me on November 9, 2016, and Joe Biden, too …But I never heard from Hillary.” Thus, writes former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile in her bestseller “Hacks” which some pundits have painted as Brazile throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus when in fact from a full read (and in my case a full reread), it’s more like Clinton and the DNC jointly throwing Brazile under the bus.

When Brazile was asked to take over the reins from the bedraggled DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Brazile was under the impression that she really would be acting in the capacity of a true ‘chairman’ of the party and not as a figurehead or what she described as one with a paper title. You know – like a chairman who could call some shots and have some say over the budget, have some say about her own staff—good stuff like that. But when Brazile walked into the job, she quickly learned that she did in fact have a paper title, that the DNC was broke, that the Hillary Clinton campaign (herein referred to as Brooklyn, the location of the Clinton headquarters, and how Brazile refers to it) was in charge and all monies that should have or would have gone via the DNC
headquarters went first to the Clinton campaign to be dispersed at their leisure and call.

On top of those harsh realities, Brooklyn sent over a little Black millennial male
chauvinist spy by the name of Brandon to baby-sit Brazile, a seasoned veteran political operative who served as former V.P. Al Gore’s campaign manager, making her the first African American to serve as a campaign manager for a presidential nominee, giving her a hefty footnote in Black History and American history.

Of course, with all the non-clout accoutrement that Brooklyn bestowed on Brazile, one can see why there is a chapter entitled “Patsey the Slave” (a reference to the movie “12 Years a Slave”), and even understand her anger when National Security Advisor Susan Rice whom Brazile had known since Rice “was a young woman in flip-flops and cutoffs working on the Dukakis campaign” had the audacity to reprimand her. So much for respecting your elders.

Now before I go further, do note that Brazile does address the controversial accusation that she fed a CNN debate question to Hillary Clinton before a presidential debate. For the record, Brazile initially denied the accusation then confessed her mortal sin via a mea culpa apology.

Now getting back to the subject at hand. The title “Hacks” refers to the alleged Russian hacking into DNC servers to influence the U.S.A. presidential election to give Republican candidate Donald Trump a favorable outcome.

What you get from Brazile’s book is a raw but gratifying honesty about her dilemma which should render her ‘mortal’ sin of giving Clinton a debate question to venial sin status considering that she was never in charge of anything of significance as DNC chair anyway. From her wit to humor to disgust to frustration in taking over for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one can see that her story could be a remake of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” Et tu, Hillary? Et tu, Democratic Party?

In this drama, the aforementioned Brandon was a two-bit actor given a leading role by the director, Brooklyn. Brazile bristled, writing: “I was boiling inside at the arrogance of this young man. Did he not understand that I had long-standing friendships with most of his superiors in Brooklyn, with the exception of Robby Mook? I had the cell phone numbers of people he was still calling ‘sir’ and ‘madam’.” It finally got to the point of Brazile relaying to him, “You know, Brandon, I want to have a black-on-black conversation with you.”

But, the ‘actor’ who went (Dred) Scott free (pun intended) from the Brooklyn plantation was Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Not too many media bloodhounds tracked her down to answer ‘why didn’t she do anything about the DNC server hacking’ when the FBI informed her and the DNC earlier? Wasserman Schultz with her Shirley Temple curls seems to have tapped danced her way off the stage, leaving a mess for Brazile to clean up like the ‘Help’.

However, the reader mustn’t misread Brazile in thinking that she was accepting the role of a clean-up woman. The last thing Brazile comes off as is a victim. She’s Old School in political gamesmanship where loyalty is the impetus in staying to the end of a task, even to the point of enduring bull and disrespect.

But the bigger question raised is why didn’t the FBI insist on the DNC and Wasserman Schultz taking care of this problem, seeing that the hacking had major implications that it could compromise a presidential election? But one must presuppose that perhaps some higher-ups in the FBI and Wasserman Schultz herself didn’t think Trump would win anyway, so why push the panic button before the election? But still that reason doesn’t suffice seeing the gravity of the hacking, not even with Brazile who writes: “I said that I knew I had to stay on top of it. I couldn’t understand why no one had taken it seriously before. I had heard from Evan Perez, a CNN reporter, that the FBI had been calling and calling the DNC in the fall of 2015 to tell them that the Russians were in our system, but they never got anyone to respond. That made no sense to me. Debbie was a member of Congress. Why didn’t the FBI go straight to her?” This little nugget of observation entails so many more questions, and “Hacks” readers will no doubt ask themselves a bunch of ‘whys’.

To reiterate, what took me longer to review this work was that I had to read “Hacks” twice, not so much because of Brazile telling her side of what went down in one of the most – if not ‘the most’– controversial presidential elections in history, but because she inadvertently brings out the FBI’s incompetence and seemingly its unacceptable naiveté that Russia could carry out such a sophisticated hacking job utilizing the viruses which were known as Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear. I reread this work because maybe I am crazy, maybe because I am both a journalist and political scientist that I simply could not understand the irresponsible behavior of both the FBI and Wasserman Shultz in a 21st Century world of cyber warfare.

Unlike Little Debbie, when Brazile is first informed by the FBI that DNC servers are being invaded, she takes action; she takes control. She writes: “…This was not a moment of joking. As agents described the Russians’ method and the extent of the cyber attacks in the United States, not just in the political sphere, I was so scared I wanted to walk out the door and flee the country.”

It did not help that Brazile had already come into her paper title position grieving over her friend and political colleague, Seth Rich, who had been murdered and one of the people to whom she dedicates her book. She wonders: “All I could think about was Seth Rich. Had he been killed by someone who had it out for the Democrats?”

It can be summed up that those briefings Brazile had with the FBI also left her downright frightened for her family’s lives, and that fear left a residue of justifiable paranoia. Who wouldn’t be? Yet, she braved on in an atmosphere where she was not in charge, essentially had no say, but still felt like she had to go on the field like a quarterback with no team. The ones she thought would support her, didn’t. Et tu, DNC?

Then, of course, there was the FBI Director James Comey factor. She devotes a whole chapter to Comey’s press conferences regarding whether Hillary Clinton was guilty or not guilty of following email protocol. Comey’s press conferences became a migraine for Brazile. And still my question which begs along with that of Brazile’s and some others is: Why did Comey call that second press conference weeks before the election? I won’t elaborate here, because the chapter entitled “Comey’s 18-Wheeler” is worth the read.

Brazile’s observation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook was that he was more interested in nouveau political operations which embraced algorithms rather than old-fashioned knocking on doors and burning shoe leather. She describes him: “He had this habit of nodding when you are talking, leaving you with the impression that he has listened to you, but then never seeming to follow up on what you thought you had agreed on.”

She expounds: “The young men that surrounded Robby Mook—and they were all men in his inner circle—had mastered a cool and removed style of politics. They knew how to size up voters not by meeting them and finding out what they cared about, what moved their hearts and stirred their souls, but by analyzing their habits…When I interacted with Brooklyn I could not feel positive emotion behind the campaign. And I also thought my strong feelings and how I followed my gut instincts made them uncomfortable.”

Brooklyn’s lack of support for Brazile is magnified when debate time came on Oct. 19, 2016 for the DNC to showcase their historic candidate, Hillary Clinton. Instead of the Wonder Woman who was given the chore of cleaning up Wasserman Schultz’s mess, Brazile became the Invisible Woman. She was relegated behind the scrim along with civil rights icon and former presidential candidate, Jesse Jackson. Yes, it is amusing, pathetic, humbling, and outrageous how Brazile describes this…. “I was not even visible. They had seated me in bleachers behind the scrim that served as the backdrop to the debate stage so that no one in the audience or the camera could see. That was where they put the Rev. Jesse Jackson, among others whom they had to invite but wanted to tuck away…The only thing I could see was the back of the monitors.”

To reiterate and to her credit and unlike Wasserman Schultz, Brazile did take control of trying to secure the DNC servers. Readers can understand why Brazile makes an excellent professor (She is a Joan Shorenstein fellow at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University) when she seeks out how to destroy Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear. I can only describe the chapter as ‘interestingly’ boring, because it reminds you of those Old School teachers who didn’t care whether you were interested or not in learning calculus but, doggone it! you were going to learn it anyway! A lesser writer might not have included such a detailed, technical chapter. Old School Brazile does and does it on a level a non-algorithmic reader would understand.

Unlike the techno rebels and geniuses of a new generation pushed by Robby Mook, Brazile was listening to her gut telling her that Hillary Clinton was losing. But still, she didn’t want to believe it. Stubbornly, she held on to the belief as Brooklyn did that this would be a shoo-in for the candidate who would go on to become America’s first female president.

Brazile’s description of that non-shattering of the glass ceiling night is revealing of a tattered script which was the basis of a movie where millions upon millions had been sunk into it without it becoming the blockbuster critics (political pollsters and pundits) had predicted. Why? Because it wasn’t — in referencing that poly-sci classic– “The People’s Choice” after all. It would be interesting to strip Brazil’s “Hacks” down to a framework of analysis just to see all the variables that played out in determining why Clinton lost, why the level of arrogance, or why Brazile had to fight Brooklyn for a penny to go into the African American community (historically a Democrat base). After going through a series of desperate begging for funds, she describes the ordeal: “Brooklyn had decided to give me $1.5 million to run my Get Out the Vote (GOTV) operations in communities of color. I felt like jumping for joy!” After being promised this, she soon got a message from Brooklyn: “My $1.5 million was now $750,000.” Bit player Brandon had a role in this cut.

The mystical thing about “Hacks” is that Brazile’s account of the 2016 presidential race is that one cannot read it in a vacuum as so many of her events and the ramifications of them have crossed into 2018. The ’16 race continues to make news and fake news. Brazile subtitled “Hacks” “The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.” It is a subtitle which is precarious because it is still being debated as of this writing about how much did Russia have to do with the downfall of Clinton’s campaign or that maybe it was (A). Clinton herself or (B). A rookie campaign manager who relied on the sagacity of algorithms or (C). A schizoid FBI director or (D). The rebellion of the group Clinton labeled as a “Basket of Deplorables – or (E). All of the above. Again and ironically, “Hacks” could almost serve as a political science textbook.

Anyway, I am getting out my buttery popcorn and Diet Coke, because I would certainly like to see a movie version of “Hacks”. (Mmmm, I wonder who would play Brazile?) I mean, why not have another voice in the political movie genre? This one in itself would make history, because it would be the first time the lead role would be an African American.

For further intrigue, pick up a copy of “Hacks” to fully journey through Brazile’s maze of a presidential campaign that went so wrong. For Clinton.


*The above is on the Book and Op/Ed lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . It will also appear in The Mid-South Tribune’s Annual Black History Month special edition. Welcome, Travelers!

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Merry Christmas, Atheists!

Editor’s Note: The following below was originally posted on December 14, 2015.

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Well, it’s getting near Christmas which means the atheists will be crawling out of the woodworks to tell us how much they’re looking forward to going to hell this time of the year. And I’m all for that if they choose to do so (God would know I would be lying if I said I wasn’t, and I fully well understand the ramification of expressing such because it could get me to hell with them.). I just wish they’d gone before this time of year, so the rest of us non-atheists can make a joyful noise unto the Lord, put up a Christmas tree, have Christmas parties, wait for Santa, crack open eggnog, watch for 24-hours “A Christmas Story” or “It’s a Wonderful Life” or watch Scrooge get redemption. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m being un-Christian by wishing them well on their way to hell, but I mean they want to go, so go. One of those expressing that he would be happy to go to hell is Ron Reagan, son of the late president. I watch Ron espouse his non-belief with profound faith (in nothing). Ron loves telling us how much he’s looking forward to going to hell because he’s an atheist. I thought his commercials were quite self-serving.

Then there’s Starbucks going through hell because of red cups sans Christmassy stuff on them this year because it seems they don’t want to offend the atheists and/or non Christians, and I suppose to make it easier for sinners to enjoy coffee (as if they don’t all year anyway.). I say the hell with that! I am going to enjoy Christmas the way I have always done come hell or high water. Now I have nothing against atheists. Some of my best friends are atheists (Okay, I’m telling a little fib here—only two of them are.).

I love me some Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s my favorite holiday and holy day. These days I am rebellious about loving Christmas just because of all the attacks against this holy day and holiday. I don’t mind being part of a defense of Christmas, even a renegade in defending Christmas by yelling out “Merry Christmas!” and fighting red cup windmills with quixotic stubbornness.

I love Christmas memories when both my parents were alive and we kids would relish in our toys (and I with my numerous dolls!), Christmas cakes, my mother’s perfect lemon icebox pie, her delicious from scratch carrot cake (We could even forgive her for that one year she made that horrible peppermint candy cane pie which tasted like melted peppermint over a year-old biscuit.).

I love Christmas! Hear ye! Hear ye! I love Christmas!

I love sending Christmas cards. I even love the commercialization of Christmas because it puts me even more in the Christmas spirit. When I’m walking through malls or other stores, or riding up on escalators, I crave to hear Christmas tunes. Yes, I love to Jingle Bell my head off and twist my hips to “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”.

I love Christmas trees— real ones which environmentalists wouldn’t approve of—and I also love artificial ones that come in colors nature didn’t provide. I love how the “Grinch Stole Christmas” but had to give it back, a lesson the atheists could learn. I love watching Barbara Stanwyck in “A Christmas in Connecticut”, and I love “Miracle on 34th Street”; I love the smell of Christmas cakes that promise to make you fat with joy and calories; I love oranges, apples, pies, cookies, spiked and un-spiked eggnog. I even love fruitcake! I love children’s laughter, I love the cheerful ho, ho, ho from Santa. I love the ringing of the Salvation Army bells, I love seeing people give gifts to those who are needy and non-needy. I love the love of Christmas!

I love me some Christmas!

I love Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I love walnuts, pecans, and nutty ugly Christmas sweaters! I love Nat King Cole singing the “Christmas Song” where he has chestnuts on an open fire. I also love Nat singing “The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot”, I love hearing Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas is You”, I love hearing B.B. King’s “Merry Christmas, Baby”, I love Elvis’ “Blue Christmas”; I love all of the Lifetime and Hallmark Channel networks’ million Christmas movies starting before Christmas. I love seeing a zillion shopping red bags with pictures of Santa and Christmas trees. I love Rudolf’s red nose!

I love Christmas office parties. I even love seeing Bruce Willis save Christmas day in “Die Hard”. I love putting on my Santa cap or my green foam cheap reindeer ears. I love my jingle bell earrings! I love your jingle bell earrings! I love ugly Christmas sweaters (Didn’t I say that earlier? Oh well!)

I love church services, Mass, re-enactments of the first Christmas, singing Christmas trees, and caroling. I love even seeing the atheists put up billboards trying in vain to stamp out Christmas, not realizing their gesture is a lost cause when it comes to fools like me who just love them some Christmas! I figure that after they put up those billboards, they should get on their knees and thank God that they have the freedom to put up billboards in the good ole U.S.A. I mean, non-atheists, we know they wouldn’t dare put up any billboards or buy air time in any place where ISIS or ISIL resides. (Oops! I guess they’re not that committed! Okay, so I’m going to get a piece of coal for that one!)

I mean I love Christmas so much that I can say to my fellow atheist human beings: “Merry Christmas!” I love it even more when I can override their “Happy Holidays” by yelling “Merry Christmas!” to the top of my Santa cap!

I love Christmas parades. I love the Macy’s Parade and the Disney Parade. I love even the equivalent of a Mayberry parade on the scale of small towns and rural towns. I love snow at Christmas. I love rain at Christmas. I love sunshine at Christmas.
I feel a warmth at seeing a manger—yes, yes, atheists, I throw at you the full throttle of the Nativity Scene.

In spite of all the mess, all the junk during the rest of the year, I still love Christmas!

Yes! I love me some Christmas!

Yes! To my atheist human being persons, I say to you and all of humankind, “Merry Christmas! And a BLESSED New Year!”

Ho! Ho! Ho!


*The above is on the Editorial and Op/Ed lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com. Welcome, Travelers!

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Taking A Stand: Colin Kaepernick, the NFL, and Black Dandelions

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

If you think this is about what you think this is about, then this is not what it is about. This is about a generation of Black Millennials that I have simply dubbed Black dandelions.
This is about Colin Kaepernick, a spoiled millionaire Black dandelion who has taken leadership of a 21st Century Civil Rights Movement, utilizing tactics of the true Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s; thus, this explains why this punk has afro-haired himself up to look like a reject from the “Mod Squad.” Of course, he cannot begin to touch the talents and trials and tribulations of Clarence Williams III who portrayed Linc in that vintage series and is an honorable actor who helped pave the way for African Americans to have careers on television.
This spoiled Black brat is now leading; thus, he exemplifies all that is wrong and detrimental in a 21st Century state of Black America where even the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and the NAACP are not leading him but following him.

What the hell is going on here?! Has common sense been stripped naked and run in the street into the arms of a straightjacket?
As I said, if you think this is about what you think this is about then this is not what it is about. This is about anti-Trump and a movement to latch on to anything and anybody Black elites and a pseudo white liberal racist leadership can use to advance their frustration, their anger, and their own agenda to destroy the President by any means necessary. They don’t give a damn about how they do it, who is hurt in the process, or what gets destroyed in the process. Yes, they are beyond anger. They are mad foaming at the mouth. But just because someone is crazy doesn’t mean they’re insane and that there is no method to their madness which is to push their Anti-Trump agenda to preserve their prestige in the Democratic Party to influence African American voters because a mid-term election is right around the corner.
In what is supposed to be Black mature leadership from the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP has been downgraded into behaving as an extended arm of the Democratic Party elites and the Black elites. Before this ‘mess’ got to this contagion of kneeling during the National Anthem, the NAACP went to New York and marched at the NFL headquarters in support of this spoiled brat Black dandelion and demanded a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell. Why would the NAACP waste its time with this when the African American community has the highest level of unemployment in the United States of America; when over 500 Black bodies lay in morgues in Chicago from Black gang violence; when Black thugs reign along with the biggest thug of them all in the person of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel? But, of course, Emanuel is a Democrat elite and Obama’s BFF so he can aid and abet in killing off as many Black babies and senior citizens as he wants while the NAACP remains mum. If Emanuel had invited these Black dandelion athletes to the mayor’s house in Chicago, they would have made a beeline there. After all, his ‘sanctuary’ is better than the White House! Rahmmie is a saint! He is good! He and the Black thugs have carte blanche in destroying everyday working Black citizens who are trying to pay the rent, put food on the table and who want a safe school environment for their children. Do you dare think that if an average Black citizen needed help, he or she would have the NAACP’s attention? Do you think that Flint, Michigan, a predominantly Black community where the water went bad, has gotten the same attention from the CBC or the NAACP which they now have heaped on this spoiled Black brat who has now taken control of the leadership of the Black community. This afro-haired Pied Piper with the blessing of a defunct Black establishment is leading young Blacks not only down a path of pettiness but back to the 1950’s and 1960’s when the 1950’s and 1960’s are in the past and these tactics were needed in this time period when Jim Crow was a legality.

This is the 21st Century and the African American leadership should be on another level which is economic-empowerment. The NFL has produced a rise of Black multi-millionaires (as has the NBA) never before seen not only in Black history but also American history. Yet, these Black millionaire dandelions cannot tell you why they’re following Kaepernick. Like or hate the Black Panthers of the 1960’s, they at least sat in a room with a Number Two pencil and wrote on paper their mission statement and goal they wanted to achieve which was economic-empowerment in spite of the white media turning their ‘message is the medium’ into solely about police brutality. Other Black and/or predominant Black activist groups such as SNCC, C.O.R.E. and yes, even the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), headed by a young thinker, strategist, and futurist by the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. organized themselves for constructive goals to achieve socio-economic empowerment.
This was an era when a young Black man by the name of Medgar Evers led the Mississippi NAACP; this was an era when Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer yelled out to the world that she was “Sick and tired of being sick and tired” and took on the Democratic Party (the party of segregationists and pro-slavery) and changed it; this was an era when Mrs. Rosa Parks sat on the front row of a segregated bus and went to jail; this was an era when young Black people (many of them the same age as the Black dandelions) took to the street and took the explosion of water hoses, dog teeth, and real police brutality; this was an era when ‘the Greatest’ himself Muhammad Ali black-manned up and took a stand which resulted in the loss of his boxing title and which blackballed him and took away his livelihood. Even Mrs. Parks lost her job after she ‘sat’. See, I don’t see these Black-ass spoiled multi-millionaire dandelion athletes truly being committed enough to give up their millions by walking permanently off the field in true protest. Do you see that? I don’t. Because if they truly believed this mockery (or what rhymes with ‘hit’) that Kaepernick and a Black elitist leadership are putting out, they would go all the way, as did the great YOUNG leaders of the 1950’s and 1960’s.
See, I don’t want to see you kneel during the National Anthem but stand for “God Save the Queen” during a football game across the pond. Great Britain wouldn’t even fight on the side of the North during the Civil War, because it needed King Cotton of the South. Instead, Great Britain opted out. Call me old-school, but you keep your dirty laundry at home. Better yet, the fact that the NFL has been playing football games in Great Britain is indicative that it might very well expand the league there, and this could be an opportunity to have some Black ownership in the NFL… but I digress, because dandelions don’t think beyond their butterfly careers when the age adds its years to their wings… but I digress again…
Yes, racism is systemic. So is pollution. Does that mean you have to stop breathing?
What moved these punks is that President Trump called them “S.O.B.’s” and said they should be fired. So what! So what! I am sure in the locker room, they’ve called each other M.F.’s enough times. But these Black dandelions got their feelings hurt because they want to be loved and when they got the love of the pseudo white liberals who are some of today’s biggest racists, they were happy. They were happy when these Jungle Jim liberal Democratic elites who came all the way from Hollywood and upscale suburbia said in essence to them: ‘Yes, we love you, you po’ Black multi-millionaire athletes. We understand…now let us give you this bowl of slop to keep you satisfied while we use this to get at Trump.’ So, here we go again in repeating Reconstruction when Blacks came out of the cotton fields, and many got into a position of power then turned around and used it against their own people and opened the way for the Scalawags and the Carpetbaggers to usher in Jim Crow. Welcome, Black folks, you have now entered Reconstruction II and this time taking the place of the Scalawags and Carpetbaggers are respectively the Black Elites and the pseudo white liberal racists.
Lest they forget, Dr. King was assassinated at 39! I bring up assassination because Black Lives Matter lost its legitimacy when it lost its message of police brutality when it did not denounce the assassination of the five Dallas police officers. To re-legitimize and re-energize their movement, they turned to and hitched their movement to the dandelion multi-millionaire Kaepernick who has yet (to my knowledge) to march with them or put himself close to the Black peasants. I don’t see him taking up residence in the ghetto or in an urban area where he could build his mansion to make a statement of his capitalistic success. He lives comfortably and safely in his upscale abode.
Yes, police brutality is real and it is a problem, but most police officers are decent human beings trying to protect and serve. In the history of my journalism career, I have had too many senior citizens pull me aside and whisper that they wanted the police in their neighborhoods because they were too afraid to walk up the street or sleep at night wondering would they survive the night not from dying naturally of old age, but from some Black thug breaking in to kill or rob them. Lest we forget, even Mrs. Rosa Parks was a victim of crime when her home was burglarized by young Black thugs who didn’t give a damn about what she endured to open the doors for them not to rob her but to get equal opportunity. Yes, let us all praise the Black thug!

Now hang with me, and I’ll be through in a few because I’m running out of space.

If these young Black multi-millionaire dandelions had black-manned up, they would have gone after the white owners with the same passion as they did when they went after Trump. The FACT that they did not demand that the owners rehire Kaepernick shows you what cowards they are. I mean they couldn’t make a move until Trump stirred them into action, albeit toward the wrong target. The target should have been the white owners who had in FACT fired Kaepernick long before President Trump said anything. And any fool who does not believe that Kaepernick was indeed fired and blackballed for kneeling during the National Anthem is indeed a fool. But what is worse than a fool is a yellow belly coward who won’t confront the ones who actually fired him and won’t rehire him. That coward is Kaepernick himself as a leader and the Black Pavlovian dogs who follow him each time he whistles. So, why didn’t these multi-millionaire Black NFL dandelions confront the owners if they wanted their ‘boy’ back in the quarterback pocket? Why? Because Trump is an easy target and a doable distraction to keep other Black people from seeing how these brats wanted to save their paychecks under the guise of “unity” and “police brutality” — bull (hit)!
But, of course, these owners are behaving just as cowardly. They, too, are using Trump to hide their yellow streak behinds. Yes, they would lose millions if they were to man-up. But would it kill their pocketbooks for one year to stand up to what has become a mockery of the Civil Rights Movement when real people—Black and White— literally put their lives on the line? And, too, the NFL Players Union is just as pathetic and yellow, because they’re letting Kaepernick lead them on this path when they should be looking at trying to get more Black ownership in the NFL. There are many African American athletic entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs who can be part of an inevitable NFL expansion (and yes there might even be franchises in China and African Nations). Of course, nothing will be expanded if the customers (fans) reject this politicizing of their recreational time.
God, give me strength because I’m not quite through!
Now I’m going to digress just a tad more. We have editorialized our advocacy to stand strongly with the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations to get Col. Charles Young, a true patriot and the third Black man to graduate from West Point, a posthumous honorary promotion to General. Why? Col. Young was not promoted because it meant white soldiers would have had to salute him. One of the greatest generals of the time, General John “Black Jack” Pershing fought a losing battle to get Col. Young’s promotion because of segregationist and Mississippi Gov. Bilbo. The Black vets of the National Coalition were promised a call in early 2009 from the Obama White House. They never got that call in spite of a letter campaign and the CBC’s weak leadership on righting this military history. The Coalition has begged and begged to have this venerable soldier get his due, but instead they got years of run-around. No one in the last White House respected these Black vets – these Black patriots– enough to even meet with them. Yes, President Trump should meet with members of the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations to get this done—to give this Black soldier his neglected promotion. Col. Charles Young was a true patriotic hero who was a Buffalo Soldier who truly stood up for what the American flag stood for even when that flag did not always live up to its duty of doing right by him. If any soldiers have a legitimate reason to kneel during the National Anthem it would be these Black soldiers who fought under the harshest discrimination as did Col. Young and those who fought under Jim Crow. Yet, they fought In. Spite. Of. It. All.

God, give me strength because I’m about to end this, but I have to say:

To you, Black multi-millionaire dandelion NFL athletes, don’t think for one second just because those white owners and the NFL commissioner put out statements in your support, locked arms with you and knelt beside you that they’re with you, because if you think this, then I have this bridge in Brooklyn… They did this façade of support for you because it is game time and for them not to have done so would have made them vulnerable in losing millions upon millions. So why wouldn’t they make a fool of you? In fact, they don’t have to, because you, Black NFL dandelions, are natural born fools anyway to fall for this. But that’s what happens when you don’t Black man-up and choose to kneel down and worship Kaepernick who could have used his millions and his clout to go into Black communities to set up neighborhood meetings between Black citizens and police officers, to help establish neighborhood police stations where both police and citizen patrols could make average working Black citizens and their children feel safe. He could have even walked in a Black Lives Matter march if he so chose with the same commitment as did celeb athletes and Black actors and actresses who marched locked in arm with Dr. King. He could have used some of his millions to build a youth center, to fight to negate Black unemployment by working with the legendary NFL football hero Jim Brown who founded Ameri-Can to alleviate urban plight. Brown was brave enough to meet with a then-elected Trump to talk about urban economic problems. Brown wasn’t in love with Trump, but Brown was in love with the Black community.

Yes, Kaepernick could have been a 21st Century young leader using 21st Century tools of Black economic empowerment. But you see, that would have taken too much thinking something through constructively, and thinking is something Black dandelions refuse to do. And this is why they are Black dandelions. It doesn’t take much to blow them away with the tiniest whiff. Poof! They’re gone, their careers are gone, and their lightweight activism is, ironically, “Gone with the Wind.”
The United States of America is not perfect, but if I have to live in an imperfect nation, let it be the United States of America!
So, to you, Colin Kaepernick, you needn’t go away, just do something constructive. And to you, NAACP and CBC, there are real Black economic problems you need to concentrate on—not on making a celebrity spoiled NFL player your leader.
So, Black dandelion multi-millionaire NFL athletes, you might believe these owners have kissed your black asses and that you won some type of victory, but you can bet your Black bottom dollar that when the Super Bowl is over, these white owners will meet quietly at the country club to make sure this mess doesn’t happen again. After all, lip service can be a beautiful thing.


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Ezrah Aharone’s “The Sovereign Psyche” Provides Insight

A Book Review –

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Sovereign. That’s a word which was kicked about in this past presidential election, all the way from building a wall between the U.S.A. and Mexico to the hot issue of immigration. However, author Ezrah Aharone applies the word to a ‘state’ which has little to do with geography but rather more to do with the mindset. In his book “The Sovereign Psyche,” he explores the state of Black America as a microcosm inside this macrocosm known as the United States of America

Aharone subtitled his work: “Systems of Chattel Freedom vs. Self-Authentic Freedom.” One must presuppose that the subtitle defines and then refines the ‘psyche’ portion of the Black sovereign—the Black mindset. Of course, there has yet to be a Black socio-economic study without slavery being the framework of analysis if not a hellevua variable. Aharone’s work is no exception to that. His study continues the historical and contemporary debate of what it will take for black achievement based on the fact that slavery will always be the socio-economic foundation. Yes, always, making its way all the way into the 21st Century where such movements as Black Lives Matter to Black mass incarceration to Black poverty continue to be the same unresolved topics.

“More deeply, chattel slavery involved the full burglary of both our sovereignty and our sovereign consciousness. This is why the struggle for self-authentic freedom continues. This is why the imagination is indispensable. This is why The Sovereign Psyche should be viewed by 21st Century Black leaders as rational rather than radical,” Aharone points out.

Yes, slavery is that proverbial thief who strikes in the dead of night, robbing African Americans of full citizenship, stealing both body and mind, but, to reiterate it’s the ‘mindset’ Aharone focuses on then straddles as if taming a wild horse. And, yes, the reader is in for a rodeo ride, especially if he or she re-reads portions of the book if not the entire book. My copy is already dog-eared.

Aharone even puts in his two-cents worth in that symbolic debate of what Black Americans should be called. He uses the term “Black/African people.” Of course, once upon a time Black American citizens of the sovereign were called ‘Colored’ and ‘Negro’ then those labels evolved into Afro American then African American and/or simply ‘Black’—of course, all of these nomenclatures have meshed into that ambiguous ‘Diversity’ or ‘People of Color’. (The latter two terms in my opinion presently connote every other minority but ‘Black Americans’ when it comes to economics and/or affirmative action programs).

What I noticed right off is that Aharone’s book is laid out in ‘Concepts’ and not in chapters. Concept 1 is titled “Parallel Origins and Evolutions of Racism and Jeffersonian Democracy.” I immediately knew where this was going: A bashing of democracy and capitalism. Sure enough Aharone validated my suspicion when he stated: “But is democracy really what nations need for world security, and is Jeffersonian Democracy really the staging ground for equality?”
He expounds further in Concept I: “With these assertions in mind, there are valuable lessons that the world can learn about the duplicities of democracy and equality by simply analyzing the political and racial history of America since 1619, along with the fractured relationship that Black America subsequently developed with the US government and society since 1865.”
Yet, his assertion only moved me to ask rhetorically: Cannot the same lessons of duplicity be learned from any form of government created by human beings when it comes to equality? The histories of communism and socialism have borne out that a “fractured relationship” also exists in these idealized and idolized economic-governmental structures which were created to seek the closest form of Utopia on Earth, but instead proponents of socialism and communism created their own brand of greed, corruption, and racism on their own respective merry-go-round of discrimination which further widened the gap between the Haves and Have Nots, and left an insatiable poverty that fed the egos of dictators and/or communist and socialist party leaders which kept them in power.

If one were to push the envelope, one can see that America’s State of Black America operates and behaves as a quasi-state of communism under the rule of a one party government. Even Aharone has to admit this when he offers this realistic but harsh assessment (which I must admit I am in agreement with and have indeed written about) on the Democratic Party and its relationship with Black Leadership: “At a time when Black people are in need of new ideals and tangible progress, many so-called Black ‘leaders’ have seemingly been christened and commissioned to represent the interests of the Democratic Party more than they represent the interests of Black people, which is the reason they receive media favorability in the first place.” This is a paragraph which beckons to be re-read.
He places the present-day Democratic Cong. John Lewis in historical context which denotes that schizoid-compromise dilemma Black leader activists have had to make in America’s democracy in the following: “Catholic Archbishop Patrick O’Boyle of Washington, D.C., threatened not to give the invocation at the 1963 March on Washington if the then SNCC Chairman (and future congressman) John Lewis, did not remove language from his speech that O’Boyle and President John F. Kennedy disapproved. Lewis, by the way, was far from being the most outspoken or revolutionary of Blacks at the time. In fact, the establishment probably would have never ‘approved’ the march had the roster included a cross-segment of meaningful Black voices who spoke their ‘unedited’ thoughts. Long story short, Lewis was politically arm-twisted into sanitizing his speech to appease Kennedy and O’Boyle.”

During the Civil Rights era Black leaders such as Lewis spoke, acted, and compromised on behalf of a Jim Crow Black citizen microcosm. Now they—as Aharone indicates— speak, act, and compromise on behalf of the Democratic Party. Again, I agree wholeheartedly.
I further assert that 21st Century Black leaders reside in Plato’s Cave where Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand is no more than a perpetual puppet show of shadow finger ducks and bunny rabbits on the Cave’s wall because Black capitalism was stifled by white racism and later by a Black leadership.

My political criticism of Aharone’s work is that it has a propensity to knock capitalism while praising socialism and communism a tad much, but that does not color my deep appreciation for his work because what he is pushing for is a Black “Sovereign Psyche” which is good medicine for what ails Black America which is its continued failure to attain “Self-Authentic Freedom” which is part of the subtitle of his “Sovereign Psyche.” Aharone gets inside the soul of the matter—which in essence is the ‘mindset’—the ‘psyche’. The Concepts (not chapters) he outlines throughout the work are meticulous and implicit history lessons for a rationale on why Blacks should build a “Sovereign” mindset to make an economically viable Black America microcosm and one globally as well. Today’s generation of “Black/African” people could stand the mental exercise of reading such a work.

Ezrah Aharone puts it bluntly: “But, understanding that we have sovereign dimensions to our history, it is incumbent upon us to stop the insanity and begin to apply our sovereign imagination—like all other sane people—to express the authenticities of who we are and actualize the freedom and development that we desire and deserve. This, encapsulates the essence of what The Sovereign Psyche is, and the essence of what ‘chattel freedom’ is not.”

I cannot fully conclude this review without pointing out a measure of Aharone’s loaded philosophy found in the following:
“Africans in America for example have morphed into a rare ideopolitical species for whom the concept and consciousness of sovereignty has literally become absent, alien, and abstract…Absent from political discourse. Alien to political consciousness. Abstract in terms of self-application.”
Or: “There’s a notion that the comparatively few decades of desegregation since the 1960s, somehow nullify the prior centuries of dehumanization since 1619. This paves the ideopolitical way to glorify Americanization, while relegating slavery to an immaterial detail that ‘really doesn’t matter too much’.”

One of the most intriguing segments of the book is Aharone’s treatment of Martin R. Delany whom he describes as “Being highly intelligent, he was appointed as a judge in Charleston in 1876 after losing a closely contested election for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina in 1874. He was also a physician/surgeon who was one of the first three Africans admitted to Harvard medical school, but because of racism he withdrew from the program after less than a month. In addition, Delany was an outspoken abolitionist whose notoriety reached the attention of Lincoln…Paralleled alongside these unsung laurels that proved his American-ness, Delany simultaneously – in a ‘both/and’ paradigm—held noble aspirations to establish self-government outside the US, beyond the reach of Euro-American influence. While on one hand he wrote, ‘We love our country [America], dearly love her’, he simultaneously expressed ‘the need for black people to protect themselves from racism through the exercise of political power—in America, if possible, but elsewhere, if need be’.”

Aharone is a deep thinker and exciting thinker. This is what I believe the reader will appreciate about him. However, the pathetic likelihood is that white influencers and politicos seldom read scholastic and intellectual works by Black authors such as Aharone; thus, they miss out on economic ‘concepts’ because, ironically, these white intellectuals remain ‘irrational’ and prejudice when it comes to exploring such intellectualism found inside such works as the “Sovereign Psyche”. There, too, is a mainstream publishing model which does not promote such works to white mainstream because the publishing model, too, is a victim of America’s inherent racism when it comes to knowledge. Those non-Blacks who dare to read his work would add to their understanding of America’s race dilemma. Each year one has to only look at a book list of white influencer-celebs (such as a Bill Gates) who simply do not recommend such works by Black authors such as Aharone, Thomas Sowell, Tavis Smiley, Henry Louis Gates or even W.E.B. Dubois or Booker T. Washington for that matter—and others in this “Black/African” socio-economic genre which should be defined by ideals and not solely on race. These white trendsetters simply do not recognize them as existing and are more apt to pick up a work by Karl Marx or Hegel because of skin color paired with their socio-economic philosophies. Ignorance is not always bliss. But should “Black/African” people develop Aharone’s Self-Authentic Freedom, they shouldn’t care anyway.
To reiterate Aharone is a deep thinker, and I believe he can go deeper. And that’s why I look forward to his coming volume II of the “Sovereign Psyche” (Publisher: AuthorHouse). His website is http://www.EzrahSpeaks.com.


*The above is on the Book Lane on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com. Email

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Obama, Russian Sanctions, Trump, Race, and Elitist Trash

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Putin plays chess; Obama plays checkers. I had written this line long before there was a presidential election. I had written it shortly after President Obama led a NATO movement to sanction Russia after the Ukrainian crisis. Never mind that the Ukrainians asked Obama for weapons to fight back pro-Russian Ukrainian forces; never mind that once after declaring sanctions on Russia, Obama kept threatening day after day that sanctions were coming and that these sanctions also would be aimed at Putin and his billionaire comrades. Any fool could see that these daily compilation of threats gave Putin and his comrades enough time to put their vast fortunes anywhere they wanted.
Putting sanctions on Russia will go down in history as one of the dumbest moves in international relations.

With his, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall,” Reagan signified the end of the Cold War. With this move, Obama reignited it.

This is not about being pro or anti Russia. This is about a president making a rookie move. As I had written in another piece in 2015, I don’t know what the answer was and is in dealing with Putin, but I do know that putting sanctions on Russia was not the answer. Part 2 of Obama’s juvenile move was that shortly after he’d done it, he turned around and asked Russia for help with Syria and ISIS (the same request he made just several months ago). Mainstream media will not present the question to this president ‘Why would you ask Russia to help after you had put sanctions on it?’ The President had a series of remarks where he reassured the press that he had just gotten off the phone with Putin and everything was great only to have Putin ignore him; thus, making even more of a fool of him. But, as I had earlier written, Obama didn’t get it because he is a president who resides on that strip of land between Oz and Wonderland called Delusion. Putin long has been making moves to restore the prestige of the old Soviet Union (Give a good read to former Defense Secretary and former CIA Director Robert Gates’ book, “Duty.”). He was doing this under George W. Bush, but Bush didn’t do anything or very little because he more than likely didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Sometimes it is prudent not to do anything when you can’t do anything or when you don’t know what to do. Bush recognized like most American presidents that Russia is still Russia just like the United States is still the United States. These are two super nuclear powers that once balanced the scales on that classic Balance of Power model. They didn’t like each other but they respected each other because both nations had the mutual ability to annihilate each other. They still do—a reality that Obama failed to recognize. If Russia had put sanctions on the United States then pivoted around to ask for the U.S. help with a problem, would the U.S. do it? To have put sanctions on Russia was Obama’s failed act to humiliate Russia—to make Russia lose face. This is not an argument about what is fair and what is not fair. This is about that cold world called international relations where ironically perception is the reality. Obama’s move has given Russia the perception of strength and the U. S. a perception of impotency. That’s why Iran could shake its butt at the U.S. after Obama spearheaded in giving it billions.

I also believe this was a desperate move not so much about Ukraine as it was about Putin’s leadership role in developing B.R.I.C.S., which he helped to found upon the belief that the U.S.A. and its Western allies were economically discriminating against nations of color, Eastern nations, and Developing Nations. One has to only break down the acronym B.R.I.C.S. to see that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa comprise over half of the world’s population. That population represents potential markets for America’s capitalism. (I haven’t the space to elaborate on this and will do so at a later date). Cuba more than likely would have been that second ‘C’ if Obama had not lifted the embargo on Cuba (the one ace Obama pulled off). After all, Russia had lent Cuba substantial billions and forgave its debt, probably as an understanding that Cuba would join B.R.I.C.S. Added to this geo-economic dilemma, China was already in African nations developing a relationship and markets with them. (I shall elaborate on this at a later date).

Now this cyber war spy mess has cropped up where Obama and his cohorts are accusing Russia of meddling in the U.S. election. Maybe they were; maybe they weren’t (and anyone born past yesterday knows that the U.S. has spied on Russia, too. That’s what nations do.). Russia obviously is developing its STEM troops, STEM being an area this nation’s CIA, FBI, and the like have neglected. Perhaps they should hire Disney’s K.C. Undercover and Amazon’s Alexa to help out. Either that or demand that this nation begin to develop STEM talent.

Nevertheless, this foreign policy mess is about a brat President and his bratmobile followers upset that Trump won, and they’ve gone clean stoned crazy that the person they perceived as a billionaire redneck and his basketful of Deplorables out maneuvered them. This is a brat president who continues to make juvenile moves just to get his way (including screwing over Israel). He even had the audacity to threaten Great Britain, our fiercest ally, that if its citizens voted for Brexit that he, the King of the World, would place them in the back of the line. Well, we know how that turned out, don’t we people-linos? He even had the audacity to globally boast that he called Putin and told him to “Cut it out” in a tone that a parent would use to reprimand a child. He even used this same tone with African Americans at a rally, telling them that he would be offended if they didn’t go out and vote for Hillary. Reemphasizing: In the tone a parent would use to reprimand a child. We all know how that turned out: Blacks did not turn out for Hillary as they had for him. Yes, the Donkey Establishment also wants to blame Blacks for not coming out in droves to support Hillary as they turned out for Obama. But if one were to look underneath this, this was not so much about Blacks rejecting Hillary Clinton as it was about Blacks rejecting a Black president who essentially didn’t give a damn about the Black community.

Do you really think that if Obama had been an effective first Black president that African Americans — the most loyal Donkey supporters — would not have turned out in droves for her as an extension of a quasi-third term for him? One can conduct a Black- man-woman-on-the-street interview and ask 100 Black Americans to name one specific thing Obama did to alleviate the economic woes of urban areas. Go ahead. Do it. You would be lucky if you got one answer other than the fact that he became America’s first Black president. The president has yet to get on the phone as he did with Putin and ask his BFF Mayor Rahm Emanuel about the Black murder rate in Chicago. Then, of course, a predominant Black Flint had to beg him to come to Flint during their water crisis. Black unemployment is still rearing its ugly head. Furthermore, when he held the first White House African Summit, barely a Black owned business and only a handful of Black entrepreneurs were invited. See, this Summit was for Siliconites and billionaires to wine and dine with African leaders while Black business people ate at Lazarus table at the White House. Many of these Siliconites and billionaires jumped on Obama’s wagon the first time because this first Black president was to serve as their Trojan Horse to lure African markets while leaving out Black business owners and Black entrepreneurs. This is the hidden reason why a non-Diaspora Black American was supported initially by this group of elitists as opposed to – let’s say a Jesse Jackson or any veteran Black politico with experience. Naturally, white pseudo liberals, and Black elitists got on Obama’s bandwagon. Then everyday white Americans who truly wanted to show the rest of the world that America could elect a Black man as president jumped on the wagon. Now these everyday white voters who supported Obama twice have been slammed by the Democratic Donkey as the basketful of Deplorables. And because they supported Trump this time around, they are ridiculed as bona-fide racists. We all know that had not a majority of whites supported Obama he would not have become America’s first Black president. Little did they or everyday working Black Americans realize that they were being played and were played for eight long years by white elitists and black elitists.

See, I don’t plan on going ‘high when they go low’. I am going to go lower, because sometimes you have to dig in the dirt to get to some coldhearted truths that neither the Black community nor the pseudo liberals want to deal with because most of those wearing blinders have a psychological problem in saying that this first Black president was a failed president and he especially failed the African American community which placed ‘hope’ in him to be a leader and not a ‘leader from behind.’

Let me get further in the dirt: There hasn’t been more open racial strife post 1964 than it has under this Black president. The reason this is shameful is because this is the 21st Century. Yet—and this is a big ‘(D)ucking’ Yet, these elitists, brats, Jungle Jims and their respective Jungle Jim Natives, and the Democrat Establishment want to throw this ‘mess’ of a racial divide on Trump when Trump wasn’t even running for office. Hillary Clinton wasn’t running for office. Bernie Sanders wasn’t running for office. Hell! Even Jill Stein wasn’t running for office.

These 21st Century riots, marches, Black Lives Matter’s birth, Baltimore, assassinations of police officers (regardless of their race), Ferguson, Chicago Black on Black murder genocide, Flint, Black high unemployment, killing off HBCUs, etc. came to fruition under America’s first Black president, because he chose to lead from behind.

Russia and Putin didn’t make Trump win. Obama made Trump win. Hillary Clinton didn’t make Trump win. Obama made Trump win. Bernie Sanders didn’t make Trump win. Obama made Trump win. If Obama had been a leader in the mode of a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and not boasted of ‘leading from behind’ he would have delivered the ‘hope’ he had promised. Even white Americans thought he would and helped to put him in. Twice. I cannot tell you how many times as the editor-in-chief of this newspaper, I heard everyday working and hurting African American citizens saying they would give him a second term using such words, as “I know he’s going to do it up this time… he’s going to really help Black people now because it’s his last term and he has nothing to lose… he can really help with jobs…” But did America’s fair haired Black president do this? He did not Black man-up, Instead of addressing the economic woes of the inner city Black America, he did what Democratic Establishmentarians have always done: Given Blacks a nullified, void-fied, redundant ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ bull which will go by the wayside as he struts out the White House door. This program will join such defunct public relations programs as C.E.T.A., War on Poverty, Entrepreneur Zones, Empowerment Zone. See, all these bull programs were put in place in lieu of creating jobs and Black-owned businesses to legitimately screw Black Americans. They have become both the 20th and 21st Century model to continue to stunt the growth of Black capitalism. Bottom line: A nation cannot have a group as large as America’s second largest ethnic group imploding on itself in poverty and creating a black hole that will suck the nation’s economy into it. Those whites with common sense recognize this as an economic problem—not a race problem. (More on this at a later date).

Under Barack Obama, African Americans were set back to the Civil Rights era because this first Black president had no economic agenda which included them—or any other working American for that matter. He did as so many newly elected Blacks during Reconstruction: He was so busily smiling and profiling while leading from behind that it took African Americans yet another hundred years to recover from the 1860s to the 1960s.

When his term is officially up on January 20th, President Obama will walk arm and arm with President Johnson – Andrew Johnson, that is. You see both Barack Obama and Andrew Johnson came into office at transitional periods in American history. Because they wanted to be president, they were thrust in the limelight to lead America at a delicate and critical time. No one forced them to be president.
When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, he picked up the mantel President Kennedy left. Lyndon Johnson earned his legacy. When Abe Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson chose to do nothing and let the carpetbaggers and scalawags rule the day. And under Andrew Johnson’s presidency Reconstruction was neither completed morally nor constitutionally in the spirit of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

Yes, Barack Obama will take his place in history as America’s first African American president. No one can or should take that from him.
But Barack Obama will be mainly remembered for his slogan of “Leading from Behind” and that does not ring up there with “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” or “This is a date which will live in Infamy” or “I Have A Dream.”

Yes, let us leave this elitist trash in their disposable bins. Let them march. Let them make commercials. Let them yell ‘fire’ where there is no fire. Let them bully a Historically Black College such as Talladega when under Obama HBCUs are marching into oblivion being replaced with community colleges. Let a white Academy Award winning actress knock them over the head with her Golden Globe while the only movie she has starred in with a Black anything in it was “Out of Africa.” Yes, let this elitist trash yell out to the basketful of Deplorables, rednecks, coalminers, grape pickers, urban blacks, country bumpkins, lowly school teachers, rural Americans, middle class Americans, farmers, maids, janitors, factory workers, sanitation workers, preachers, soldiers, veterans, upstanding policemen, firemen, first responders… Yes, let this elitist trash yell out from their safe neighborhoods, from their safe mansions, in their safe jobs, with their safe salaries to those who want jobs, those who want homes, those who want safe neighborhoods, those who want safe schools, those who want both food on the table and utilities on in the house at the same time, and to those who want the American dream! Damn it, from those who want CHANGE!

On January 20th, we wish Donald J. Trump success with the same enthusiasm and hope as we had wished for Barack Obama. Let it be the Past we throw under the bus and not The People.
It’s time to stop the pain. It’s time for a change. It’s time to give Trump a chance. It’s time to make America greater!


*The above is on the Op/Ed Lane on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Email: MSTnews@prodigy.net Welcome, Travelers!

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A Presidential Endorsement

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

We might as well go ahead and say it: African Americans are being pushed further out of the equation. If a Democrat wins this election, nothing will change as far as America’s most economically oppressed minority is concerned.

The big push out came when NAFTA was passed under the Clinton administration. NAFTA has had a Domino effect in decimating a vulnerable Black middle class. Detroit, Flint, Chicago are poster children for an eroding Black middle class. It was irresponsible and reprehensible for this piece of legislation to pass without any consideration that it would and did rape this nation’s infrastructure of both a Black and white middle class.

Then there was the Great Recession under President George W. Bush which birthed the Bailout of big banks, Wall Street firms—everybody but the American citizen. Yes, President Obama inherited the bulk of this. That’s what presidents do: Inherit problems, but since they wanted the job and ran for the job then it is their responsibility to solve the problems—not “lead from behind.”

These problems and ignoring the People will continue under any Establishment Democrat or Establishment Republican president.

This unforgivable neglect of the People is why we chose to be anti-Party Establishment in this presidential election, and there is only one anti-Establishment—one outsider—running, and it is Donald Trump. Like him or hate him, he does represent a change in the run-of-the mill politics which has gotten America in its latest everlasting war(s) in the Middle East, the growth of terrorism, and economic stagnation. And sadly under this administration of the nation’s first African American president, racial tension has escalated into the development of Black Lives Matter, riots, countless protest marches, criminal assassinations of police, open bad police brutality, eradication of HBCUs, mounting Black poverty, bad water in Flint—all stimulated because he became the first President who chose to “lead from behind.”

As we have long advocated, it is well past time for America’s Black American minority to behave as a Swing Vote. The Black Vote continues to be America’s Joke Vote, because both Republican and Democrat Establishments know that business will continue as usual which is Republicans will continue to ignore Black citizens and the Democrats will continue to take them for granted. Ironically enough, it is the Black Millennials who see this and get this. These Millennials had the guts to turn out for Bernie Sanders. Even though we think Sanders’ idealism is just that, idealism coupled with stereotyped white liberalism which cannot even imagine Black-owned capitalism or even acknowledge that such remnants of Black capitalism existed in the massacred towns of Rosewood, Florida and the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In our opinion Sanders still comes off as the ‘great white father’ who has Wonderland to offer.

When America’s first Black president held the first Africa Summit at the White House, black owned businesses were not invited for the most part. This summit was no more than business as usual in that it was for Big Corporations and their respective heads to get the opportunity to mingle with and wine and dine African movers and shakers so these Big Corporations could get a better hold inside of emerging African markets – without involving a make-a-difference presence of African American-owned businesses, Black entrepreneurs, and Black economists. (This same modus operandi will happen in Cuba as well). Such a summit could have well served African American Millennials as an economic boilerplate. But they are out of the equation. Why? Because in the scheme of things, this President will continued to be supported by his share of pseudo liberal billionaires most of whom will continue to play the ‘we got one’ game inside their respective Corporate America structure where they provide black-slotted jobs such as Director of Diversity or Human Resources VP or Black attorneys to take care of whatever ‘black problem’ might turn up. They have the Black ceiling firmly in place. Furthermore, they have introduced the ‘expendable white’ to be fired along with whatever Black they want to get rid of so they will not be accused of discrimination. Look! We fired a white one, too!

This ‘we got one (Black)’ gives them the excuse NOT to hire more Blacks and to have that ‘one’ to serve as an excuse to acquire more markets of capitalism—again, without Blacks economically benefitting

This slew of billionaires’ overwhelming support of a Black presidential candidate was also their public relations answer to Russia and China getting a stronghold in African markets and Putin’s leadership in developing B.R.I.C.S. which was founded because its members felt the U.S.A. and its NATO allies were not letting in Third World and Developing Nations and nations of color. B.R.I.C.S. is the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that most of the world’s population and emerging markets are included in B.R.I.C.S.

Yes, why not continue “to lead from behind” to assure and give them reassurance that Africa will see that America has its first Black president; therefore, everything is okay. Never mind that America’s Black population is becoming poorer and poorer. Never mind that under this first Black president, the education plank which is a vital plank in economics is being whittled away as HBCUs are being destroyed so that those funds can go to historically white colleges and universities while replacing rapidly HBCUs with an onslaught of community colleges (a movement we warned you about several years ago). Why cannot this nation have them all? Why not enhance HBCUs and promote them as legitimate institutions for all races. And for the record, HBCUs were founded because both the North and South discriminated against African American students who sought higher learning. The late Mrs. Dorothy Height could not go to New York’s Barnard College for Women because it had a quota system for Blacks girls. She headed for Howard.

America needs all the education avenues it can give its citizens in this 21st Century where STEM education is lacking. Why has not America gone into the inner cities, rural, Appalachian hills, suburbia, small towns and sought out those children and young people who have an aptitude and appetite to learn STEM? Rev. Jesse Jackson, a one time popular presidential candidate, has been the only Black politico to lead and go after Silicon Valley and Wall Street, both of which are the next frontiers in America’s global socio-economic growth. Ironically, it was in a CNN documentary in Soledad O’Brien’s now cancelled “Black in America” docu-series which explored racism in Silicon Valley, supposedly a bastion of white liberalism but fraught with economic hypocrisy. But, of course, Black leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus have become the conjoined twin of the Democratic Party so much so that they have become useless in bargaining for hard working Black citizens or Black Millennials. The Congressional Black Caucus even supported NAFTA, giving its allegiance to the Democratic Party. Any fool using common sense reading this bill could have surmised its long term detrimental outcome. Damn the African American working class! Damn the People!

What were once Third World or Developing Nations combed the rice paddies and other fields to nurture a generation of high achievers, regardless of their race, color, or creed to secure talent. This is why India is moving ahead; this is why China is moving ahead; this is why Japan is moving ahead; this is why Vietnam is moving ahead.

This is why the India-Americans and Asian Americans are achieving in these STEM areas because they have taken the value of education which the average American has taken for granted and utilized it to build their capitalism based on ownership and not on consumerism which is the wobbly foundation of alleged Black wealth. Once upon a time Black America had this value of education which was the foundation of its Middle Class. Black parents hammered into their children that they had to be twice and three times as good because they were so discriminated against. Black teachers were some of the toughest and most dedicated S.O.B.s and B’s when it came to instilling education in Black students—even if they had to do it with one used book and a ruler for discipline. At Black graduations, neighborhoods showed up to celebrate. This value has been lost.

America has produced at least three generations of White and Black students who think with their skin cells and not their brain cells.

There is no such virtue as ‘leading from behind’. Trump with warts and all has dared to pitch for the Black vote. He has promised jobs and more. He should be given the opportunity to do so. To paraphrase his words, ‘What the hell do Blacks have to lose?’ Yet, the rhetoric against him from the Democrat Establishment has been that he is a racist. Why? Because everybody knows that all Democrats have to do is label a Republican a racist to get the Black Vote—the Joke Vote. Everybody knows that Black America continues to operate on the theory that it must be loved or liked instead of having food on the table, a job, a career, an education, land and business ownership — a future. Otherwise, it would not take what rhymes with ‘hit’ generation after generation post 1964—well into the 16th year of the 21st Century. It would not be sinking at the level of a 21st Century Reconstruction.

But there is light because some African Americans get it. These are the ones who are fighting the NAACP and other Black establishmentarians to take control of their education in the form of charter schools and school choice. Again, we say it all can be had: Excellent public schools and home schools included. The Civil Rights Movement was led from “upfront” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who paved the way for even immigrants and white women to get a fair deal; yet, this path has been blocked time and time again for Black Americans—and now worse yet by its first Black president—and worse yet by Democrat and Republican Establishmentarians who only can look out for America’s plutocrats. Damn the People!

Both parties are lame ducks as far as Americans are concerned. And they have quacked long enough!

If Republicans lose the House of Representatives and Senate, they can blame themselves because they, too, chose to ignore the People. We, too, have seen a mainstream media such as the Wall Street Journal which advocated that Trump should be stripped of the nomination regardless of what the People wanted—the People’s vote. These are the elitists moving forward with their own agendas and their own sense of privilege. The Constitution be damned! The People be damned!

Fast forwarding… in the last few weeks before the election, America has chosen to fight ISIS. How convenient. How inhumane for soldiers to be used as political fodder. Had it not been for Trump’s criticism, there might not have been a step up to even fight ISIS during these last few weeks—prior to an election.

In the last few days there was the issue of soldiers paying back their $15,000 bonus checks from nearly 10 years ago. This crap never should have ever come to light because it should have been taken care of long before it became public. But those making the decision to do this are no longer the exception to the rule, but rather they are the rule that this nation’s warriors and veterans are to be seen as trash to be taken out after they’ve served this nation or to be put further in the trash by six feet under. This first Black president has shown little or no respect for the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations which was promised a call back in 2009 on the matter of getting a posthumous promotion for Col. Charles Young, a Buffalo soldier denied promotion because of his race. Damn the soldiers! Damn the veterans! Damn what’s right!

But in the short run, we say to Millennials, welcome back to Vietnam II. This war will stretch out with no resolve to ever dissolve it because of a defunct foreign policy that includes no exit strategy to come out looking at least like you won it. Perception is vital in international affairs—like it or not. This and other reasons are why Trump is supported by respected military brass: They see the danger in America’s naiveté.

To Evangelicals, you must remember that Saul who became Paul had all the warts but he was effective because he knew the ‘system’. To those Black ministers who had the guts to announce that the Black Church is no longer exclusively the domain for Donkey worshipping, we applaud you.

To Black Millennials who had the guts to break from the traditional Democratic Party and support Bernie Sanders, we applaud your gall.

To the Black citizens and working class whites in Flint who couldn’t drink the water, we applaud your cries of ‘Look at me’ for nearly two years of being in the urban desert with no manna.

To the lone Black citizens who are fighting against Black thugs and gangs in their neighborhoods, we applaud you. You have had no help from a Democrat president who has only given you ironically a program called “My Brother’s Keeper” but no vision, and we all know that “Where there is no Vision, the People will perish.”

To the coal miners who put warmth into America’s homes long before some politically correct environmental issue was designed to leave you out in the cold, we applaud you for having the guts to come out from underneath the Union Establishment which aided and abetted in giving this nation NAFTA and other failed trade deals to diminish not only the Middle Class but to take away the hope of All Americans to make it into the Middle Class, lest we forget that the Middle Class is what makes America unique from other nations on this planet called Earth.

Whatever candidate wins, we wish him or her a steady course. But still we believe that if four more years are added to a Democratic term this will mean more of the same and for Black Americans this will mean a continuation of “Twelve Years of Slavery.”

We see and hear that Trump has already lost before the polls open. We see and hear that the mainstream media has become the ‘medium and the message.’ It has in fact become America’s powerful Third Party and worse than both Democrats and Republicans, because no one dares to question it without repercussion. Black ministers who dared to say no to the Democratic Party got that message. God help us! Because this Third Party called the Fourth Estate has ruthlessly blinded citizens with distraction upon distraction upon distraction!

We see and hear the Basket of Deplorables … but establishmentarians don’t. Never mind that this was the basket woven from hard work and American stamina and the American Dream. Damn the People!

We no longer have faith in America’s politics as usual and business as usual. It is time for a healthy fat protest vote because, however this election goes down it will be in the spirit of the great Fannie Lou Hamer who took more than her share of physical beatings and changed the Democratic Party: The People are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

It is time for America to take a Risk. It is time for a Change. Therefore, our endorsement for president is Donald J. Trump!


*The above is on the Editorial and Op Ed lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. Also, local endorsements are included on http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers

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A Bullology Perspective: Trump, Women, and Media

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

About 21 young girls were released from the captivity of Boko Haram the same week the mainstream media had a feeding frenzy over Donald Trump’s alleged conduct towards women and his lewd tape released by Billy ‘Goat’ Bush who loves eating trash. During that week, Republican elitists were jumping ship like the rats that they are. Mainstream media chose to barely mumble a word about the release of these young ladies which both measured the greater threat of terrorism and violation of women. Again, why did this not ‘trump’ Trump’s lewd remarks and the parade of women coming out of the woodworks making accusations of Trump ‘assaulting’ them? The word ‘assault’ has a connotation of outright rape or physical abuse. I dare say this is what the word ‘assault’ conjures up in most people’s minds, regardless of the strict legal definition. Mainstream media chose to propagandize this word to give the impression that Trump had attacked these women with the severity of a beating or rape. This is the absurdity of this media feeding frenzy. Because if the elitists cannot get Trump legitimately then why not paint him as a rapist (Dare I say that most Black men can relate to this, even in the 21st Century…) or woman beater?

One must presuppose that Donald Trump was the only male who had hit on these particular women or used foul language against them. Did anyone from mainstream media not ask these particular women if other non-famous males had hit on them and/or made lewd remarks to them? Are these non-famous men being charged with ‘assault’? Have they been brought before the cameras of the mainstream press jury for their verdict?

Real assault, real rape, real abuse, real murder, real kidnapping are what happened to these 21 young ladies… as in the case of other women who were put in cages in some man’s basement, or kidnapped, or honored killed, or domestically or corporately victimized and blackballed. This is what real assault is—not that a woman was pinched on the derriere, groped, or winked at.

What is going on with this bombardment of Trump is what I call these women’s 15-minute of Fame-Shame. Because trust you me, most of these poor-little-me girls are not traumatized, they were not raped, they were not beaten. Their agenda is about having mainstream media’s attention to take down and take out a presidential candidate the elitists do not approve of. Most of them are probably not even ashamed and did nothing to be ashamed of, but their alleged shame brings them fame. Yes, these women’s butts are the headlines rather than Iranians showing off their $150 billion butts to American warships. Let’s see now, we have Iran to the left of us, the Syrian mess to the right of us, ISIS in the middle, North Korea target practicing with bombs towards the U.S. west coast, Putin taking advantage of a U.S. president who put sanctions on Russia then had to turn around and ask for Russia’s help in Syria, and then there is terrorism homegrown and otherwise.

The real world consists of real-blooded males and females, and there will always – yes—always be some level of unwanted flirtation, womanizing, groping, pinching, lewd remarks, foul language, whistling, winking—and most of this does not add up to a hill of beans in the scheme of life. If this behavior was so detrimental, then the mainstream media should advocate the mass killing of baby boys with the same gusto as Herod to make sure future Donald Trumps are punished before they womanize or use lewd adjectives or grope or wink. It would certainly control the population with Malthusian flair and objectivity.

These women’s shallow accusations and such are exactly why true female victims cannot be taken seriously as they should be or why rape kits are stored away in jail basements for decades. The media playing these ‘assaults’ up as news headlines is why both average men and women don’t trust media anymore. No one has bothered to even ask Billy ‘Goat’ Bush ‘why’ was he recording Trump’s off the record remarks in the first place when both he and Trump were obviously locker room jiving (in the history of my journalism career I have certainly heard worse and sometimes from politicians…I’ve interviewed real murderers and rapists.)? Why, because ‘off the record’ no longer means ‘off the record’ as I was taught in journalism 101. Once upon a time, journalists honored this code. I dare say that such icons as Barbara Walters, Walter Cronkite, and those journalists covering President Kennedy or other politicos, business people, or even John and Jane Doe honored ‘off the record’. Now ‘off the record’ simply means revenge reporting and opportune reporting to become famous. Investigative reporting is about digging into people’s personal lives and using it as an excuse to discover their ‘character’ when in too many cases it is about getting juicy gossip while smacking on Juicy Fruit gum. Mainstream media now uses the Howard Stern Show as its poster boy for excellent journalism, and Howie is laughing all the way to the hog farm.

Dare I say that a good 98 percent of males will leave a woman alone if she gives him ‘that look’, or says the equivalent of ‘I don’t like it’, or as my mother would say, “I am going to slap the fire out of you, boy!” Most males will walk away. Most of these males women marry, raise, or date. These men are the loving fathers of their children. It’s the two percent who are dangerous, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, torturers—but now we live in a world where it is politically correct and quite acceptable to go from one extreme to the other extreme where all males are lumped in the category of that two percent. Most men underneath their bad conduct are also gentlemen. If it were not so, the world would be in worse shape and the barbarians would not only be at the gate but in the bedroom. Most men still believe in fighting to protect their wives, families, and country. Most men are decent if not perfect human beings.

There is a profound difference between rape and ‘I got my feelings hurt’ or murder and ‘I had to move to another seat’ or kidnapped and ‘I was groped’ or burned alive and ‘Oh, he tried to put his hand up my skirt.’ (Didn’t your mama teach you to pull down your skirt and/or pick up a vase and whack him in a most ladylike way?)

Assault? Yes, this word is being used as a weapon against any male who uses foul language and winks. This legal-squeezed term has now become so exaggerated that its consequence has ramification of Emmett Till. Even in Till’s day the mainstream media behaved that it was quite justifiable that Till received his due punishment for ‘winking’ at the wrong color of woman.

Most males would behave themselves once they know you mean business. Yes, most.

Dragging out this parade of 15-minute Fame-Shame women is no more than sexual McCarthyism with no ameliorative purpose. I would not doubt that a few secretly bragged to their BFFs, “Oooo, girl, the Donald hit on me…” whereas Joe Doe who wolf-whistled her at the Donald’s construction site probably got cussed out. As a journalist and a woman, I am sick and tired of seeing America’s real problems and issues being minimized, downsized, and wiped out by a fickle mainstream media to forward elitists’ and Republican and Democrat Establishmentarians’ agenda to keep the status quo ‘quo’ and to advance the Art of Distraction while soldiers are being deployed through the backdoor.

Yes, mainstream media knows it can treat the category of women as it does the category of Black Americans by putting out certain politically incorrect buzz words as David Duke and Assault to herd them back on to the Animal Farm to feed them hay placebos.
Yes, why not rape women of their real issues and real abuse issues instead of addressing them? Is it because they’re ‘easy’??


*The above is on the Editorial and Op/Ed lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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What Are You Whining About?

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

What are you whining about?

These were the words President Barack Obama greeted the Congressional Black Caucus with when meeting with the historic group for the first time when he was elected the nation’s first African American president. Never mind that CBC had been begging to meet with him much earlier, but Obama sent the signal to the world and the rest of the country that he was not going to meet with anything too Black too soon, further humiliating this group which had stomped for him tirelessly to make history happen.
Yet, a couple of weeks back, members of the CBC were outside deriding Trump on the birthing issue, after Trump had finally announced that the President was born in the United States of America. Never mind that this was a moot issue anyway. It was as if Trump caught them off guard when he went ahead and said albeit begrudgingly that Obama was born in the U.S.A. But since they were prepared to go ‘there’ for a fight (never mind about Black high unemployment rates, Black thugs taking over neighborhoods, a mother being shot strolling her baby, the assassination of a nine-year-old boy or Black-owned construction companies being discriminated against ), they went there anyway in spite of Trump doing what they wanted him to do. So, there they were fighting for Obama’s dignity, yelling how upset the Black community would be that Trump had dared to question where the president was born. Ohhhhh, they were outraged, they were upset, they were hurt, they were blistering black in the sun protecting the dignity of this Black president who for more than one reason has been a total failure regarding the Black community. They showed more outrage over the birthing issue than they did over contaminated water in Flint.
Then, of course, at the recent CBC banquet, Obama delivered his veiled lame duck threat that if the CBC did not get Blacks to turn out to vote for Democratic presidential candidate it would be an ‘insult’ to his legacy. If the truth be told, his legacy as far as the Black community should be ‘Welcome back to the 1960’s’ in a 21st Century America.’

What are you whining about?

This was the Black president who made it clear that he was not the president of Black Americans but all Americans. Ok, we got that. Everybody knew that. That’s what Black politicos do, reassure whites that no harm will come to them (as if it can) if they’re elected to a non-traditional Black spot on the totem pole. Wow! That’s been happening since the CBC became an offshoot of the Democratic Party at the expense of the Black populace. Humph! The CBC didn’t start off that way…

What are you whining about?

See, these are words a parent would say to a child. So why wouldn’t the President treat CBC members like children? After all the slavers had justified slavery by preaching that Blacks were childlike and needed their guidance and parental reprimand when they were naughty. Do you think the President would have greeted a Jewish caucus, a Hispanic caucus, a white female caucus this way? Do you really, really think these words would have come out of his mouth? But as I’ve written before: When the President speaks the CBC jumps and says, “How high?” And, of course, they sat there all childlike at this CBC banquet as he told them that he did not want them to screw up his legacy.

What are you whining about?

Yes, the Democratic Party brought this nation NAFTA. NAFTA was responsible for stunting the Black middle class economic growth and blazed the path for Black Millennials’ protest. Waaay back then, some Black politicos came to me as editor of a newspaper to get my support on NAFTA. I read the NAFTA bill, and reread it, and wrote strongly and editorially against NAFTA. Well, NAFTA passed anyway… but what I said would happen, did happen, and in spite of the ‘Megatrends’, you cannot rape a nation of its manufacturing infrastructure and think it can survive as a sophisticated technocracy. And guess what, people-linos, the Congressional Black Caucus supported NAFTA. Guess what, folks? The Republican Establishment supported NAFTA, and yes, many union bosses supported NAFTA, throwing the blue collar rank and file under the NAFTA bus. So much for even respecting white working class. And, forgive me for I have yet to forgive NAFTA.

What are you whining about?

In the past couple of months, I did what I like to call an unscientific audio content of analysis of what you see come out of Black Democrat politicos’, and Black Democrat surrogates’, and Black Democrat pundits’ mouths when they’re on television. Now, people-linos, sit back and think about it. When they’re making their pitches to Americans, the words ‘Latino’, ‘Hispanic’, ‘Gay’, ‘Muslim Americans’ (not the Black Muslims, mind you) and ‘women’ will cross their lips first most of the time. Then they’ll say ‘African American’ as almost an afterthought. All these words and little else come out their mouths to substantiate their credence on why Trump is a racist. Now you understand why the Black Vote is America’s Joke Vote. Everybody knows after Election Day, nobody really cares what Black citizens think or do, because they know the Black Vote after Election Day will be flushed down the toilet. They know the Democratic Party can come back year after year and retrieve Black loyalty like disposable Charmin.

Ohhhh, look back while you drink your Kool-Aid (I’m drinking my favorite, Peach Mango)… The Democratic Party Establishment has been bringing out its troops of Jungle Jims (pseudo white liberals) and the Jungle Jim Natives (pseudo black liberals). Yes, relax, put up your feet… the Jungle Jim Natives are going into urban jungles slashing out a clean path for the Democratic Party Establishment to gather up the Black Vote with cotton picking flair. Move over, Uncle Toms, the Jungle Jim Natives now outrank you plus they have a pseudo liberal mainstream media to make sure their ‘medium’ is the only ‘message’: It is mandatory that Blacks vote Democrat, which has now been re-branded as the Democrat Establishment.

Black Millennials who rebelled and voted for Bernie Sanders forgot to learn this lesson of subjugating themselves to pseudo liberal Democrat dogma. And that’s why they are being herded back to the Black Animal Farm after Bernie secured himself a new half-mil homestead and threw his support to the Democrat Establishment. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

See, Bernie represents the idealism and empty promises of socialism where only the Bernies of the world are anointed to lead the Black young sheep. Baaaaa, baaaa, Bernie! (See there is reason why even the Chinese Communist party has injected dosages of capitalism to keep the peasants happy…but I digress).

What are you whining about?

These Jungle Jim Natives and the NAACP are fighting tooth and nail African American charter schools and the likes of Dr. Steve Perry, the Black Alliance for Educational Options, and other economic-oriented Black educators who are building charter schools and taking control of educating Black youth for a 21st Century. There is a need for excellent schools be they charter, private, or public, or home. Yes, there is a tacit war inside the Black community and it is between the Have and Have not Blacks (so, white people-linos, step aside because what is happening in the Black community is a reckoning … more on this later). To reiterate, every Election year, these Jungle Jim Natives bring their derrieres into the Black community to secure the Black Vote for the Jungle Jims then they crawl their Black butts back into their SAFE upper middle class Black neighborhoods or back into their SAFE upscale white neighborhoods where they reside as the token proverbial Black dot. And you wonder why Black Millennials are mad as hell! Even Obama has had the audacity to show more compassion for Syrian refugees than he has for Black Millennials’ growing poverty and for the crying—not whining—of a Black populace as it heads into economic extinction. In fact, it took him damn near two years to make it into Flint when the EPA was part of the problem… (Okay, I’m taking a breath here to get control of my own outrage, because my conjunctions are not connecting and I’m skidding off course, and there isn’t enough room here for me to go completely off.)

What are you whining about?

Of course, the mainstream media continues to aid and abet the Jungle Jim Natives. A couple of weeks back, CNN lured in a Trump supporter Black minister under the guise that they wanted to do a profile of him…long story short, instead they confronted him that they had gone to his website and investigated him and found that he had lied about his educational credentials. The minister left humiliated during the interview. And the Jungle Jims and Jungle Jim Natives clapped. Now, do you think had he been a pro Hillary Clinton Black minister surrogate that this would have happened? This Black minister committed the sin of being a Trump surrogate and needed to be punished via television to send the signal to other Black ministers that they had best keep their place or the same thing will happen to them. Really, folks, have you seen mainstream media ‘investigate’ any Democratic Party Establishment Black surrogate or any white surrogate or Latino surrogate for that matter? This is the same crapola that happened to a group of Black ministers who earlier went up to Trump Tower. Oooooo, they were treated worst than terrorists by Black Democrat Establishmentarians. How dare they sit down with a Republican! Especially with the Republican renegade Trump! How dare Black citizens think for themselves! How dare Blacks attempt to practice Retribution Voting!

Then when Trump was invited into a Black church, all hell broke loose. I mean everybody knows that only Democrat candidates can go into a Black church. Lawdy! Lawdy! Lawdy! Send out the Black Democrat bloodhounds to make sure this sin doesn’t happen again! Crucify any Black minister to stop this political heresy!

What are you whining about?

See, I have yet to see a predominant Hispanic/Latino organization having a press conference over the contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment? I have yet to see a predominant Jewish organization having a press conference over contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment? I have yet to see a predominant white female organization having a press conference over contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment. I don’t see a Muslim-American organization (with the exception of Black Muslims headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan) having a press conference on contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment. I didn’t see any of these ethnic organizations coming out in support of Blacks fighting police brutality. (As a note: Black citizens want the police in their neighborhoods, but they want good policemen, and they respect those policemen…and most policemen are decent people.). But every time you turn your cotton picking head, these Jungle Jim Natives are fighting for the rights of these other ethnic groups with obsessive passion. These other groups have my respect (whether they want it or not), because at least they are looking out for their own interests and using Black folks and the Black Vote to boost their socio-economic agenda. This is the lesson Black folks keep failing to pass for over fifty years now! These American ethnic groups have also learned the power of Retribution Voting. They have learned that it is best to be a Swing Vote and stand for something rather than be taken for granted and/or ignored. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew the value of a Swing Vote, because when the party of Lincoln did not fight for Black civil rights, he switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.

What are you whining about?

Until the collective Black community stops being childlike and whining to be loved rather than fed on a platter of jobs and entrepreneurship, it will continue to be America’s Joke Vote. It will continue to kiss the Donkey’s ass and get such issues as ‘where Barack Obama was born’, a fat beauty queen and fat female comedienne as its main concerns when its Black babies can’t even get a decent meal to get fat!
I shall tell you this, that in the history of my life some of the worse racists I’ve seen were white liberals. This is the 21st Century and this should not be about ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ labels but about ‘economics’.

Until the Black community makes the Black Vote into a Swing Vote and begins Retribution Voting, only then will it garner the clout as other ethnic groups have, for it has been they who have used and utilized Black America’s civil rights movement blueprint to advance economically. Blacks have thrown away that blueprint and now wonder why their punishment has been severe. God doesn’t like stupid!

It is time for Black voters to rebel. It is time for retribution voting.


*The above is on the Editorial and Op/Ed lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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Black Veterans Group Ignored by President Now Asks for Gen. Colin Powell’s Help; A Look at Two Soldiers

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Have you ever asked for something and were punished because you asked? And if you ask again and again, again and again you are punished for daring to ask. This is the predicament the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations has found itself. Last month, this venerable organization was moved to ask for desperate help from Gen. Colin Powell to get the White House to give Col. Charles Young a posthumous honorary promotion to general. The Coalition has been trying for 38 years to get Young, the third African American to graduate from West Point, his promotion. Col. Young was the highest ranking African American officer until his death in 1922.

The Coalition had reason to have more than a glimmer of hope when Barack Obama became the nation’s first African American president. The Coalition approached the White House shortly after he became president. It was then the White House promised to call the Coalition. That was back in 2009, but that call has yet to be returned. Instead, the Coalition’s request has been met time and time again with refined bull.

This patriotic organization has remained respectful and given this Commander-in-Chief and his White House staffers more than ample time to do the right and honorable thing by Col. Young who was not promoted because it meant white soldiers would have had to salute him.

Now my blood boiled and hit the top of my head when I saw this Commander-in-Chief get all riled up and joined in the fray when all hell broke loose because the father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier derided Trump at the recent Democratic Party Convention. In fact, the mainstream media went crazy in slamming Trump and booking Mr. Ghazala Khan on every high profile network and cable news outlet seemingly in the nation. Granted, Trump should have been slammed when he compared that next day that he, too, has made sacrifices by constructing buildings. Of course, one would know that building buildings could not compare to losing a child. Okay, we got this, but had not Khan’s son been a Muslim-American and died within the realm of a politically correct atmosphere, the father never would have been invited to the Democratic Convention in the first place. And if you are a decent person, you do appreciate the sacrifice that Mr. and Mrs. Khan made. You also appreciate the sacrifice all American families that have lost loved ones in the military have made. Black soldiers from the Buffalo Soldier (which Col. Young was) to the Tuskegee Airmen certainly did not have such vehement support.

Now back to my blood boiling. See, blood is red. And when it is spilled to keep this nation safe, that spilt blood should be treated with respect. Not so when it comes to Col. Young. Does his service to this nation not matter because of time? If this is the case, should we now dismiss the service of all warriors now lying in Arlington Cemetery (where Col. Young lies) and other cemeteries? This White House has paraded about the biggest lie when it got the U.S. Army Center of Military History’s Historical Resources Branch to give as a sorry excuse that Col. Young could not be promoted posthumously because his records were destroyed in a 1973 fire. Never mind that Young’s contributions are all over the historical landscape – even in Wikipedia. Recently, I received an advance proof copy of “Dream A World Anew” to review. This book is published by Smithsonian Books and the book will be released in celebration of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. I shall present my review at a later date, but I can tell you this that even though Col. Young is not specifically mentioned in this book’s limited military pages, there is a photo of a veterans’ commemorative flag and on this flag are the words: “Veterans Reunion, 9th Batt. O.V.I., Maj. Chas. Young, Commanding.” That Major Charles Young went on to become Col. Young. Oops. I guess that flag wasn’t destroyed in the fire. “Dream A World Anew” acknowledges the contribution of the Buffalo Soldier in an enlightening piece on Black patriotism by contributor Krewasky A. Salter. Aforementioned, Young was a Buffalo soldier, and even one of the most influential generals of the time, John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing pushed for Col. Young’s promotion to general. Even Teddy Roosevelt before he was president supported Young.

Hopefully, Gen. Colin Powell will have better luck with their request. In a press release from the Coalition, Powell’s response to the Coalition was: “I am aware of Col. Young’s record and contribution and need no reminding. We all stand on the shoulders of many who went before. I am pursuing this through my channels and in my way.”

Gen. Powell may need no reminding but perhaps he should remind the nation’s first African American president/commander-in-chief and his White House staff that they need not continue to set up the Coalition as being fools for complaining about their efforts to get Young a posthumous honorary promotion. Such tactics have been used repeatedly on African Americans who seek any type of promotion in a pseudo-liberal environment when the person they’re asking has made up his mind not to do it anyway. The tactic is to promote anybody and everybody to further humiliate the person doing the asking. Since the Coalition’s request, the Obama administration has honored an array of military persons alive and dead. Yes, these soldiers deserved their honors. But it seems peculiar (dare I say even suspicious) that the more the Coalition members geared up their campaign, the more the White House became combative in not dealing with them. Over the years, the Coalition has unbeknowingly fallen into the White House pest category because they would not go away.

They shouldn’t go away.

The Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations has sent out tons and tons of press releases over the years. Not one (let me repeat, NOT ONE) mainstream news outlet has invited them in to talk about their efforts or about this Black officer who did indeed pave the way for a Colin Powell. Even Cong. Barbara Lee and Cong. Charles Rangel have written letters to the White House to get this Black soldier recognized for the patriot he was. The White House still refuses. President Obama refuses.

Now I want you, citizens of the U.S.A., to back up and take in account the adjectives ‘posthumous’ and ‘honorary’ promotion.

The Coalition has invited countless times the President and/or his representative to events honoring Col. Young. The White House has not formally declined these invitations; it has simply ignored them. That’s how pests are treated. That’s how the Coalition has been treated.

Yet, to reiterate this African American President did not hesitate to jump in the raucous over a Muslim-American patriot who died serving this nation. The hell with the Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations and Col. Young! They don’t rank in the politically correct world; their cause doesn’t rank in the politically correct world of white mainstream journalism which certainly has no problem covering Black Lives Matter but could give less than a damn about Black soldiers’ lives mattering, too! This mainstream media has no qualms in starting a firestorm over this Muslim-American patriot soldier being respected when both of these soldiers’ contributions are worthy of note. Should a stretch of time make Col. Young’s contribution less so? Does the spilling of a soldier’s blood make it less worthy over time because it once resided inside a black skin vessel?

It is a despicable shame that this Commander-in-Chief in particular has chosen to punish the Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations. We can only hope that whatever candidate becomes the next president and commander-in-chief will do right by Col. Charles Young and will not back the bold-faced lie that this White House has given that Young cannot be given an honorary promotion (and do underline ‘honorary’) because his records were destroyed in a 1973 fire when evidence abounds on what he contributed to the safety of this nation. When the Smithsonian Institution and other historical entities can find such evidence, then what is this White House’s problem?

For those who regardless of race, color, or religion want to give their support to the Coalition on this ‘matter’, they may email the Coalition’s chairman, Charles Blatcher, III at cnmmmf@aol.com . And for the record, the Coalition did not enlist my help, but when we received their numerous press releases, we joined the cause, and as God is my witness, we shall not leave this ‘matter’ alone. We can only hope that the new president will not either. It is beyond time to extend respect to the Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations. It is beyond time to extend honor to all soldiers and veterans who protect this nation and treat them as human beings and not as war fodder!

Let Col. Young truly rest in peace! Let history—his story—be told!


*The above is on the Editorial and Op/Ed Lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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