Putin, Obama, Syria, and Removing Sanctions on Russia

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Whoever is the next president should remove sanctions from Russia.
At the end of the day and no matter how much it’s being said that sanctions are hurting Russia apparently they’re not hurting it enough, because Czar Putin is doing what he does best: Play chess with an opponent who’s playing checkers—not even Chinese Checkers. And the Czar is playing with an American foreign policy that continues to fail because it will not modernize and will not take into account intangibles.

This is not a question of my or anyone else’s patriotism. It is not a question of patriotism period, because patriotism too many times has served as an operative excuse to get into wars and prolong wars because there is no exit strategy. Like life, the area of international relations is not always fair. It is a world where perception equals a quasi-truth, and the quasi-truth is that since Vietnam, the U.S. has acquired the label of ‘loser’.
The Obama administration is now the latest embodiment of that label which still operates on a stagnant colonialist mindset that requires it not to think anything through; thus, no exit strategies.

Since Vietnam, presidents have gone so far to the right, thinking or semi-thinking that the Hawk is the answer while asserting “We are America” and that should be enough to make the enemy behave. Now this nation has a president so far to the left that he takes nil or no action seemingly thinking that all he has to do is charm and intellectualize his way out of a conflict. Either way the American military has been the entity most screwed, beginning with Vietnam to the present.

No matter how sophisticated the world is, when a nation treats its warriors like what rhymes with ‘hit’, that nation is further doomed to fail. VA hospitals have been put on such an inhumane level that perhaps PETA should be brought in as a consultant. And when a nation allows military families to starve to make ends meet then what else can be said?

Now I don’t claim to know what the answers are concerning Russia, but I do know what the answer was ‘not’, which was putting sanctions on Russia to humiliate Russia because of Crimea. Never mind that when the anti-Russian forces asked for weapons, they were ignored with President Obama giving them a gentle pat and a ‘hang in there’ pep talk.

The fact that Russia took Crimea is not a matter of right or wrong; moral or immoral in the world of international relations. This is how sovereign states historically have behaved and will continue to behave, especially if they view a piece of territory as being in their sphere of influence. The U.S. has long felt this way about Cuba. And speaking of Cuba, I am sure Putin continues to be pissed off about renewed relations between the U.S. and Cuba, seeing that the Czar had forgiven Cuba’s debt and was more than likely counting on Cuba becoming that second ‘C’ in BRICS which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. BRICS was founded mainly on Russia’s leadership as an answer to the UN and other Western nations not letting in nations of color or those nations they deemed as Third World leftovers.

Exactly what was the point of this bold ass move for sanctions? This was about a naïve president and his equally naïve idealistic brat intellectual advisers wanting to show the world that they would be the ones to put Russia in its place. Yes, show the world that they dared to do the unthinkable to a former giant who once was on the other end of that scale of the Balance of Power. America’s Commander-in-Chief made his move, but the thing is you don’t send a professor to a street fight.

Russia is Russia, just as Great Britain is Great Britain. Never would the United States have put sanctions on Great Britain. Yes, during the Cuban crisis these two giants were on the brink of what could have been World War III, but it would have been both going toe to toe with each other. It’s how giants fight. Like it or not, sanctions have been left for those itty bitty nations outside of the super power structure. Just as there are rules of engagement, there are unwritten rules of how super powers behave with each other. Obama broke this rule. Now he is reacting to the fact that Russia stepped up to the plate in the Middle East. So, sit there. I’ll be back to this point.

I do know that Obama’s predecessors did not do anything to further annihilate a Russia when its walls came tumbling down after the economic collapse of communism.

The ‘intangible’ of respecting a foe which still has nuclear clout was not lost on previous presidents. George W. Bush had his share of problems with Czar Putin who was driving Georgia back under Russian auspices. In his book “Duty,” Bob Gates who served as both Bush and Obama’s Secretary of Defense had a realistic view of Putin.
Gates writes on this Georgian dilemma: “The Russians, Putin in particular, wanted to reassert Russia’s traditional sphere of influence, including the Caucasus. I was asked by a reporter if I trusted Vladimir Putin ‘anymore’? I responded, ‘Anymore’ is an interesting word. I have never believed that one should make national security policy on the basis of trust. I think you make national security policy based on interests and on realities’.”

Like Gates, hate Gates, or feel like flinging him in a pool of ‘Red’ Jell-O, he at least understood what this administration has failed miserably at understanding, which is that national security is about reality. And I might add that ‘reality’ in the realm of international relations has the added dimension of being based on ‘perception’.

International relations is not about theorizing in some pedagogic vacuum where you can flex your muscles and not have someone kick you in the ass after doing so.
Having to deal with these Obama idealists in Book Land (a.k.a. the White House) perhaps is the reason why Gates felt the need to get the hell out.

Now getting back to my point about Russia and sanctions: The president’s decision to up the troop number in Afghanistan was no more than a knee jerk reaction to Czar Putin’s decision to begin air strikes in Syria. This knee jerk reaction to expand the war was no more than Obama himself trying to save face. At this writing it seems now that the president even wants to put more boots on the ground in Iraq. Yet another knee jerk reaction to the Czar to save his own face for making these idealistic checkers moves while Putin makes chess moves. As I’ve written before at the risk of political heresy: Putin plays chess; Obama plays checkers. I have long been a Putin observer, and I again make the assertion that Putin moves on underestimation; he waltzes when acquiring territory.

Now where is the U.S. heading? Three war fronts? Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria? Maybe four, with a future Iran? (Of course, Iran marked the first time America paid billions for the enemy to keep American hostages. Great deal for the kidnappers! And we wonder why the U.S. is becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of foreign policy.)

When I saw Putin and Obama coming out of their UN meeting, I was watching hands, and I saw Obama once again grab the limp hand of Putin and was the first to shake hands.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how would President Obama not know that whatever meeting he had with Putin, Putin didn’t care and would pull a fast one. Let’s see now: Logic would follow emotions that: ‘Hey, United States, you led NATO into putting sanctions on my country, you’re starving my people, you’re screwing over my economy…and now you think I’m going to sit here and actually think I’m going do what you say? Sure, let’s all pretend here. Why not? Take some photos. Sure I’ll let you shake my hand. We’re all BFFs here.’
Just from his previous modus operandi, I knew the Czar would pull another fast one while he was on his UN public relations campaign via a speech to UN representatives. The speech, his meeting and photo ops with Obama served no more than a possum tactic to do what he had in mind anyway: Beef up the Assad regime and to position himself and Russia as the new savior in the Middle East. Brilliant move, Vladimir baby, especially when you’re dealing with brat advisers who feel studying Cold War history is beneath them.

Now Putin puts Obama in the role of Pavlov’s dog with the president’s latest jerk reaction to send in more troops not only in Afghanistan but, to reiterate, to Iraq, to Syria.

Am I getting brutal? Well, let me get worse.

This 21st Century warfare is not your great granddaddy, or granddaddy or daddy’s warfare. Flip that 21st Century over into a 12 and what you have is a war fighting soldiers with a 12th Century mindset with a sophisticated knowledge of 21st Century technology. This enemy believes in heads on the grounds and not boots on the ground. There are no rules of engagement. There are no safe zones for civilians. Hell! Even the Red Cross is not given a pass. Yet, this president has flung out open arms and says to Syrian refugees with the same enthusiasm as Drew Carey on the “Price is Right”: “Come on down!” without realizing that ISIS can embed themselves among the authentic refugees and bring in homemade weapons of mass destruction or simply deploy a scavenger hunt here to get what is needed for chemical weaponry.

Both the Hawks and Doves need to face reality for this war on terror. America needs to restructure the military to include guerilla warfare as mandatory in basic training and whatever else the experts deem necessary for this new type of 12th Century warfare. This nation cannot afford to fight an unconventional war conventionally.
Yeah, yeah, we know President Obama inherited this war from President Bush, just as Johnson inherited the Vietnam War from Kennedy. When you sign up to become president you inherit crap, and he is not the first president and won’t be the last to find himself on latrine duty.

I watched both the Obama and the Putin interviews on CBS’ “60 Minutes”. In his interview with Charlie Rose, Putin made a mockery of both the interview and President Obama, even inserting “Ferguson” in answering one of Rose’s questions in the spirit of that old adage of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ (no pun intended).
Then there was Steve Kroft’s raw interview with President Obama. No matter how much Obama tried to spin his post UN meeting with Putin which culminated in Russian air strikes over Syria, the president managed to live up to another adage of : “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” But if you ‘fool me three, four, five times, then I’m the damn fool’. (And we’ve all been damn fools at one time or another… moving on), but the shame should not culminate in American troops being spread out with no training for this type of warfare and where conscription can be readily reintroduced once the boots run out, because this Alice-in-Wonderland president made the decision to go down the rabbit’s hole to greet the queen who’s yelling ‘off with their heads.’

Czar Putin has fooled this rabbit too many times, and it’s always after some meeting or some telephone call where Obama stands up smiling as if all is well on the ‘Western Front’.
To reiterate, what American foreign policy LEGO builders have failed to take into account are intangibles such as the ‘natives’ fighting you back with brick, sticks, and stones and on sheer will (and now it is with their own brand of Internet propaganda and technological sophistication) until they run off the super power because said super power came in with an attitude that it can stay in a place forever and only has to say ‘boo!’

Yes, Putin made a smart move when he decided to beef up the Assad regime, the enemy of his enemy. I didn’t say it was a ‘good’ move, but a smart move. And don’t kid yourselves, members of the NATO alliance behind closed doors are probably jumping up with joy because they realistically know that they do not want ISIS on their front steps, and if that means dealing with Russia to help rid ISIS, then it is in their interest to want it. And whether one likes Russia or not becomes irrelevant, because by the very fact that Russia stepped in, Russia is viewed now as THE lone power player. And the ‘perception’ that the Czar pulled off all this with the same precision as the ‘Godfather’s’ Michael Corleone who was at a christening acting all innocent while his enemies were being wiped off the map, makes the Czar seem even more brilliant. At this point Obama became a joke in the realm of international relations because the Czar not only executed Syrian air strikes while at the ‘christening’, but was bold enough to order the U.S. to stay out of the way as a point of saying to Obama, ‘you can kiss my Russian ‘A’. Yes, Russia has pulled off all of this while under that ‘S’ word – sanctions.

In short: Putin will back Assad, rid Assad of his regime’s enemies, and then Putin will rid Syria and the Middle East of Assad.
I would even venture to surmise that Putin has already cut a deal or three with one of Assad’s generals to aid and abet him to get rid of Assad, and for that general to be Syria’s future new leader.
Assad has to go; it’s the only way for Putin to checkmate his NATO rivals and get the credit.
Yes, it will take a new U.S. president to remove sanctions and begin anew in some form or fashion a relationship with Russia. Obama cannot do it; he will look weaker than he already does.

And as time marches on, the lesson these 12th Century soldiers will learn with the same consternation as Russia, France, Great Britain and other Old World kingdoms is that ‘the people’ (citizens, peasants, migrants, tribes, have-nots, what-nots) will turn on them, because even these nouveau terrorists will come to their own headstone where they cannot blame the United States for every ill in their impoverished society. In other words, these nouveau terrorists will succumb to the natural order of politics (revolution) and morph into Third World plutocrats. Thus, another revolution begins ‘again’.

And to you, next American president, you needn’t feel too elated after the inaugural balls. The glass slipper would have cracked as America escalates into another war with boots on the ground not realizing that pretty soon you run out of boots and ground all because there is no exit strategy.
Welcome, to the rabbit hole.


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Why White Lives Matter

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

When the U.S. Constitution was written and declared Black human beings as a fraction of white human beings, when did white lives not matter?

When this nation allowed slave breeding farms to breed Black people as if they were farm animals to sell, when did white lives not matter?

When the 13th 14th and 15th Amendments were added to the U.S. Constitution in the 19th Century and were hastily reneged on, ushering in legal Segregation which lasted well into the 20th Century, when did white lives not matter?

When the Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, and other Black lives which served to protect this nation during World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, and Vietnam came home to segregation, when did white lives not matter?

When public schools were separate but not equal with most of the funds being given to white public schools, when did white lives not matter?

When the NFL practiced that only white players could be quarterbacks, when did white lives not matter?

When Black athletes were not allowed to participate in professional baseball and NBA leagues, when did white lives not matter?

When Blacks were not allowed to be policemen and firemen, when did white lives not matter?

When Blacks could not sit at lunch counters or certain restaurants, when did white lives not matter?

When white immigrants came over and were given the freedom to build industry, eat where they wanted, live wherever they wanted, attend whatever school they wanted, and eventually became American citizens, when did white lives not matter?

When the U.S. government aided and abetted Big Banks to steal Black farmland and had to settle with Black farmers in the 21st Century, when did white lives not matter?

When unions fought having Black members, when did white lives not matter?

When laws were passed to deny Black citizens the right to vote and made them pay poll tax, when did white lives not matter?

When Col. Charles Young, a Buffalo soldier who had served his country but was denied promotion because it meant white soldiers would have to salute him, when did white lives not matter?

When medical experiments on Black people were condoned by the government such as in the purposely giving Black males syphilis, when did white lives not matter?

When this government condoned the wholesale massacre of Black people in Rosewood, Florida and Tulsa (“Black Wall Street”), Oklahoma because these townships were prospering, when did white lives not matter?

When the federal government condoned epidemic lynching by looking the other way, when did white lives not matter?

When Blacks were not allowed to go to white universities and those who were white and not citizens were allowed to be educated in these institutions, when did white lives not matter?

When Black children were hosed down with firemen hoses and had police dogs put on their small bodies to serve as dog food, when did white lives not matter?

When historical violations of Black U.S.A. citizens are not included in public schools’ American history books, when did white lives not matter?

When Black newspapers were not allowed in the South and had to be hidden on trains so Pullman porters could secretly distribute them in the South, when did white lives not matter?

When Blacks were not allowed to be in mainstream media other than as janitors not journalists, when did white lives not matter?

When white mainstream newspapers had the policy of not using ‘Mr., Mrs., or Miss’ in reference to Black citizens, when did white lives not matter?

When Black citizens are not welcomed in a 21st Century Silicon Valley, when did white lives not matter?

When white churches decided that Black Christian human beings should not worship inside white sanctuaries, when did white lives not matter?

When it took decades to bring killers of a 14-year-old Emmett Till to justice, when did white lives not matter?

When Mrs. Rosa Parks could not sit where she wanted on a transit bus, when did white lives not matter?

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spent time in jail for asserting his rights as an American citizen, when did white lives not matter?

When Fannie Lou Hamer had her dress lifted and whipped like a child then beaten while in jail and had her water cut off from her house, when did white lives not matter?

When James Meredith wanted to go to a university which Black tax dollars also helped to build and had to have federal troops escort him to class amid racial slurs and threats to his life, when did white lives not matter?

When nine Black children walked to school in Little Rock, Arkansas and were spat on and had racial slurs and violence aimed at them, when did white lives not matter?

When the U.S. government claimed that it could not find Black-owned construction businesses to help rebuild New Orleans after Katrina, when did white lives not matter?

During the Civil War when Blacks were lynched in New York and the Colored Orphanage was stormed, when did white lives not matter?

When early Black musicians and singers could not get copyrights to their own creations, when did white lives not matter?

When then Senator John Kerry conducted 2007 hearings on SBA discrimination and presented letters on Black-owned construction and other businesses that were being blackballed and not given the same treatment as other non-Black businesses, when did white lives not matter?

When banks employ red-lining to discriminate in housing loans, when did white lives not matter?

When the following law was written: “Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, that from and after the first day of June next, no black or mulatto person, shall be permitted to settle or reside in this state, unless he or she shall first produce a fair certificate from some court with the United States, of his or her actual freedom, which certificate shall be attested by the clerk of said court, and the seal thereof annexed thereto, by the said clerk.” When did white lives not matter?

When the following law was enacted “…[T]hat it shall not be lawful for any freedman, free negro, or mulatto to intermarry with any white person; nor for any white person to intermarry with any freedman, free negro, or mulatto; and any person who shall so intermarry, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and on conviction thereof shall be confined in the State penitentiary for life; and those shall be deemed freedmen, free negroes, and mulattoes who are of pure negro blood, and those descended from a negro to the third generation, inclusive, though one ancestor in each generation may have been a white person.”… When did white lives not matter?

When Black soldiers went to the frontline to take the first bullets during war to make it safe for white soldiers, when did white lives not matter?

When the KKK burned Blacks alive with the same hatred as does ISIS, when did white lives not matter?

When four little Black girls were bombed in a church and no investigation was launched, no FBI, no law came to give them justice, when did white lives not matter?

When Black citizens had to march through the street amid the LAW to demand that the Constitution’s 14th and 15th Amendments be enforced, when did white lives not matter?

When a government can fly over food and water to civilians of nations they have been at war with, but cannot fly in food and water and drop supplies down to mainly Black Katrina victims, when did white lives not matter?

Of course, white lives matter.
Of course, white lies matter.


*The above is on the Editorial, Op/ED, and Black Paper lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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Stripping Down Trump

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Let’s strip down Donald Trump.

Like millions, I watched the Republican debate on Fox Thursday night on August 6th. My only regret in the kingdom of ficklehood is that it was on at the same time as CBS’s Big Brother eviction night. (Yes, “Big Brother” from day one has been one of my guilty pleasures and that is because in ‘reality’ this show mirrors politics… moving on from those who think anything in reality TV is dumb). And yes, I thought it was a good suggestion when I initially tweeted that if Fox didn’t have room for all the candidates that it should produce a special edition of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” and put the non-top ten on that…. moving on again to ‘stripping’ down Donald Trump.

But first of all, let me digress. In the history of my life as a journalist, I have never, ever, never seen more journalists themselves become stories. (Yes, I know it can happen and has happened.). The latest is Trump’s dissing of Fox’s Megyn Kelly who co-anchored the debate. See, I don’t care if Trump disrespected her. She is a journalist. What irks me is how her fellow journalists are making a story over Trump disrespecting her just as they did when one of Trump’s advisors allegedly threatened a Daily Beast reporter. As a journalist and newspaper editor, I have been cussed out, threatened, had a Klansman and Klansmen-inspired persons call me up (which was in the 1990s!), some politicians hating on me, and I have essentially been called everything but a child of God. And if a reporter I’ve had and have under my supervision ever complained about getting their feelings hurt then he or SHE can take a hike. Now to be fair, Megyn Kelly herself did not make this a ‘news’ story (I admit I thought way back when, when just seeing how she spelled ‘Megyn’ that she was a Black girl– right up there with Temeka…You know how the stereotype goes… moving on).

Now, if a woman’s biology is derided then the woman has every right to deride a man’s little thing of biology. That should even ‘things’ out, because we all know males cannot take what they dish out when it comes to these ‘things’. Moving on from X-rating this commentary and from climbing on another level of foolishness on my behalf in spite of all’s fair in war and politics.

Anyway, since time was a second, politicians and journalists have always gotten into it, especially behind closed doors. They’re like a married couple that always fight, and wouldn’t have anything to talk about if they didn’t.

Just why is his dissing of journalists a serious story? Because it’s easier to cover Megyn’s biology than it is to cover the Iranian deal, racism, foreign affairs, immigration, and the economy. Yes, when journalists begin to cover stories about themselves then journalism has reached a poor state in which the Fourth Estate has made itself irrelevant, defunct, and an everyman’s career. It is no wonder that it has become the Rodney Dangerfield of 21st Century professions.
We now live in such a politically correct world (hypocrisy in a tuxedo) that ‘Give ‘em Hell’ Harry Truman wouldn’t be elected in this climate.

But this Megyn Kelly foolishness served as an impetus stirring up the hypocrisy concerning Shoshana Johnson, an African American female who was a POW in Iraq. This newspaper editorialized about her treatment. Bottom line: Shoshana was treated like a dog by this nation. She was captured in 2003 at about the same time as her fellow POW Jessica Lynch. Jessica was blond and white; therefore, her POW status was more important than Shoshana’s POW status. We dug deeper into what brought us to our 2010 files in which in addition to our own news coverage there was an AP story about Johnson releasing her book, “I’m Still Standing”. This Black female was denied not only PTSD treatment but had to fight for veterans benefits. Johnson is quoted in this AP interview: “It was kind of hurtful. If I’d been a petite, cutesy thing, it would’ve been different.” (Now I’m going to get back to this POW matter in a moment. Bear with me. Get a cup of black coffee.).

The fact that mainstream journalism is reprimanding Trump is like the pot calling the kettle. Mainstream newsrooms have become whiter than white—so white, in fact, that Clorox might as well be a sponsor. Just ask major Black journalists organizations about their complaints as African American journalists are being escorted out the backdoor while white female journalists are being escorted in the front door to serve as media organizations’ minority du jour.
So, let us all just ‘Emmett Till’ this Megyn matter and call it what it is, because if Megyn Kelly had been a Black female journalist, none of this would be a media Katrina, and Trump never would have been dis-invited to whatever conservative event for which he was scheduled to speak.

John McCain. Now, this gets us back to this POW matter and to those controversial Trump remarks about U.S. Senator John McCain and Trump disrespecting McCain as a war hero and former POW. Even President Barack Obama got in on this one all the way from his fieldtrip in Kenya. You can take a slug of your black coffee here.

Now this is the same President whose White House troops can’t even return a promised phone call from nearly three years ago to the Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations on the matter of getting an honorary promotion for Col. Charles Young, an African American pre-World War I soldier who served under legendary Gen. Black Jack Pershing in Mexico. Young was the first Black soldier to be promoted to colonel in 1918. Young was denied promotion to general because that meant white soldiers would have to salute him. This was the only reason. We’ve written about this issue and amid a ton of press releases, mainstream media can’t cover this, but they can cover John McCain’s alleged slight, and the President can weigh in from Kenya. By the way, Young was shipped off to Africa where he was killed in Nigeria. The President even disregarded the support Young received from two African nations on behalf of the Coalition.

Even when Cong. Barbara Lee, a Black female member of Congress, sent the President a letter of support, she was dissed by all the President’s men. So fast forwarding to the 21st Century, you have the nation’s first Black president in Africa being indignant about McCain; yet, he can’t even return the Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations’ promised call on giving this Buffalo soldier an honorary promotion (underscore ‘honorary’ here), but I ‘Shall Return’ to this issue at a later date.

Yet—and this is a big YET, the President had no problem calling up Bruce Jenner who had screwed over two women into becoming his wives and produced two sets of children after having deceived these two women that he was what he wasn’t or was or ‘wherever’. The White House congratulated Brucette on being brave. YET, he can’t respect the Coalition to honor a real hero who gave his life for his country.

Now harking back to McCain: When Trump said what he did about McCain, I did not view Trump as disrespecting McCain as a POW or as Trump disrespecting veterans or soldiers but rather as Trump attacking McCain, the politician. Then here’s the Fourth Estate having a fit over Trump’s treatment of McCain and churning out headlines that Trump refuses to apologize to McCain. And the way the President came to McCain’s defense, one would have thought he was McCain’s illegitimate son.

The Fourth Estate has yet to ask why this nation has not apologized to Black veterans, Black former POWs, Black soldiers, Shoshana Johnson, and Col. Young!
When McCain came home as a former POW, he received (deservedly) accolades and honors. And R-E-S-P-E-C-T. When Black soldiers and POWs came home all they got was a white boot up their rear ends. When the Tuskegee Airmen returned home, they couldn’t even get jobs as commercial pilots after proving they could fly planes in combat. No one has apologized to these soldiers.

Now all this is to continue the stripping down of Donald Trump. Yes, Trump got the hardest questions and yes in antagonistic tones at times. This is the nature of the beast called politics. And what was the idea of asking him to pledge that he wouldn’t run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t get the Republican nod? Why not ask this of all the candidates? Better yet, if the Republican Party is so concerned about this, then call in all of those who want to run as Republicans to make the pledge. We all know that if any other candidate had been a frontrunner, this question would not have come up? Because they would have been the Elephant’s good little boy and girl presidential hopefuls.

Now let’s backtrack: You have to look at these mainstream newsrooms. Strip them down and you see that their pulling at straws to bring Trump down by any means necessary has to do with Corporate America. These newsrooms are part of Corporate America. They are spokes in mega conglomerates’ wheels. These media groups are among the richest and most influential in America’s democracy and Americanized NGOs in foreign nations. This Corporate America establishment, too, thrives off politicians it can control and/or manipulate in its self-economic interests. As I’ve tweeted, politicians and businessmen have been in the same bed since time was a second. They have sired bills and other legislation. Corporate America has always supported and given millions to both Republicans and Democrats. They provide deep pockets to lobbyists.

Trump has given to both parties as he stated in the debate. This is what they do; this is how they operate. Big businesses have always screwed politicians. That is how they get those babies—the biggest of which was known as Bailout a.k.a. Corporate Welfare.
Trump is part of the Corporate America establishment which means with his billions they cannot control and/or manipulate him like they can and have many politicians in BOTH parties. I don’t view Trump so much as a maverick politician as I do him as a renegade Corporate America member. And the Corporate America media establishment now has to spank him (or beat the hell out of him) for being a bad boy. Yes, the Trumpster has been tactless enough to reduce them to becoming so petty in their attempts to stop his big mouth that they have failed to make sure their journalists cover serious issues. (I mean, the debate was on August 6th and Meggie is still the headline!)

Like Trump, hate Trump, or be indifferent toward Trump, you have to ask yourself in these perilous times of precarious foreign affairs, who would get Putin’s attention? Because you can bet your bottom dollar, Putin is going to make another gigantic move before a new president rolls up to the White House. Yes, America’s domestic challenges will wilt in the face of her (notice I said ‘her’) foreign challenges when Putin makes his move for all of Ukraine and perhaps when Iran reneges.

By the way, like the dress, Megyn. And glad you could get a job after serving your country, John McCain. Glad Clorox can sponsor newsrooms. And to the Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations, wait it out for another president who can respect you and your patriotism or better yet, start talking to presidential hopefuls (from both parties) to see if you can secure the ‘Honorary’ status deserved of Col. Young. Then, of course, you can always dig up Col. Young, have him declared a transgender and put out that he deceived two women by marrying them on what he was while giving them two sets of children. Then and only then can you be assured that the President will return your call after nearly three years. Even better, see if you can get ESPN to give Col. Young a Courage Award for being Black in America.
(And to those transgender supporters, these statements are only about Bruce Jenner. So you need to chill out and get another cup of black coffee.).

So when you strip down Trump, you don’t see Trump’s unmentionables, but rather you see Corporate America establishment’s dirty underwear and fear in their eyes that their renegade black sheep, Trump, just might become the lead shepherd.


The above is on the Editorial, Op/ED, and Black Paper lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com. Welcome, Travelers!

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The Emanuel A.M.E. Church Massacre and Forgiveness

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Susie Jackson, Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr., Ethel Lance, Myra Thompson, Cynthia Hurd, Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Rev. Sharonda Singleton, and Tywanza Sanders. These are the lives of the nine African Americans who have symbolically joined the four little Black girls who lost their lives in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing. They have been immortalized. And still, enough is enough.

It was heartbreaking listening to some of the Emanuel A.M.E. Church victims’ families make their statements before a judge on the June 19, 2015 bond hearing for Dylann Roof, the confessed murderer who was shielded via a video link to the courthouse.

Practically each representative of the families said they forgave Roof.

Of course, they have a right to forgive him. But I am going to express the other end of that forgiveness spectrum and semi-echo the statement made by another family member on ABC’s Good Morning America. This particular family member said that at this point she is not ready to “go there” with forgiveness and that forgiveness will be a “process” with her.
I know so many others feel her justifiable anger. My anger also centers on the fact that it is usually Black Americans who express ‘forgiveness’. And like it or not, these constant acts of forgiveness inadvertently add to whites’ perception of African Americans being docile, childlike, and all the other stereotype garbage stemming from an ante-bellum America to make white Americans feel justified about slavery, Jim Crow, and 21st Century Jim Crow. Or it makes them believe faithfully that America is in a post racial society.
This historic white paternalism makes it mandatory that Black people ‘forgive them’ because that paternalistic notion is that whatever punishment is handed down by the ‘massa’ is deserved. So whip the Black into submission so the slave can be happy. Or if he gets too disobedient, you can make him an example by burning him alive with the same enthusiasm as ISIS burns its victims. After slavery, whites could further make examples by lynching and burning Black males alive after they had served in wars without any Due Process from the U.S. Government which aided and abetted terrorism on Black citizens. America’s Black citizens remained the only ethnic group which had to live under the rules of Jim Crow which, contrary to belief, was in both the South and North. The East and West.
What I am getting to is that the word ‘forgiveness’ is a tricky word and an astonishing perception when presented to the wrong crowd. Collectively that crowd is white America which resides in a government which is mired of systemic racism that is cushioned on white fear.
Forgiveness certainly plays well in a white mainstream media which, too, suffers in systemic white fear. Immediately when a young white male is accused of a crime, mainstream media goes to work to gather distractions (reasons) such as blaming Roof’s action on gun-violence, the Confederate flag, mental illness, and last but not least, the N.R.A. It scrambles to find redemption from Black Americans with scenes of Blacks accepting their plight in America. This is why the media praised those members of the massacred victims for forgiving Roof. It lauded these family members to the point where they were no less than saints for forgiving a 21-year-old evil white boy. Forgiving a white person is not so much extraordinary as it is expected. It is America’s hidden Rule of Law that a white can inflict whatever punishment he wants on a Black American because he knows the Black citizen will “forgive” him anyway. Then life goes back to normal once the Black expresses forgiveness. This was why the media presented beautiful scenes of Blacks picking up trash in the aftermath of the Baltimore riots and Freddie Gray’s murder. It is why it so quickly began to paint Trayvon Martin as a drug addict when marijuana was allegedly found in his school locker and that he had been suspended; this is why mainstream media began to label George Zimmerman a ‘white’ Hispanic; this is why the judge at Roof’s bond hearing began to rehabilitate the 21-year-old with his statement (warning? reprimand?) that those listening should remember Roof’s family (later the judge was removed because he had used the N-word in another case; however, the white-owned media didn’t make much of that); then there was a report of Roof having been arrested allegedly on drug charges. Nothing more was heard about that and in that respect he got a better ‘perception’ deal than Trayvon Martin. If Roof had been treated like Black males picked up on drug charges, he would have been pushed so far back in the cell that the nine people he slaughtered would be alive today.
In doing a quick content analysis, one does not find the mainstream media labeling Roof a criminal, a thug, a mass murderer, a killer, a drug addict, an assassin. A monster. Before it’s all said and done, Roof’s action will be attributed to mental illness, lack of gun control, his love for the Confederate flag, and last but not least, the N.R.A.

The rehabilitation of Roof and the subconscious need to reassure whites and mask white fear came out on Sunday, Father’s Day on CBS Sunday Morning and on NBC’s Meet the Press. Some of the victims were fathers and grandfathers. They were denied to live for their loved ones to celebrate them as fathers. Meet the Press chose to show clips from a documentary featuring ONLY incarcerated young Black males talking about their crimes with guns. After a white youth has killed nine Black Americans in a Bible study class, Meet the Press focused ONLY on Black males and gun-violence on Father’s Day? Then there was CBS Sunday Morning which presented a segment devoted on stay-at-home fathers. All the fathers were white and then in the middle of this segment a Black single mother was profiled. Why would CBS do this on Father’s Day? There is such a systemic white fear of Black males that producers of CBS Sunday Morning thought nothing of boldly portraying a Black single mother as a Black father role figure on Father’s Day. Where is the judgment in these presentations after such a tragedy? There was no judgment because ‘subconsciously’ white fear needed to be assuaged. So why not present young Black incarcerated males on a day where Black fatherhood should have been celebrated? Or where the Black fathers who were slaughtered at Emanuel could have been remembered? Why not further emasculate the Black father by presenting him in the form of a Black female serving as a ‘father’ who cannot afford family leave benefits?
Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have learned to sell white fear by using Black Americans as a litmus test to measure how ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ they are.
There have been only a handful of Republicans and Democrats who have expressed condolences to these nine families and to condemn hate. Most will not express it because they fear that if they openly extend condolences they would be accused of catering to Blacks—and Black is a four-letter word. This is why you hear the anti-welfare bull crap and seldom do you hear of economic solutions. White presidential candidates in both parties are now using the message of ‘it’s time to help the middle class’—code for ‘white’ middle class. ‘Welfare’ and ‘poor’ are negative codes for Black Americans. Even the Democratic Party is staying away from whatever connotes ‘Black’ to lure in more whites, because it knows that it has the Black vote anyway. At the end of the Election Day, both parties will continue white privilege and blame whatever ails America on welfare and the N.R.A.
This Great Nation is running on empty because its agenda continues to be set by two major political parties which use the Race Card to drum up its supporters. Regardless of which party gets into power, the African American community loses. America loses.


See in my psychic there are two types of forgiveness: Spiritual forgiveness and political forgiveness. The spiritual forgiveness is for God and the person extending it to judge and deal with. For good reasons, I am staying out of that one.
Like the family member on ABC’s Good Morning America, I, too, cannot “go there” except to acknowledge that indeed forgiveness is powerful and desirable when it is received correctly. When forgiveness is politicized in terms of Blacks forgiving whites, it has been viewed collectively by whites as a ‘weakness’, and such a gesture opens up the door for ‘permission’ to do it again and again and again. American History bears me out.
African Americans remain the only ethnic group in America that keeps taking abuse until it explodes and riots break out then it goes back into a passive Black mass which is viewed as ‘ill repute’. Both political parties count on this seesaw of passiveness and outbursts to justify domestic policies that do not include Black citizens.
But as I’ve written in earlier columns: Some white people get it; some Hispanics get it; some Oriental Americans get it; some Native Americans get it; some Black Americans get it. Roof’s sister got it when she turned him in. The white woman who followed him and informed the police got it. Roof’s uncle who said that he himself would execute his nephew got it. Hell! Walmart has gotten it by making the decision not to sell Confederate flags. What do they get? That America will spiral into Third World status, not because it continues to operate as a house divided but rather as a house splintered into bits because of this white fear.
To reiterate, ‘forgiveness’ is a powerful word but too often it has been misconstrued as giving ‘permission’ to do it again. American History has validated this pattern.
There is a reason why there was a Joshua who tore down the walls of Jericho. The Joshuas are needed, too, and they need to come out of the woodworks with the same resolve as those who walked the bridge in Selma, sat in the front of the bus, ran the race of Jesse Owens while Hitler looked on proving that the Aryan nation was based on a white inferiority complex that posed as white supremacy. Only God Almighty is Supreme.
And I say to you, Dylann Roof, you are forgiven by some members of the victims’ families. Your character is being systemically re-habilitated but you are in reality a loser, a lazy ass white boy who could have made something of your life but chose not to, you are a murderer, a criminal, a drug addict, a thug, a coward, and you walk underneath the belly of a snake. You are a disgrace to your family, to your country, to your race and to the human race.
And I reiterate to you, Dylan Roof and to those in your KKK and Hitler ilk, that forgiveness does not mean you have permission to do it again.

You see, that’s over. That’s ended. That’s done.

And yes, I have called you out and I am sure I have done it in away some might see in a most un-Christian fashion. Yes, I might have to spend a little time in hell for that, but I feel in my whole heart, mind, and soul, I shall not be there as long as you are and the Hitlers of the world.
And God Almighty help you if you and your haters think forgiveness gives you permission to walk into any Black church to massacre; God Almighty help you if you think you will continue to attack Black boys and men, and drag a 90-something pound Black girl by her hair around on the ground as if she were some small animal you’re trying to cage; God Almighty help you if you think you can continue to turn inner city schools into holding cells for Black children; God Almighty help you Democratic Party and Republican Party if you think you can continue to use Black citizens on Election Day and flush them down the toilet the next day … God Almighty help you Democratic Party and Republican Party if you continue to use Black citizens as strips of paper for litmus tests… the nine people who were massacred in Emanuel A.M.E. were flesh and blood and souls. The only color on those strips was red. Blood. And if you have so much fear in you that you cannot express condolences over that, then you are no better than ISIS! No better than the Dylann Roofs! No better than the KKK! And God Almighty help you white racists if you cross that thin line between ‘forgiveness’ and ‘permission’ and spill Black blood again…And if you do, every Joshua regardless of race, color, or creed needs to crawl out of the woodworks and bring this wall called RACISM down and drag your hateful ass through the backdoor of hell.

Then it’ll be over. It’ll be ended. It’ll be done.
Now let us say, ‘Amen!’


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Danny Thomas, FedEx St. Jude Classic, and Lovingkindness

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

At this time of year, two giants meld their signatory names to present what has become a PGA tradition on a different level, charity. We’re talking about the FedEx St. Jude Classic at TPC Southwind which takes place June 8-14 in Memphis. Those two giants are FedEx and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and this event is to benefit the ongoing and much needed research of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which focuses on the area of childhood cancer. Over the years St. Jude has produced many breakthroughs and has produced gifted and compassionate researchers who have gone on to receive noted accolades and a Nobel Prize in their respective fields.
But none of this would be happening had it not been for a promise the late comedian/actor Danny Thomas made to God when he was at his lowest point and made the simplistic act of going to a church, placing his last seven dollars in an offering, and boldly asking God for a break in his career. He sought the help of St. Jude, considered the saint of lost causes and desperation. The account goes that a week later, Thomas got that big break in his career and his offer of seven dollars grew ten-fold. As Thomas began to accumulate wealth and to see his dream of being successful in Hollywood come to fruition, he never forgot his promise. Of course in today’s world, such a historical account might sound too good to be true, but to those who are desperate and have hit rock bottom, there is nothing false about it. Thomas knew firsthand what it was to be hungry, to struggle, to hope and to dream.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital serves as a witness to Thomas’ faith.

I am sure many have heard the story but what can be added to Thomas’ story is an architect named Paul Revere Williams**—yes, the irony of a ‘Paul Revere’ coming to the rescue to help Thomas see his dream— is fortuitous. Add to Paul Revere Williams the concept of a Five-Point Star and miraculous pieces begin to fit a puzzling timeframe.
This timeframe is in the early 1960’s when Jim Crow ruled and when poverty and race were determinants in how much and what health care a child would receive. If any.

Paul Revere Williams was African American.

Paul Revere Williams, one of the few Black architects in the nation in the 1950’s and 1960’s, had designed the Thomas house in California. Williams’ parents Chester Stanley Williams, Sr. and Lila A. Williams were Memphians who moved to California for a better life. But what is interesting about the Williams and Thomas connection is that Thomas had envisioned a St. Jude headquarters with a five-point star layout and Williams presented him with a five-point star design when neither had discussed it with the other. Williams donated his designs to Thomas.

Thomas founded St. Jude in 1962. A year later another rebel with a dream by the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a speech that was more controversial than heralded at the time. King dared to deliver what has now become an iconic declaration to erase racism and poverty.

In 1962, Thomas made a similar declaration by establishing a children’s hospital based on need and hope. The main centerpiece of St. Jude was founded on Thomas’ belief that all children regardless of race, color, creed or economic status should be treated. This was unprecedented—yes, even rebellious— as far as race was concerned because it was in a timeframe when hospitals were segregated; when doctors’ offices had “white only” and “black only” signs in the waiting room; when hope was a four-letter word stunted in color and deprivation.

Thomas could have followed the rules and not have had Williams as part of a ‘dream team’ which brought St. Jude into being. Cancer had a sign hung on it; Thomas removed the sign, knowing that all human cells had no color, no race or no creed.

Danny Thomas was a rebel with a dream.

Even in this 21st Century ‘timeframe’, Paul Revere Williams has somewhat become lost as one of the pioneers in Thomas’ vision; and Thomas himself in spite of the numerous St. Jude telethons and events such as the PGA FedEx St. Jude Classic has been lost as an individual who dared to make a socio-economic statement which impacted this nation’s history. Does this sound exaggerated? As giving this man too much credit? As placing him in the ranks of a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and those who dared to break down the barriers of Jim Crow? The fact—and let me repeat—the fact that he opened this hospital’s wings to all children in this time became, too, a plank in the civil rights struggle.

Those ‘few’ visionaries who chose to boldly step with Thomas such as Paul Revere Williams, Dr. Lemuel Diggs, and automobile dealer Anthony Abraham should be remembered as socio-economic leaders in the health field in a time which did not lend itself fully to the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath.

In an era where people are lauded for being famous and little else, Thomas remains an enigma in the realm of a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Mother Teresa , a Bishop Desmond Tutu, a Nelson Mandela, a Mrs. Rosa Parks, an Albert Schweitzer. Why are such people so moved to do what they do? Yes, there are others in this realm who were moved to sacrifice, scrape and scratch out miracles when they should have long given up. Yet, in this realm there are still far too few. Does this sound mushy?

In the Bible there is a word which has always fascinated me. That word is ‘lovingkindness,’ and this is what Thomas exuded when he founded a hospital to treat babies and children and didn’t give a damn about who they were, where they came from, what color they were, what religion they were, what nationality they were, or if they had a penny in the bank to pay for medical care. How easily he could have reneged on his promise, but he chose not.

And if a person can empathize—get to that fine point in a symbolic five-point star where humanity meets and transcends into ‘lovingkindness’ then this is an ideal in making a great nation humane. Yes, such talk could be viewed in the realm of rose-colored idealism, but roses are beautiful, aren’t they? And what’s wrong with a little lovingkindness?

We hope you all will support the FedEx St. Jude Classic at TPC Southwind. And if you cannot come out to support it, you may get more information at http://www.stjudeclassic.com on how to donate to this worthwhile charity throughout the year. And to those who are unable to contribute financially, remember your prayers for this institution to continue its growth.

I am sure Danny Thomas would most certainly approve of your prayers and attest that a prayer brought him the vision of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital even in a society that thrives on the ambiguities of political correctness.

Let us continue his work with lovingkindness.


*The above can be found on the Editorial, Op/Ed, Health, and Tennessee lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

**For more on Mr. Paul Revere Williams, detour to http://www.paulrwilliams.org

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Baltimore and Fear

By Arelya J. Mitchell
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Baltimore is not so much about Black rage as it is about white fear gone amok.

This fear is so entrenched in America’s socio-economic system that it remains invisible as it erodes America into Third World Nation status.

White fear is not talked about because it is not recognized by white psychologists. It is not studied with the same compassion and commitment as that infamous black inferiority complex. Think about it. How many times have you seen on mainstream media a panelists of experts sitting around the table discussing white fear or how that white fear centers on the Black male? Or that white fear is the flipside of a white inferiority complex? I mean if one is a human being one must presuppose that certain traits are shared by other humans: Generosity, greed, jealousy, kindness—and yes, even an inferiority complex.

There’s pedagogic yak that the Black male is inherently criminal and thuggish? Yet, all during the Baltimore unrest coverage, white fear was never brought up. Exactly what do whites fear in Black people, especially Black males? This white fear of the Black male is so entrenched that even if a Corporate America company hires—let’s say three Black men wearing Calvin Klein suits with Ivy League degrees nailed to their backs—the new Black employees are viewed as thugs, and if the three (just three!) of them sit down at the same table in the executive dining room they are viewed as a gang, and the whispers begin: “What are they planning?”

White fear is so systemic that it has bred a level of white populace which can no longer think with brain cells but rather with skin cells. It has produced an arrogance masquerading under white privilege with the same ignorance of monarchies which made them actually believe they had Divine Right. It never occurred to them that those born lower were capable of thinking or had the Divine Right to be mad as hell. When one watches those old Black and white movies on TCM, one hears this arrogance in such lines as “I’m white and twenty-one.”

I watched Baltimore and could see what has been happening for a very long time: Annihilation. Destruction. Waste. Stagnation. Identity crisis. I am not referring to the inner city of Baltimore where the riots and unrest happened, but rather referring to the wealthy and alleged white middle class which looked on either in utter consternation as they wondered why the ‘natives are restless’.

I am referring to a government which is so crouched in a naiveté that all is well on the western front that it has produced a level of white politicos who think with skin cells and little else. The status quo is so color entrenched that it does not recognize that when a 21st Century Baltimore erupts and when nothing is done economically that fertile grounds are laid for homegrown terrorism or that when you have a historic practice of mass incarceration of African American males many of whom were not harden criminal or thugs when they went into the system but would more than likely come out that way because they’re branded like cows on a cattle ranch as future profit for privatized prisons. More beef. To reiterate, white fear is laying fertile grounds for homegrown terrorism. Not riots, but terrorism.

There are some White people who get this; there are some Black people who get this; there are some Brown people who get this; there are some Red people who get this, but their voices are being stamped out with the same systemic branding iron which has labeled them troublemakers.

History flaps the same page back and forth when a segment of society is pushed into despair hopelessness erupts. Hopelessness also creates a layer of fertile ground for haters to rise to the top as leaders on the back of white fear. White fear blames welfare recipients, projects, poor children getting free breakfasts, and it arbitrarily invent rules for activity under the guise of “Law & Order” (Stop and Frisk, three-strikes you’re out, cocaine vs. crack). Just dig up Hitler and ask him about it, as he chose to feed on anti-Jewish fear. He sold this fear to everyday non-Jewish Germans (especially the blue-eyed blond citizens) that the nation was languishing economically and every problem the non-Jewish German citizen had was caused by the Jews. This maneuver of using one group against another transcends race, color, or creed…and it materializes into a 21st Century Baltimore which is a microcosm mirroring a race-infested dysfunctional macrocosm that is collapsing on itself as a ‘house divided’ which cannot stand.

White fear exists. White fear controls. But, ironically, it is spiraling out of control at the expense of a Number One Nation remaining Number One. Blacks collectively are driven towards economic extinction via economic genocide because that white fear is so focused exclusively on keeping Blacks in the economic ghetto.

Now, let’s go to the Black side of things. When you have a group that does not fight back effectively because it continues not to remember its history of being Black in America, it adds fuel to its own economic demise. When you have a group that continues to think with its black skin cells as opposed to its brain cells which created HBCUs, took what was left over from the slave fields and created nourishment from white folks’ scraps, produced Black-owned businesses and sports franchises and frankly didn’t give a damn what white people thought and didn’t mind competing with them because they were taught that if you were Black you had to be three times better—sometimes six! That attitude paid off until Blacks got happy.

I write the following with astute anger: There is an atmosphere in America which is Baltimore; there is a blind stupidity in Baltimore which is America in the 21st Century.

See I don’t want to hear words like ‘healing’, ‘closure’, ‘town hall meetings’, ‘prayer days’ and all the other supposedly ‘good’ code words that do nothing but assuage Black economic pain and white fear when it’s all said and done.

How long can you march? You can march around the Earth twice and tilt it profoundly on its ass—axis, and when you get back, you’re still replicating what was done in the 1960’s when those actions amounted into something constructive, e.g. taking Jim Crow off the law books, gaining voting rights, and equal access to public transportation. White America knows and other ethnic groups know that whenever Black people go off on a (justifiable) deep end, they’re going to march eternally and nothing much else is going to get done after the marching and screaming. Let’s get happy!

See I don’t want to see town hall meetings where Blacks and whites come together to discuss their ‘feelings’ and see these town hall meetings televised via a mainstream media with the whitest newsrooms on this backside of a Civil Rights Movement. I mean, I ask you: Do you really care about anybody’s feelings at this point? After all, at this point like in the old soul tune with the lyric “Fred is dead”, it’s now ‘Freddie’s dead.’

How long can you march without an economic agenda of producing Black-owned businesses and opportunities for Black entrepreneurship to create jobs? See I don’t want to see the handing out of voter’s registration forms as if the Black Vote is the sole cure for whatever ails Black America when in reality both political parties know that the Black Vote has become a placebo to be taken only on Election Day.

Once upon a time the Black Vote meant power. It is now a false pregnancy because it produces nothing but a bastard child both parties use to benefit everything and every other race but Black when the election is over. The Black Vote has become both major parties’ bastard child because they know there is no economic umbilical cord. Other ethnic groups have a group within that group with viable wealth based on ownership—not on consumption (consumerism) as it is with the Black populace— which gives said groups political clout.

Mind you these activities such as marching, protesting, rallies, and prayer meetings are wonderful but they are not ‘good’ because they accomplish nothing but temporary satisfaction if they do not dovetail with ‘constructive action’ and not reaction. You see, Freddie’s still dead.

I looked out over a wave of protesters in the sea of despair as they swam up on shore still drowning. One was proud that they kept the pressure on. One heard speaker after speaker. One was proud of the speakers. And yes, I must add here, I do believe in prayers but I also believe with the prayers, marches, rallies, someone somewhere should have been able to pull out at least five persons and taken a Number 2 pencil and a yellow legal pad and drawn up an economic plan that goes beyond such ‘training’ programs than a proverbial “My Brother’s Keeper” which is no more than a reincarnated 21st Century C.E.T.A. program. You see, white-owned businesses get access to capital to create jobs to create more capital. Blacks get ‘training’ programs and blame.

Where were the Black economists? Black economists exist but they remain out of a dialogue from the White House to a Baltimore. There are astute business oriented ministers who preach economic-ownership along with prayer and can provide input. A Black economic think tank should have been created and this is where the next Black leadership should emerge.

Black economists can formulate that X-number of Black-owned businesses must be brought to fruition to produce jobs along with other mainstream companies such as a CVS or the like. The sin of America is that Black America has never been allowed to own its capitalism—its own means of production. White fear continues to act as overseer just as it did when whites massacred hundreds of Black citizens of such thriving communities as Rosewood, Florida and what was known as “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whites became so afraid of these two townships that were producing wealth and Black-ownership even under Jim Crow that they barged in and slaughtered Black American citizens with the same venom as Hitler did the Jews. Throughout American history, case upon case has been recorded that when a Black got something better than a white—be it a shiny new car, new shoes—or could speak using more than one syllable, the hidden policy was that it was time to barge in, cordon off, and destroy Black achievement. Everyone knows that if there are two Black males and one needed shoes and one had a plan to build a shoe factory and both wanted access to capital and went to a wealthy white philanthropist billionaire, it’s the one who wanted a pair of shoes who would be helped; the one who had a plan for a shoe factory would be dismissed and viewed as a threat. This is why it is easier for white wealthy ‘benefactors’ to give charity to Blacks but not access to capital. This is white fear rearing its ugly head even at the top of the Fortune and Forbes lists of people who operate on noblesse oblige rather than on reality. Traditionally, it’s called white paternalism.

This remains a Katrinanized nation as in post-Katrina when a federal government claimed that it could not find even one Black-owned construction company (A matter duly documented at the time by Cong. Bennie G. Thompson** who testified in a Senate hearing on Hurricane Katrina contracting abuses…but don’t get me started on Katrina), or when the U.S. Department of Agriculture aided and abetted Big Banks in stealing Black farmland (a suit that was eventually settled in the 21st Century after decades of litigation). This is how white America plays the Race Card which it put in the deck and has kept in the deck. I’ll say it again: Nobody loves a poor Black person like America.

See, Black America, you are not in America’s economic agenda. You don’t get to go to Cuba to do business. You don’t even get to go to South Africa or any other part of Africa to do business. Black economists are not invited for input. The only thing black America is cognizant of is oil. Period. If you are not on the agenda in a world where globalization is more than on an atlas, then you are simply slated for economic extinction via economic genocide. It might be best that you pick up Psalms 91 along with organizing and demanding to be included in America’s capitalism. And to you, Black men, you are still viewed as thugs and a gang even in Calvin Klein suits while you sit with two other (tokens) Black males in the executive dining room. It’s time for you to Black Man Up!

You see, Freddie’s dead. Freddie Gray represents one end of the spectrum which is a dead-end just as those Black children who can excel and want to excel represent the other end of the spectrum which, too, is a dead-end. The Black child remains expendable.

But as I’ve written: Some Blacks get it; some whites get it. Because they know that if you don’t straightened this mess out economically, this whole country will implode economically because it cannot continue to produce a white populace which can only think with skin cells because of an inbred hemophiliac sense of white privilege. It will implode economically because this nation cannot continue to produce a Black populace which continues to operate on Black skin cells because of some inbred hemophiliac sense of not being able to take names and kick fiduciary ass when needed, or have the sense that there is a profound difference between being a Christian and being a fool or continue to march without an economic agenda beyond job training.

Freddie’s dead.

See, I don’t want to see pretty little pictures of Blacks out there cleaning up the neighborhood, sweeping the sidewalks, picking up trash in post-riot. I don’t want to hear the garbage of Blacks destroying their own neighborhoods when in essence they do not own these rotting neighborhoods amid the wealthy Baltimore which thinks nothing of wasting human resources encased in Black bodies just to make sure Freddie stays dead. I would have rather seen Blacks walking straight past the rubble into a Sunday School classroom or free library meeting room to draw up an economic agenda. I want a yell out to Black economists sitting in their pristine HBCU classrooms or Ivy League Universities to take leadership roles.

Hell! You can clean up later because in reality it’s later than you think anyway.

Yes, these are pretty little pictures for mainstream media dispensing the illusion that when Black people clean up trash they’re being responsible ‘Black’ citizens. But they never examine the ‘white’ trash of the privileged who sit and judge.

Freddie’s dead.

See, I don’t want to see any mourning of a CVS when Freddie’s dead and the Black child remains expendable behind the bars of an inferior public school system.

You can rebuild CVS, but you can’t rebuild Freddie.

And if CVS returns then a Black group of regular everyday Black people should put together their one dollar bills and buy stock in CVS or any other mainstream company which comes in, and if these companies start doing something that is detrimental to that Black community’s monetary growth then call in the marchers to shareholder meetings. Hell! March where the mansions are if you don’t get what you want and need when you have a right to live on safe streets in safe houses and afford a Disney World vacation just as any member of America’s disappearing white middle class. Or to ride in a gyroscope over the White House and fear not being riddled with bullets. Bring back the Black Wall Street blueprint and 60’s boycotts and build on that.

And if CVS decides not to return, well at least it’s alive.

Freddie’s dead. Freddie was dead long before he died.


*The above is on the Editorial and Black Paper lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway. **Cong. Bennie G. Thompson’s Katrina Letters are found on the Letters & Statements lane on the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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Lynching Lynch; Why Tom Cotton Should Be Attorney General

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

On St. Patrick’s Day, I participated in a press conference call hosted by African American leaders. The purpose of the call was to “urge the Senate to move ahead with the long overdue confirmation vote on Loretta Lynch’s nomination for Attorney General.” Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, served as both moderator and progenitor of getting out this urgent call.

For the record, we endorse Ms. Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.

If Loretta Lynch gets past the quagmire of Republican senators who have chosen to block the nomination, she would become the nation’s first African American female Attorney General. Even the Republican stalwarts have admitted that she is more than qualified. But one would imagine with all the publicity surrounding this nomination that most of you know about her qualifications and her standing to make American history so much so that it’s become saprophytic in public opinion. So, let’s not dwell on these factors or that there persists a systemic degradation of Black women where it has become implicitly and tacitly acceptable.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s anti-Lynch campaign has reached such mammoth proportion that it is making history of its own in positioning Lynch to have waited longer than anyone for this nomination. As of this writing, Lynch is in her 139th day of being an Attorney General-in waiting.

Mitch McConnell has decided to blockade her nomination for a variety of alleged reasons from President Obama’s immigration policies to WHATEVER.

On the March 17th press conference panel were: Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Cong. Marcia L. Fudge of Ohio; Cong. G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus; and Dr. Paulette C. Walker, national president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

During the conference call, we received a statement from Senator Bob Corker’s office which stated that he would not be voting in favor of Lynch. We later received a statement from Senator Lamar Alexander that he, too, would not vote for Lynch.

Indeed, I read and re-read with extreme interest their statements along with some other Republican ‘literature’ on this matter, and I came to the conclusion that since Mitch has mounted such a sophisticated campaign against Lynch that he and his comrades should persuade President Obama to pull his nomination from Lynch and to instead nominate Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Of course, many citizens know that Cotton recently wrote an Open Letter the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran instructing them that the president can only serve two terms and that senators can serve longer to demonstrate his prowess in political dialectics.

Cotton, at age 36 and as a freshman senator, has proven his leadership ability when he led 46 Republicans to sign his letter. Though our esteemed senators from Tennessee did not sign Tommy’s letter, they should nevertheless give Tommy their support to become one of the youngest attorney generals in American history.
Little Tommy deserves to be Attorney General by the mere fact he has managed to escape charges of treason and of being brought before the ethics committee, and he has shucked off labels of traitor and immaturity— yes, and even possible felon charges for violating the Logan Act and boldly ‘going where no senator has gone before’. Of course, if Tommy had been a member of the Black Caucus or if he had been a member of the Hispanic Caucus or of the Women’s Caucus and led their respective members to write an open letter to the “Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran” during sensitive nuclear negotiations, he would have had papers drawn up on him so fast that the speed of light would have slowed to mass.

Sen. Corker was elegant in his assessment of why he could not support Lynch and why I believe he would support Tommy. The Senator stated: “The job of the U.S. attorney general is to enforce federal laws as written, not as the administration wishes they were written. While I believe Ms. Lynch is an impressive attorney and a committed public servant, nothing revealed during our personal meeting or at her confirmation hearing has assured me that she will be an independent attorney general and refrain from selective enforcement of the law, and therefore I will not be supporting her confirmation.”

Tommy boy certainly thought it a grand idea not to abide by laws written forbidding him from inserting himself directly into treaty making. Yet, Tommy is so brilliant that he has received no reprimand from the Chairman of the Foreign Relations committee which is Corker by the way. Of course, the good Senator from Tennessee knows that Tommy will “refrain from selective enforcement of the law” – international or otherwise. Surely, he knows this.

Ahhhh, but Tommy is mesmerizing. Tommy is charming. Tommy can lead sheep.

I am sure our Sen. Lamar Alexander would support him. Alexander has enjoyed for many years the support of African Americans’ and Black mayors’ support and endorsements in West Tennessee. These African Americans on many occasions crossed the traditional Democratic Party line and voted for Alexander. But, alas, Senator Alexander has chosen to rape a Black woman of becoming the first African American female to serve as Attorney General because as he has stated in his statement of March 17th : “I will vote against President Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general of the United States. This is an opportunity, within the Senate rules, to express my disapproval of the president’s abuse of executive authority, and it’s an opportunity I intend to take.” His statement continues that Lynch’s nomination “should be decided by a majority vote of senators, as cabinet nominations have been decided throughout the history of the Senate.”

Alexander’s camp places at the end of his statement: “On Feb 4 Alexander and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced legislation to establish by Senate rule the Senate tradition of approving presidential nominations by a simple majority vote, rather than the 60 votes it would take to end a filibuster. Alexander said that, according to information compiled by the Senate historian and the Congressional Research Service, in the entire history of the U.S. Senate since Thomas Jefferson wrote the rules in 1789, no cabinet nominee has ever been denied confirmation by requiring 60 votes to end a filibuster.”

Perhaps our honorable Senator from Tennessee should have implored the Senate historian and Congressional Research Service to research “in the entire history of the U.S. Senate” regarding what little Tommy did when he wrote ‘The Letter’ during nuclear negotiations to a sovereign state. But, of course, we must overlook what little Tommy did because he probably thought Sovereign was indeed one of the 50 states. And boys will be boys.

Of course, if Loretta Lynch would change her name to Loretta Lynn, the two Tennessee boys would probably support her.
Yes, Loretta Lynch should chill out. Go back and continue to work her present job. The President should leave the Attorney General position vacant, and there should be a countdown on how long it can remain vacant. A lottery can be attached to this historical countdown. Funds collected could be given to little Tommy who can use it to continue to suck his thumb. Starbucks could sponsor this campaign as an offshoot of its Race Together campaign.

Of course, Alexander has some explaining to do the next time he seeks Black votes in West Tennessee and struts into Black churches and speaks before Black church women groups or to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. or to any other Black woman sorority. He is apt to find a whole lot of (Do forgive my stereotype here) Angry Black Women staring down his throat.

Oh, Lamar, Lamar, Lamar. Black women are mounting a blockade of their own and they are taking names to kick posteriors.
Am I being harsh in describing this holdup of Loretta Lynch’s nomination by using the word ‘rape’ which has long been the ‘peculiar’ situation of Black women in America’s history, then let me be harsher: Not only is Loretta Lynch being symbolically raped, she is also the victim of a public lynching mainly by a bunch of white boys who call themselves U.S. Senators with Mitch leading the Lynch-mob.

And to those who think I am being unprofessional. Yes, I am. And you can give my gold star to little Tommy, mean ole Mitch who has been behaving like a witch, the Tennessee tag team of Lamar and Bob, and the rest of the ‘Lynch’ mob who continue to waste tax payers dollars by stalling approval of this nomination possibly until 2017—the deadline little Tommy told the “Leaders” of Iran that the President will end his term in office.

Too bad, in the capacity of Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has hardened his heart with the same stubbornness as Pharaoh. And we all know how that turned out.


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