A Presidential Endorsement

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

We might as well go ahead and say it: African Americans are being pushed further out of the equation. If a Democrat wins this election, nothing will change as far as America’s most economically oppressed minority is concerned.

The big push out came when NAFTA was passed under the Clinton administration. NAFTA has had a Domino effect in decimating a vulnerable Black middle class. Detroit, Flint, Chicago are poster children for an eroding Black middle class. It was irresponsible and reprehensible for this piece of legislation to pass without any consideration that it would and did rape this nation’s infrastructure of both a Black and white middle class.

Then there was the Great Recession under President George W. Bush which birthed the Bailout of big banks, Wall Street firms—everybody but the American citizen. Yes, President Obama inherited the bulk of this. That’s what presidents do: Inherit problems, but since they wanted the job and ran for the job then it is their responsibility to solve the problems—not “lead from behind.”

These problems and ignoring the People will continue under any Establishment Democrat or Establishment Republican president.

This unforgivable neglect of the People is why we chose to be anti-Party Establishment in this presidential election, and there is only one anti-Establishment—one outsider—running, and it is Donald Trump. Like him or hate him, he does represent a change in the run-of-the mill politics which has gotten America in its latest everlasting war(s) in the Middle East, the growth of terrorism, and economic stagnation. And sadly under this administration of the nation’s first African American president, racial tension has escalated into the development of Black Lives Matter, riots, countless protest marches, criminal assassinations of police, open bad police brutality, eradication of HBCUs, mounting Black poverty, bad water in Flint—all stimulated because he became the first President who chose to “lead from behind.”

As we have long advocated, it is well past time for America’s Black American minority to behave as a Swing Vote. The Black Vote continues to be America’s Joke Vote, because both Republican and Democrat Establishments know that business will continue as usual which is Republicans will continue to ignore Black citizens and the Democrats will continue to take them for granted. Ironically enough, it is the Black Millennials who see this and get this. These Millennials had the guts to turn out for Bernie Sanders. Even though we think Sanders’ idealism is just that, idealism coupled with stereotyped white liberalism which cannot even imagine Black-owned capitalism or even acknowledge that such remnants of Black capitalism existed in the massacred towns of Rosewood, Florida and the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In our opinion Sanders still comes off as the ‘great white father’ who has Wonderland to offer.

When America’s first Black president held the first Africa Summit at the White House, black owned businesses were not invited for the most part. This summit was no more than business as usual in that it was for Big Corporations and their respective heads to get the opportunity to mingle with and wine and dine African movers and shakers so these Big Corporations could get a better hold inside of emerging African markets – without involving a make-a-difference presence of African American-owned businesses, Black entrepreneurs, and Black economists. (This same modus operandi will happen in Cuba as well). Such a summit could have well served African American Millennials as an economic boilerplate. But they are out of the equation. Why? Because in the scheme of things, this President will continued to be supported by his share of pseudo liberal billionaires most of whom will continue to play the ‘we got one’ game inside their respective Corporate America structure where they provide black-slotted jobs such as Director of Diversity or Human Resources VP or Black attorneys to take care of whatever ‘black problem’ might turn up. They have the Black ceiling firmly in place. Furthermore, they have introduced the ‘expendable white’ to be fired along with whatever Black they want to get rid of so they will not be accused of discrimination. Look! We fired a white one, too!

This ‘we got one (Black)’ gives them the excuse NOT to hire more Blacks and to have that ‘one’ to serve as an excuse to acquire more markets of capitalism—again, without Blacks economically benefitting

This slew of billionaires’ overwhelming support of a Black presidential candidate was also their public relations answer to Russia and China getting a stronghold in African markets and Putin’s leadership in developing B.R.I.C.S. which was founded because its members felt the U.S.A. and its NATO allies were not letting in Third World and Developing Nations and nations of color. B.R.I.C.S. is the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that most of the world’s population and emerging markets are included in B.R.I.C.S.

Yes, why not continue “to lead from behind” to assure and give them reassurance that Africa will see that America has its first Black president; therefore, everything is okay. Never mind that America’s Black population is becoming poorer and poorer. Never mind that under this first Black president, the education plank which is a vital plank in economics is being whittled away as HBCUs are being destroyed so that those funds can go to historically white colleges and universities while replacing rapidly HBCUs with an onslaught of community colleges (a movement we warned you about several years ago). Why cannot this nation have them all? Why not enhance HBCUs and promote them as legitimate institutions for all races. And for the record, HBCUs were founded because both the North and South discriminated against African American students who sought higher learning. The late Mrs. Dorothy Height could not go to New York’s Barnard College for Women because it had a quota system for Blacks girls. She headed for Howard.

America needs all the education avenues it can give its citizens in this 21st Century where STEM education is lacking. Why has not America gone into the inner cities, rural, Appalachian hills, suburbia, small towns and sought out those children and young people who have an aptitude and appetite to learn STEM? Rev. Jesse Jackson, a one time popular presidential candidate, has been the only Black politico to lead and go after Silicon Valley and Wall Street, both of which are the next frontiers in America’s global socio-economic growth. Ironically, it was in a CNN documentary in Soledad O’Brien’s now cancelled “Black in America” docu-series which explored racism in Silicon Valley, supposedly a bastion of white liberalism but fraught with economic hypocrisy. But, of course, Black leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus have become the conjoined twin of the Democratic Party so much so that they have become useless in bargaining for hard working Black citizens or Black Millennials. The Congressional Black Caucus even supported NAFTA, giving its allegiance to the Democratic Party. Any fool using common sense reading this bill could have surmised its long term detrimental outcome. Damn the African American working class! Damn the People!

What were once Third World or Developing Nations combed the rice paddies and other fields to nurture a generation of high achievers, regardless of their race, color, or creed to secure talent. This is why India is moving ahead; this is why China is moving ahead; this is why Japan is moving ahead; this is why Vietnam is moving ahead.

This is why the India-Americans and Asian Americans are achieving in these STEM areas because they have taken the value of education which the average American has taken for granted and utilized it to build their capitalism based on ownership and not on consumerism which is the wobbly foundation of alleged Black wealth. Once upon a time Black America had this value of education which was the foundation of its Middle Class. Black parents hammered into their children that they had to be twice and three times as good because they were so discriminated against. Black teachers were some of the toughest and most dedicated S.O.B.s and B’s when it came to instilling education in Black students—even if they had to do it with one used book and a ruler for discipline. At Black graduations, neighborhoods showed up to celebrate. This value has been lost.

America has produced at least three generations of White and Black students who think with their skin cells and not their brain cells.

There is no such virtue as ‘leading from behind’. Trump with warts and all has dared to pitch for the Black vote. He has promised jobs and more. He should be given the opportunity to do so. To paraphrase his words, ‘What the hell do Blacks have to lose?’ Yet, the rhetoric against him from the Democrat Establishment has been that he is a racist. Why? Because everybody knows that all Democrats have to do is label a Republican a racist to get the Black Vote—the Joke Vote. Everybody knows that Black America continues to operate on the theory that it must be loved or liked instead of having food on the table, a job, a career, an education, land and business ownership — a future. Otherwise, it would not take what rhymes with ‘hit’ generation after generation post 1964—well into the 16th year of the 21st Century. It would not be sinking at the level of a 21st Century Reconstruction.

But there is light because some African Americans get it. These are the ones who are fighting the NAACP and other Black establishmentarians to take control of their education in the form of charter schools and school choice. Again, we say it all can be had: Excellent public schools and home schools included. The Civil Rights Movement was led from “upfront” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who paved the way for even immigrants and white women to get a fair deal; yet, this path has been blocked time and time again for Black Americans—and now worse yet by its first Black president—and worse yet by Democrat and Republican Establishmentarians who only can look out for America’s plutocrats. Damn the People!

Both parties are lame ducks as far as Americans are concerned. And they have quacked long enough!

If Republicans lose the House of Representatives and Senate, they can blame themselves because they, too, chose to ignore the People. We, too, have seen a mainstream media such as the Wall Street Journal which advocated that Trump should be stripped of the nomination regardless of what the People wanted—the People’s vote. These are the elitists moving forward with their own agendas and their own sense of privilege. The Constitution be damned! The People be damned!

Fast forwarding… in the last few weeks before the election, America has chosen to fight ISIS. How convenient. How inhumane for soldiers to be used as political fodder. Had it not been for Trump’s criticism, there might not have been a step up to even fight ISIS during these last few weeks—prior to an election.

In the last few days there was the issue of soldiers paying back their $15,000 bonus checks from nearly 10 years ago. This crap never should have ever come to light because it should have been taken care of long before it became public. But those making the decision to do this are no longer the exception to the rule, but rather they are the rule that this nation’s warriors and veterans are to be seen as trash to be taken out after they’ve served this nation or to be put further in the trash by six feet under. This first Black president has shown little or no respect for the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations which was promised a call back in 2009 on the matter of getting a posthumous promotion for Col. Charles Young, a Buffalo soldier denied promotion because of his race. Damn the soldiers! Damn the veterans! Damn what’s right!

But in the short run, we say to Millennials, welcome back to Vietnam II. This war will stretch out with no resolve to ever dissolve it because of a defunct foreign policy that includes no exit strategy to come out looking at least like you won it. Perception is vital in international affairs—like it or not. This and other reasons are why Trump is supported by respected military brass: They see the danger in America’s naiveté.

To Evangelicals, you must remember that Saul who became Paul had all the warts but he was effective because he knew the ‘system’. To those Black ministers who had the guts to announce that the Black Church is no longer exclusively the domain for Donkey worshipping, we applaud you.

To Black Millennials who had the guts to break from the traditional Democratic Party and support Bernie Sanders, we applaud your gall.

To the Black citizens and working class whites in Flint who couldn’t drink the water, we applaud your cries of ‘Look at me’ for nearly two years of being in the urban desert with no manna.

To the lone Black citizens who are fighting against Black thugs and gangs in their neighborhoods, we applaud you. You have had no help from a Democrat president who has only given you ironically a program called “My Brother’s Keeper” but no vision, and we all know that “Where there is no Vision, the People will perish.”

To the coal miners who put warmth into America’s homes long before some politically correct environmental issue was designed to leave you out in the cold, we applaud you for having the guts to come out from underneath the Union Establishment which aided and abetted in giving this nation NAFTA and other failed trade deals to diminish not only the Middle Class but to take away the hope of All Americans to make it into the Middle Class, lest we forget that the Middle Class is what makes America unique from other nations on this planet called Earth.

Whatever candidate wins, we wish him or her a steady course. But still we believe that if four more years are added to a Democratic term this will mean more of the same and for Black Americans this will mean a continuation of “Twelve Years of Slavery.”

We see and hear that Trump has already lost before the polls open. We see and hear that the mainstream media has become the ‘medium and the message.’ It has in fact become America’s powerful Third Party and worse than both Democrats and Republicans, because no one dares to question it without repercussion. Black ministers who dared to say no to the Democratic Party got that message. God help us! Because this Third Party called the Fourth Estate has ruthlessly blinded citizens with distraction upon distraction upon distraction!

We see and hear the Basket of Deplorables … but establishmentarians don’t. Never mind that this was the basket woven from hard work and American stamina and the American Dream. Damn the People!

We no longer have faith in America’s politics as usual and business as usual. It is time for a healthy fat protest vote because, however this election goes down it will be in the spirit of the great Fannie Lou Hamer who took more than her share of physical beatings and changed the Democratic Party: The People are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

It is time for America to take a Risk. It is time for a Change. Therefore, our endorsement for president is Donald J. Trump!


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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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