Taking A Stand: Colin Kaepernick, the NFL, and Black Dandelions

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

If you think this is about what you think this is about, then this is not what it is about. This is about a generation of Black Millennials that I have simply dubbed Black dandelions.
This is about Colin Kaepernick, a spoiled millionaire Black dandelion who has taken leadership of a 21st Century Civil Rights Movement, utilizing tactics of the true Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s; thus, this explains why this punk has afro-haired himself up to look like a reject from the “Mod Squad.” Of course, he cannot begin to touch the talents and trials and tribulations of Clarence Williams III who portrayed Linc in that vintage series and is an honorable actor who helped pave the way for African Americans to have careers on television.
This spoiled Black brat is now leading; thus, he exemplifies all that is wrong and detrimental in a 21st Century state of Black America where even the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and the NAACP are not leading him but following him.

What the hell is going on here?! Has common sense been stripped naked and run in the street into the arms of a straightjacket?
As I said, if you think this is about what you think this is about then this is not what it is about. This is about anti-Trump and a movement to latch on to anything and anybody Black elites and a pseudo white liberal racist leadership can use to advance their frustration, their anger, and their own agenda to destroy the President by any means necessary. They don’t give a damn about how they do it, who is hurt in the process, or what gets destroyed in the process. Yes, they are beyond anger. They are mad foaming at the mouth. But just because someone is crazy doesn’t mean they’re insane and that there is no method to their madness which is to push their Anti-Trump agenda to preserve their prestige in the Democratic Party to influence African American voters because a mid-term election is right around the corner.
In what is supposed to be Black mature leadership from the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP has been downgraded into behaving as an extended arm of the Democratic Party elites and the Black elites. Before this ‘mess’ got to this contagion of kneeling during the National Anthem, the NAACP went to New York and marched at the NFL headquarters in support of this spoiled brat Black dandelion and demanded a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell. Why would the NAACP waste its time with this when the African American community has the highest level of unemployment in the United States of America; when over 500 Black bodies lay in morgues in Chicago from Black gang violence; when Black thugs reign along with the biggest thug of them all in the person of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel? But, of course, Emanuel is a Democrat elite and Obama’s BFF so he can aid and abet in killing off as many Black babies and senior citizens as he wants while the NAACP remains mum. If Emanuel had invited these Black dandelion athletes to the mayor’s house in Chicago, they would have made a beeline there. After all, his ‘sanctuary’ is better than the White House! Rahmmie is a saint! He is good! He and the Black thugs have carte blanche in destroying everyday working Black citizens who are trying to pay the rent, put food on the table and who want a safe school environment for their children. Do you dare think that if an average Black citizen needed help, he or she would have the NAACP’s attention? Do you think that Flint, Michigan, a predominantly Black community where the water went bad, has gotten the same attention from the CBC or the NAACP which they now have heaped on this spoiled Black brat who has now taken control of the leadership of the Black community. This afro-haired Pied Piper with the blessing of a defunct Black establishment is leading young Blacks not only down a path of pettiness but back to the 1950’s and 1960’s when the 1950’s and 1960’s are in the past and these tactics were needed in this time period when Jim Crow was a legality.

This is the 21st Century and the African American leadership should be on another level which is economic-empowerment. The NFL has produced a rise of Black multi-millionaires (as has the NBA) never before seen not only in Black history but also American history. Yet, these Black millionaire dandelions cannot tell you why they’re following Kaepernick. Like or hate the Black Panthers of the 1960’s, they at least sat in a room with a Number Two pencil and wrote on paper their mission statement and goal they wanted to achieve which was economic-empowerment in spite of the white media turning their ‘message is the medium’ into solely about police brutality. Other Black and/or predominant Black activist groups such as SNCC, C.O.R.E. and yes, even the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), headed by a young thinker, strategist, and futurist by the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. organized themselves for constructive goals to achieve socio-economic empowerment.
This was an era when a young Black man by the name of Medgar Evers led the Mississippi NAACP; this was an era when Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer yelled out to the world that she was “Sick and tired of being sick and tired” and took on the Democratic Party (the party of segregationists and pro-slavery) and changed it; this was an era when Mrs. Rosa Parks sat on the front row of a segregated bus and went to jail; this was an era when young Black people (many of them the same age as the Black dandelions) took to the street and took the explosion of water hoses, dog teeth, and real police brutality; this was an era when ‘the Greatest’ himself Muhammad Ali black-manned up and took a stand which resulted in the loss of his boxing title and which blackballed him and took away his livelihood. Even Mrs. Parks lost her job after she ‘sat’. See, I don’t see these Black-ass spoiled multi-millionaire dandelion athletes truly being committed enough to give up their millions by walking permanently off the field in true protest. Do you see that? I don’t. Because if they truly believed this mockery (or what rhymes with ‘hit’) that Kaepernick and a Black elitist leadership are putting out, they would go all the way, as did the great YOUNG leaders of the 1950’s and 1960’s.
See, I don’t want to see you kneel during the National Anthem but stand for “God Save the Queen” during a football game across the pond. Great Britain wouldn’t even fight on the side of the North during the Civil War, because it needed King Cotton of the South. Instead, Great Britain opted out. Call me old-school, but you keep your dirty laundry at home. Better yet, the fact that the NFL has been playing football games in Great Britain is indicative that it might very well expand the league there, and this could be an opportunity to have some Black ownership in the NFL… but I digress, because dandelions don’t think beyond their butterfly careers when the age adds its years to their wings… but I digress again…
Yes, racism is systemic. So is pollution. Does that mean you have to stop breathing?
What moved these punks is that President Trump called them “S.O.B.’s” and said they should be fired. So what! So what! I am sure in the locker room, they’ve called each other M.F.’s enough times. But these Black dandelions got their feelings hurt because they want to be loved and when they got the love of the pseudo white liberals who are some of today’s biggest racists, they were happy. They were happy when these Jungle Jim liberal Democratic elites who came all the way from Hollywood and upscale suburbia said in essence to them: ‘Yes, we love you, you po’ Black multi-millionaire athletes. We understand…now let us give you this bowl of slop to keep you satisfied while we use this to get at Trump.’ So, here we go again in repeating Reconstruction when Blacks came out of the cotton fields, and many got into a position of power then turned around and used it against their own people and opened the way for the Scalawags and the Carpetbaggers to usher in Jim Crow. Welcome, Black folks, you have now entered Reconstruction II and this time taking the place of the Scalawags and Carpetbaggers are respectively the Black Elites and the pseudo white liberal racists.
Lest they forget, Dr. King was assassinated at 39! I bring up assassination because Black Lives Matter lost its legitimacy when it lost its message of police brutality when it did not denounce the assassination of the five Dallas police officers. To re-legitimize and re-energize their movement, they turned to and hitched their movement to the dandelion multi-millionaire Kaepernick who has yet (to my knowledge) to march with them or put himself close to the Black peasants. I don’t see him taking up residence in the ghetto or in an urban area where he could build his mansion to make a statement of his capitalistic success. He lives comfortably and safely in his upscale abode.
Yes, police brutality is real and it is a problem, but most police officers are decent human beings trying to protect and serve. In the history of my journalism career, I have had too many senior citizens pull me aside and whisper that they wanted the police in their neighborhoods because they were too afraid to walk up the street or sleep at night wondering would they survive the night not from dying naturally of old age, but from some Black thug breaking in to kill or rob them. Lest we forget, even Mrs. Rosa Parks was a victim of crime when her home was burglarized by young Black thugs who didn’t give a damn about what she endured to open the doors for them not to rob her but to get equal opportunity. Yes, let us all praise the Black thug!

Now hang with me, and I’ll be through in a few because I’m running out of space.

If these young Black multi-millionaire dandelions had black-manned up, they would have gone after the white owners with the same passion as they did when they went after Trump. The FACT that they did not demand that the owners rehire Kaepernick shows you what cowards they are. I mean they couldn’t make a move until Trump stirred them into action, albeit toward the wrong target. The target should have been the white owners who had in FACT fired Kaepernick long before President Trump said anything. And any fool who does not believe that Kaepernick was indeed fired and blackballed for kneeling during the National Anthem is indeed a fool. But what is worse than a fool is a yellow belly coward who won’t confront the ones who actually fired him and won’t rehire him. That coward is Kaepernick himself as a leader and the Black Pavlovian dogs who follow him each time he whistles. So, why didn’t these multi-millionaire Black NFL dandelions confront the owners if they wanted their ‘boy’ back in the quarterback pocket? Why? Because Trump is an easy target and a doable distraction to keep other Black people from seeing how these brats wanted to save their paychecks under the guise of “unity” and “police brutality” — bull (hit)!
But, of course, these owners are behaving just as cowardly. They, too, are using Trump to hide their yellow streak behinds. Yes, they would lose millions if they were to man-up. But would it kill their pocketbooks for one year to stand up to what has become a mockery of the Civil Rights Movement when real people—Black and White— literally put their lives on the line? And, too, the NFL Players Union is just as pathetic and yellow, because they’re letting Kaepernick lead them on this path when they should be looking at trying to get more Black ownership in the NFL. There are many African American athletic entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs who can be part of an inevitable NFL expansion (and yes there might even be franchises in China and African Nations). Of course, nothing will be expanded if the customers (fans) reject this politicizing of their recreational time.
God, give me strength because I’m not quite through!
Now I’m going to digress just a tad more. We have editorialized our advocacy to stand strongly with the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations to get Col. Charles Young, a true patriot and the third Black man to graduate from West Point, a posthumous honorary promotion to General. Why? Col. Young was not promoted because it meant white soldiers would have had to salute him. One of the greatest generals of the time, General John “Black Jack” Pershing fought a losing battle to get Col. Young’s promotion because of segregationist and Mississippi Gov. Bilbo. The Black vets of the National Coalition were promised a call in early 2009 from the Obama White House. They never got that call in spite of a letter campaign and the CBC’s weak leadership on righting this military history. The Coalition has begged and begged to have this venerable soldier get his due, but instead they got years of run-around. No one in the last White House respected these Black vets – these Black patriots– enough to even meet with them. Yes, President Trump should meet with members of the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations to get this done—to give this Black soldier his neglected promotion. Col. Charles Young was a true patriotic hero who was a Buffalo Soldier who truly stood up for what the American flag stood for even when that flag did not always live up to its duty of doing right by him. If any soldiers have a legitimate reason to kneel during the National Anthem it would be these Black soldiers who fought under the harshest discrimination as did Col. Young and those who fought under Jim Crow. Yet, they fought In. Spite. Of. It. All.

God, give me strength because I’m about to end this, but I have to say:

To you, Black multi-millionaire dandelion NFL athletes, don’t think for one second just because those white owners and the NFL commissioner put out statements in your support, locked arms with you and knelt beside you that they’re with you, because if you think this, then I have this bridge in Brooklyn… They did this façade of support for you because it is game time and for them not to have done so would have made them vulnerable in losing millions upon millions. So why wouldn’t they make a fool of you? In fact, they don’t have to, because you, Black NFL dandelions, are natural born fools anyway to fall for this. But that’s what happens when you don’t Black man-up and choose to kneel down and worship Kaepernick who could have used his millions and his clout to go into Black communities to set up neighborhood meetings between Black citizens and police officers, to help establish neighborhood police stations where both police and citizen patrols could make average working Black citizens and their children feel safe. He could have even walked in a Black Lives Matter march if he so chose with the same commitment as did celeb athletes and Black actors and actresses who marched locked in arm with Dr. King. He could have used some of his millions to build a youth center, to fight to negate Black unemployment by working with the legendary NFL football hero Jim Brown who founded Ameri-Can to alleviate urban plight. Brown was brave enough to meet with a then-elected Trump to talk about urban economic problems. Brown wasn’t in love with Trump, but Brown was in love with the Black community.

Yes, Kaepernick could have been a 21st Century young leader using 21st Century tools of Black economic empowerment. But you see, that would have taken too much thinking something through constructively, and thinking is something Black dandelions refuse to do. And this is why they are Black dandelions. It doesn’t take much to blow them away with the tiniest whiff. Poof! They’re gone, their careers are gone, and their lightweight activism is, ironically, “Gone with the Wind.”
The United States of America is not perfect, but if I have to live in an imperfect nation, let it be the United States of America!
So, to you, Colin Kaepernick, you needn’t go away, just do something constructive. And to you, NAACP and CBC, there are real Black economic problems you need to concentrate on—not on making a celebrity spoiled NFL player your leader.
So, Black dandelion multi-millionaire NFL athletes, you might believe these owners have kissed your black asses and that you won some type of victory, but you can bet your Black bottom dollar that when the Super Bowl is over, these white owners will meet quietly at the country club to make sure this mess doesn’t happen again. After all, lip service can be a beautiful thing.


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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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