Time to Challenge the Democratic Party, CBC, Black Elites


By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway


In what used to be Blacks voting for Blacks as a catalyst to break the color barrier to achieve civic/political representation has now morphed into a nouveau Black elitism which is rapidly morphing into Black fascism led by this new Black elitism.  In reality, what is going on in the Black community is a quiet warfare between the Haves and Have Not Black Americans. This war is silent like a volcano slowly moving toward eruption. For too long, everyday working Black Americans have seen organizations which should be looking out for their interests have done anything but.


In May, the NAACP announced that it was retooling and going on a listening tour basically to bring in the grassroots. Then, that next month this historical organization delivered a press release built on the premise that its annual convention’s goal would be to stop Trump basically by any means necessary. Then it turned around and invited Trump to attend its convention. Trump refused to do so. Then the NAACP released a statement condemning President Trump for turning down the invitation. The NAACP’s action has become the norm for too many Black organizations which are no longer about average, hard-working Black citizens but rather about Black elites and attacking anyone and any entity that is non-Democratic Party. So much for the NAACP’s non-partisanship.

These Black elites are now stooped in the Willie Lynch position of being no more than an extension of the Democratic Party. On the other end of the Black political spectrum, ironically, is another type of morphing Black elitism. This is the nouveau grassroots elitism which, again, is about the extension of the Democratic Party. This grassroots elitism, which I will label Black Poverty Enablers (B.P.E.), operates on rage and on increasing rage under the guise of community organizing.  Its tactic is to march and march and march. The word ‘grassroots’ has become just another calling card in advancing one party and one party only, the Democratic Party, in the Black community.


What these two extreme elite factions have in common is that they are D.A.K.’s – Donkey Ass Kissers.

They have one mission and one mission only which is to make sure that Black citizens adhere to the tenets of the Democratic Party. This allegiance has become so domineering in the Black populace that even when two African American Capitol police officers foiled an assassin at a congressional baseball game practice, there was nil praise of them from the Black elitist establishment. Why? The answer is simple and in this simplicity, alarming. These Black police officers who received Medals of Valor from Trump had the audacity to save Republicans from an assassin. Had not they been there, the bodies would have piled up, including those of children. But because these bodies would have been Republican bodies then it seemingly would have been acceptable. As these two Black police officers (one male and female) were having ribbons of valor placed around their necks by President Trump, no congratulations came to them from any Black political, civic, or civil rights group.


These Black elitists have made it clear that they know what is best for the Black community; they have in essence become paternalistic in their behavior on punishing any Black individual, any Black organization, any Black non-conformist to the Democratic Party. The same paternalism they have accused white supremacists of practicing, they now themselves are practicing in the Black community post the 1964 Civil Rights Movement—a movement which had no political party affiliation. Its only goal was to make sure that the U.S. government lived up to its Constitutional responsibility found in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments which were passed during the 1860’s—not 1960’s!


If you are an average working Black American who wants safe neighborhoods, safe schools, homeownership, own your own business, better jobs, better education, better wages—you know, if you are a Black American who is now looking for economic empowerment then you are out of the equation, because these two extreme factions of Black elitism have successfully pushed African Americans as an ethnic group out of the equation. The African American is getting to an economic point where he is even no longer a desired consumer and where it is politically correct to displace him with members of  the Hispanic community, the LGBTQ community, the Oriental-American community, the Native American community, the Indian-American (as in India) community, white females  and even the Martian community. These groups have in fact become the desired consumer because their respective minority group has produced a viable economic core in the same vein as the Jewish community has. These respective groups’ cores have created businesses not only to hire their own but others as well. This gives them a non-consumer (non-consumption) economic clout which begets political clout. Not only have these hyphenated-Americans become official ‘minorities’ entitled to  the same Affirmative Action and EEO privileges as Black Americans, they have enthusiastically embraced capitalism. Many of their capitalistic ventures were made on the backs of Black consumers and the fight Blacks fought to bring about the fruits of the 1964 Civil Rights bill.  An example in present day is the Oriental-American’s monopoly of Black beauty and hair products in the African American community. Any fool knows that if you’ve just stepped off the boat, you should have a map on where to find Black neighborhoods which are the pathways to America’s Land of Milk and Honey. However, what you have to respect about these ‘minorities’ is that they see after their own first. The African American collective under the influence of these two factions of Black elitism no longer puts the socio-economic interests of Black Americans first as was done in the Civil Rights Movement era.


Instead, these elitists put the interests of the Democratic Party first. Two examples of this practice are the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).


During the NAACP’s convention, this historic organization held an LBGTQ workshop. The LBGTQ community has been successful because it has put its agenda and members first. Now if that ‘left’ shoe was on the other foot and if an LBGTQ convention were held, you can bet your fatback bottom dollar that there would not have been a workshop on specifically Black anything and/or on advancing a Black anything. Again, if that ‘left’ shoe had been at a NOW convention, you can bet your fatback bottom dollar that there would not have been a workshop on a specifically Black anything and/or advancing a specifically Black anything. See, I don’t want to hear about how they might have had a workshop using the adjective ‘Diversity’. Any fool knows there is Diversity and then there is Diversity. Diversity is a politically correct term used and utilized to include the adjective ‘Black and/or African American’ when it is socio-economically expedient to get civil rights benefits and/or privileges for other ‘minorities’ other than what has now become the second largest minority, Blacks. Once these groups have secured what they want economically, the term Diversity becomes code to exclude a Black anything—Black sheep or otherwise.  There, too, is a propensity for Corporate America and other mainstream entities to hire other ‘official’ minorities to appease and to comply with their public relations—oops Affirmative Action– mission statement and to fly under the radar of the EEOC.  Any fool knows this is how the game is played. But why shouldn’t it be played this way? In the 21st Century, Black Americans have allowed themselves to be put out of the equation by their own.


In addition, these D.A.K and B.P.E. Black elitists have aligned themselves with pseudo white liberals who love them some po (can’t even afford the ‘or’) Black folks. These are not the genuine white liberals in days of yore who put themselves on the moral and physical battlefront as Freedom Riders or human rights workers in the Civil Rights era or earlier as did the Quakers or John Brown. This is white liberal trash who grin, shuck, and jive while also labeling everyday hard working white Americans as a “basketful of deplorables.” Such liberal symbols as The North, UCLA, free speech, anti-NRA rhetoric, anti-Southern accent, anti-Christian, socialism, anti-wealthy, anti-capitalism have become weapons of mass economic destruction. I mean at the end of the day, everybody knows that Boston is a rich man’s Mississippi – in spite of being one of those proverbial symbols of white sanctified liberalism. The same racism found in Mississippi exists in a Boston or any other symbol of said liberalism.

This new Left activism is no more than a movement to control.  Simply, to control.  There is no rhyme or rationale to why they want control, except they desire it. They deem themselves the Best and Brightest and a Non-deplorable while they dress in terrorist black haute couture to destroy property, lives and livelihoods. They are anti-everything which means that they stand for nothing, except control. They aided and abetted the Black elitists in trying to destroy Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, and those Black ministers who went up to talk to the newly elected President Trump. Many of those Blacks who went up admitted that they had been Hillary Clinton supporters, but indicated that talking to Trump was not about politics to them but rather about economic advancement in the Black community. Dare I say that Steve Harvey and Jim Brown have done more to help Black Americans than most of this Black and white elitist trash? Yet, these controlling liberal bastards continue to try to destroy a man like Harvey who lived in his car to get where he got!  How dare they! Yet, hypocritically, they did not go after Martin Luther King III who also went up to talk to Trump. King III, a businessman and co-owner of Bounce TV, behaved I believe as would his father whose last speech “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” was about Black economic-empowerment, the next phase of the Civil Rights Movement which has yet to be realized. In fact economic-empowerment was the core reason for the Poor People’s March on Washington. To reiterate, when these brave Blacks met with Trump it was not about being in love with Trump, but rather about being in love with hurting Black citizens who continue to hurt regardless of what party holds the presidency. These Black elitists have bullied other Blacks to a point that they are afraid to go against them for fear their careers and livelihoods would be lost or that they would be bodily harmed. So much for “We Shall Overcome.”


When these elitist bastards lost the election, they declared themselves as warriors of the Resistance as if they were in some Third World nation plotting a coup d’etat. The word ‘Resistance’ became a proper noun under which The People must now subjugate themselves.  These elitists even chose to advocate the riddance of the Electoral College, even some members of the Congressional Black Caucus called for this. This political mechanism was designed to give the minority a voice within this political system called a democracy which was even designed to have two chambers—the Senate and the House of Representatives to further ensure that as many of The People’s voices as possible would be heard. Yes, we know that America is not a ‘perfect’ Union but in the long run even on wobbly wheels, it has worked and has kept running in spite of its imperfections; and it still remains the land where others ‘run’ to try for perfection.  I mean I don’t see these white leftists running to become citizens of any failed Eastern European nation or the Black leftists running to become citizens of any failed African nation. I didn’t see any of these wealthy white or Black elitists offer their private jets to take protesters to lands where females are ranked less than dogs.


All this is to say that liberalism in the 21st Century is not about common sense to get a problem solved but rather to systemically and individually destroy anybody of any race, color, sex or creed which disagrees with it and an elitist Democratic Party. They are about control as its own reward.


In other words, these are destructive bastards on the rampage. And they have successfully gotten a hold of the Black community not to help it but to deliver America’s poorest and most discriminated against ethnic group to the Democratic Party on every Election Day. After Election Day—this venerable Holy Day – Black American citizens are thrown back into the tar pit only to be pulled out of the sticky mess for another Holy Election Day.

Thus, this is why the Black Vote has become a joke (ala Rahm Emanuel who caters to the Hispanic Vote) as these elitists continue to plunge the Black populace into economic demise (and in Chicago into self-inflicted genocide). And if the truth be told, it is no longer about systemic white racism as it is about systemic Black elitism destroying its own– sacrificing its Black babies in a volcano of crazed liberalism to appease the Democratic Party. And worse yet, it is about this Black elitism transforming the Black ethnic group into a one-party micro nation within the United States of America. That one-party micro nation behaves the same as a failed communist state, in which the party members are the elitists and given the best homes, best education, best automobiles, best economic ‘equal opportunities’ and other ‘affirmative action’ privileges according to how these Black elitist party members rank within this quasi-Black communist party state. Welcome, Black folks, to the 21st Century communist party operating in the Black community under the auspices of the Democratic Party and its socialist agenda which is designed to keep Black Americans po (can’t even afford the ‘or’) and happily dependent. (As for my own philosophy, I believe capitalism is the best economic system, but there should never be a system which is one-hundred percent capitalism, because there should always be a goodwill welfare layer within that system for humanitarian reasons. No one is immune to falling through the cracks when bad economics times happen or when a medical crisis wipes out bank accounts or to help those who genuinely cannot help themselves. Many of us have been there at one time or another; and those who haven’t may very well go through it. So don’t judge.)


Yes, the Congressional Black Caucus once upon a time was bipartisan and had no problem with Black Republicans being members of it. But now, the CBC is no more than an offshoot of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party only. Even the first Black president Barack Obama would not meet with the CBC until they begged, begged and begged some more. Why should he have? He was the symbolic pro tem leader of the Democratic Party and saw no need to respect the CBC, because everybody knows that Black folks worship the Donkey. Collectively speaking, even the Black church worships the Donkey. So why should he —as America’s first Black president—have cared that the CBC was begging in thickening saliva to meet with him… and, gee whiz, when he did, he uttered for all the world to hear his reprimand of them as if they were ungrateful brats, “What are you whining about?” Of course, they continued to kiss this Donkey’s ass who made it a point to care more about refugees or an inanimate transgender bathroom more than water in a predominant Black Flint or who scolded Black voters that he would be disappointed in them if they did not vote for Hillary Clinton—when it looked as if Trump just might pull this thing off and that he had to save face because he had run around in Europe like a loose cannon shooting off his mouth, boasting that Trump would never win. It was not so much that Obama was in love with a Hillary presidency as he was in not making a fool of himself. Never mind that he brought this humiliation on himself. But dare I say that he was the first president to my knowledge to go outside the country and campaign against a U.S. presidential candidate; also, to my knowledge he was the only president to threaten an ally when he said to the Brits that if they voted for BREXIT, he would put them in the back of the line.


In 2018 and 2020, it will be time to challenge old-guard members of the CBC. It is time for a Maxine Waters and a John Lewis to go. Once upon a time they were elected because of their earnest Black interests. Win or lose, it’s time for common sensical and economic-minded Blacks to challenge these Black office-holders both in the Democrat and Republican establishments. It’s time for them to go and take their place in history, seeing that they have chosen not to emerge from their legendary status into the 21st Century. Yes, let them remain in the 1960’s, honor them in the 1960s, let them rot in the 1960s if they so please. But do not remain with them in the 1960’s. Move on.


To those Blacks who dared and will dare, you must become the new Black renegades and challenge the Black elitist factions of Donkey Ass Kissers and Black Poverty Enablers. On a Trump agenda, you must make sure that Black-owned construction companies are part of a trillion dollar-plus transportation highway-byway infrastructure program; you must make sure that a Small Business Administration includes ‘Black’ and not use the guise of ‘Diversity’ to continue to discriminate against Black-owned businesses; you must make sure that Silicon Valley not continue its nouveau Klan discrimination against Blacks by attaching black algorithms on the word ‘Black’ and ‘African American’. These pseudo liberal technocrats continue to Adam Smith back slap Black Millennials under a sub rosa belief system that Black Americans are incapable of learning technology/STEM. It is up to these Black renegades to recognize that the Siliconites have begun to techno-colonize continent Africa as new markets of consumption without inviting African American-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to have capitalistic stakes to become woven into Silicon Valley’s global economic-ownership infrastructure. Black technocrats must create Black-owned companies in the Valley and produce jobs, jobs, jobs; and if not in the Valley then in the South—in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, in these bowels of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s time to move into the 21st Century.

You must establish that the Black Vote is not the panacea with whatever ails Black America. It is about jobs; about Black-owned businesses positioning themselves to create jobs to hire their own as well as others; about Black home-ownership; about Black babies being safe in schools; about Black citizens being safe in neighborhoods; about education-empowerment on every level from public school, to charter school, to home-school, to private school, and the school of Hard Knocks and Knots. It is about You not Them and not the Democratic Party.

Yes, there is something severely wrong in an ethnic group where even the religion segment preaches the goodness of the Democratic Party more so than the goodness of Jesus Christ or God Almighty. I have seen too many times Black ministers stand up and preach the gospel of the Democratic Party, signaling that if any of his or her members vote any way other than Democrat, they have sinned. There is something severely wrong in an ethnic group where any person who disagrees with the Democratic Party is not even welcomed in a church, school room, or civic meeting or to even have an opinion. There is something severely wrong when a collective legislative group announces that it will not even sit down with a newly-elected president or even attend his inauguration and continue not to even go into any meeting to discuss economic throes and woes in the Black community.


The Black community must confront itself. It is at a crossroads.  There was a time protest marches were necessary to advance a socio-economic agenda.  There was a time it was taught that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. That time has passed.


Now the chain is weak. The chain has no economic links.

Break the chain!




*This op/ed is on the Editorial Lane of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at www.blackinformationhighway.com.  Welcome, Travelers!


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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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