A Bullology Perspective: Trump, Women, and Media

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

About 21 young girls were released from the captivity of Boko Haram the same week the mainstream media had a feeding frenzy over Donald Trump’s alleged conduct towards women and his lewd tape released by Billy ‘Goat’ Bush who loves eating trash. During that week, Republican elitists were jumping ship like the rats that they are. Mainstream media chose to barely mumble a word about the release of these young ladies which both measured the greater threat of terrorism and violation of women. Again, why did this not ‘trump’ Trump’s lewd remarks and the parade of women coming out of the woodworks making accusations of Trump ‘assaulting’ them? The word ‘assault’ has a connotation of outright rape or physical abuse. I dare say this is what the word ‘assault’ conjures up in most people’s minds, regardless of the strict legal definition. Mainstream media chose to propagandize this word to give the impression that Trump had attacked these women with the severity of a beating or rape. This is the absurdity of this media feeding frenzy. Because if the elitists cannot get Trump legitimately then why not paint him as a rapist (Dare I say that most Black men can relate to this, even in the 21st Century…) or woman beater?

One must presuppose that Donald Trump was the only male who had hit on these particular women or used foul language against them. Did anyone from mainstream media not ask these particular women if other non-famous males had hit on them and/or made lewd remarks to them? Are these non-famous men being charged with ‘assault’? Have they been brought before the cameras of the mainstream press jury for their verdict?

Real assault, real rape, real abuse, real murder, real kidnapping are what happened to these 21 young ladies… as in the case of other women who were put in cages in some man’s basement, or kidnapped, or honored killed, or domestically or corporately victimized and blackballed. This is what real assault is—not that a woman was pinched on the derriere, groped, or winked at.

What is going on with this bombardment of Trump is what I call these women’s 15-minute of Fame-Shame. Because trust you me, most of these poor-little-me girls are not traumatized, they were not raped, they were not beaten. Their agenda is about having mainstream media’s attention to take down and take out a presidential candidate the elitists do not approve of. Most of them are probably not even ashamed and did nothing to be ashamed of, but their alleged shame brings them fame. Yes, these women’s butts are the headlines rather than Iranians showing off their $150 billion butts to American warships. Let’s see now, we have Iran to the left of us, the Syrian mess to the right of us, ISIS in the middle, North Korea target practicing with bombs towards the U.S. west coast, Putin taking advantage of a U.S. president who put sanctions on Russia then had to turn around and ask for Russia’s help in Syria, and then there is terrorism homegrown and otherwise.

The real world consists of real-blooded males and females, and there will always – yes—always be some level of unwanted flirtation, womanizing, groping, pinching, lewd remarks, foul language, whistling, winking—and most of this does not add up to a hill of beans in the scheme of life. If this behavior was so detrimental, then the mainstream media should advocate the mass killing of baby boys with the same gusto as Herod to make sure future Donald Trumps are punished before they womanize or use lewd adjectives or grope or wink. It would certainly control the population with Malthusian flair and objectivity.

These women’s shallow accusations and such are exactly why true female victims cannot be taken seriously as they should be or why rape kits are stored away in jail basements for decades. The media playing these ‘assaults’ up as news headlines is why both average men and women don’t trust media anymore. No one has bothered to even ask Billy ‘Goat’ Bush ‘why’ was he recording Trump’s off the record remarks in the first place when both he and Trump were obviously locker room jiving (in the history of my journalism career I have certainly heard worse and sometimes from politicians…I’ve interviewed real murderers and rapists.)? Why, because ‘off the record’ no longer means ‘off the record’ as I was taught in journalism 101. Once upon a time, journalists honored this code. I dare say that such icons as Barbara Walters, Walter Cronkite, and those journalists covering President Kennedy or other politicos, business people, or even John and Jane Doe honored ‘off the record’. Now ‘off the record’ simply means revenge reporting and opportune reporting to become famous. Investigative reporting is about digging into people’s personal lives and using it as an excuse to discover their ‘character’ when in too many cases it is about getting juicy gossip while smacking on Juicy Fruit gum. Mainstream media now uses the Howard Stern Show as its poster boy for excellent journalism, and Howie is laughing all the way to the hog farm.

Dare I say that a good 98 percent of males will leave a woman alone if she gives him ‘that look’, or says the equivalent of ‘I don’t like it’, or as my mother would say, “I am going to slap the fire out of you, boy!” Most males will walk away. Most of these males women marry, raise, or date. These men are the loving fathers of their children. It’s the two percent who are dangerous, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, torturers—but now we live in a world where it is politically correct and quite acceptable to go from one extreme to the other extreme where all males are lumped in the category of that two percent. Most men underneath their bad conduct are also gentlemen. If it were not so, the world would be in worse shape and the barbarians would not only be at the gate but in the bedroom. Most men still believe in fighting to protect their wives, families, and country. Most men are decent if not perfect human beings.

There is a profound difference between rape and ‘I got my feelings hurt’ or murder and ‘I had to move to another seat’ or kidnapped and ‘I was groped’ or burned alive and ‘Oh, he tried to put his hand up my skirt.’ (Didn’t your mama teach you to pull down your skirt and/or pick up a vase and whack him in a most ladylike way?)

Assault? Yes, this word is being used as a weapon against any male who uses foul language and winks. This legal-squeezed term has now become so exaggerated that its consequence has ramification of Emmett Till. Even in Till’s day the mainstream media behaved that it was quite justifiable that Till received his due punishment for ‘winking’ at the wrong color of woman.

Most males would behave themselves once they know you mean business. Yes, most.

Dragging out this parade of 15-minute Fame-Shame women is no more than sexual McCarthyism with no ameliorative purpose. I would not doubt that a few secretly bragged to their BFFs, “Oooo, girl, the Donald hit on me…” whereas Joe Doe who wolf-whistled her at the Donald’s construction site probably got cussed out. As a journalist and a woman, I am sick and tired of seeing America’s real problems and issues being minimized, downsized, and wiped out by a fickle mainstream media to forward elitists’ and Republican and Democrat Establishmentarians’ agenda to keep the status quo ‘quo’ and to advance the Art of Distraction while soldiers are being deployed through the backdoor.

Yes, mainstream media knows it can treat the category of women as it does the category of Black Americans by putting out certain politically incorrect buzz words as David Duke and Assault to herd them back on to the Animal Farm to feed them hay placebos.
Yes, why not rape women of their real issues and real abuse issues instead of addressing them? Is it because they’re ‘easy’??


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What Are You Whining About?

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

What are you whining about?

These were the words President Barack Obama greeted the Congressional Black Caucus with when meeting with the historic group for the first time when he was elected the nation’s first African American president. Never mind that CBC had been begging to meet with him much earlier, but Obama sent the signal to the world and the rest of the country that he was not going to meet with anything too Black too soon, further humiliating this group which had stomped for him tirelessly to make history happen.
Yet, a couple of weeks back, members of the CBC were outside deriding Trump on the birthing issue, after Trump had finally announced that the President was born in the United States of America. Never mind that this was a moot issue anyway. It was as if Trump caught them off guard when he went ahead and said albeit begrudgingly that Obama was born in the U.S.A. But since they were prepared to go ‘there’ for a fight (never mind about Black high unemployment rates, Black thugs taking over neighborhoods, a mother being shot strolling her baby, the assassination of a nine-year-old boy or Black-owned construction companies being discriminated against ), they went there anyway in spite of Trump doing what they wanted him to do. So, there they were fighting for Obama’s dignity, yelling how upset the Black community would be that Trump had dared to question where the president was born. Ohhhhh, they were outraged, they were upset, they were hurt, they were blistering black in the sun protecting the dignity of this Black president who for more than one reason has been a total failure regarding the Black community. They showed more outrage over the birthing issue than they did over contaminated water in Flint.
Then, of course, at the recent CBC banquet, Obama delivered his veiled lame duck threat that if the CBC did not get Blacks to turn out to vote for Democratic presidential candidate it would be an ‘insult’ to his legacy. If the truth be told, his legacy as far as the Black community should be ‘Welcome back to the 1960’s’ in a 21st Century America.’

What are you whining about?

This was the Black president who made it clear that he was not the president of Black Americans but all Americans. Ok, we got that. Everybody knew that. That’s what Black politicos do, reassure whites that no harm will come to them (as if it can) if they’re elected to a non-traditional Black spot on the totem pole. Wow! That’s been happening since the CBC became an offshoot of the Democratic Party at the expense of the Black populace. Humph! The CBC didn’t start off that way…

What are you whining about?

See, these are words a parent would say to a child. So why wouldn’t the President treat CBC members like children? After all the slavers had justified slavery by preaching that Blacks were childlike and needed their guidance and parental reprimand when they were naughty. Do you think the President would have greeted a Jewish caucus, a Hispanic caucus, a white female caucus this way? Do you really, really think these words would have come out of his mouth? But as I’ve written before: When the President speaks the CBC jumps and says, “How high?” And, of course, they sat there all childlike at this CBC banquet as he told them that he did not want them to screw up his legacy.

What are you whining about?

Yes, the Democratic Party brought this nation NAFTA. NAFTA was responsible for stunting the Black middle class economic growth and blazed the path for Black Millennials’ protest. Waaay back then, some Black politicos came to me as editor of a newspaper to get my support on NAFTA. I read the NAFTA bill, and reread it, and wrote strongly and editorially against NAFTA. Well, NAFTA passed anyway… but what I said would happen, did happen, and in spite of the ‘Megatrends’, you cannot rape a nation of its manufacturing infrastructure and think it can survive as a sophisticated technocracy. And guess what, people-linos, the Congressional Black Caucus supported NAFTA. Guess what, folks? The Republican Establishment supported NAFTA, and yes, many union bosses supported NAFTA, throwing the blue collar rank and file under the NAFTA bus. So much for even respecting white working class. And, forgive me for I have yet to forgive NAFTA.

What are you whining about?

In the past couple of months, I did what I like to call an unscientific audio content of analysis of what you see come out of Black Democrat politicos’, and Black Democrat surrogates’, and Black Democrat pundits’ mouths when they’re on television. Now, people-linos, sit back and think about it. When they’re making their pitches to Americans, the words ‘Latino’, ‘Hispanic’, ‘Gay’, ‘Muslim Americans’ (not the Black Muslims, mind you) and ‘women’ will cross their lips first most of the time. Then they’ll say ‘African American’ as almost an afterthought. All these words and little else come out their mouths to substantiate their credence on why Trump is a racist. Now you understand why the Black Vote is America’s Joke Vote. Everybody knows after Election Day, nobody really cares what Black citizens think or do, because they know the Black Vote after Election Day will be flushed down the toilet. They know the Democratic Party can come back year after year and retrieve Black loyalty like disposable Charmin.

Ohhhh, look back while you drink your Kool-Aid (I’m drinking my favorite, Peach Mango)… The Democratic Party Establishment has been bringing out its troops of Jungle Jims (pseudo white liberals) and the Jungle Jim Natives (pseudo black liberals). Yes, relax, put up your feet… the Jungle Jim Natives are going into urban jungles slashing out a clean path for the Democratic Party Establishment to gather up the Black Vote with cotton picking flair. Move over, Uncle Toms, the Jungle Jim Natives now outrank you plus they have a pseudo liberal mainstream media to make sure their ‘medium’ is the only ‘message’: It is mandatory that Blacks vote Democrat, which has now been re-branded as the Democrat Establishment.

Black Millennials who rebelled and voted for Bernie Sanders forgot to learn this lesson of subjugating themselves to pseudo liberal Democrat dogma. And that’s why they are being herded back to the Black Animal Farm after Bernie secured himself a new half-mil homestead and threw his support to the Democrat Establishment. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

See, Bernie represents the idealism and empty promises of socialism where only the Bernies of the world are anointed to lead the Black young sheep. Baaaaa, baaaa, Bernie! (See there is reason why even the Chinese Communist party has injected dosages of capitalism to keep the peasants happy…but I digress).

What are you whining about?

These Jungle Jim Natives and the NAACP are fighting tooth and nail African American charter schools and the likes of Dr. Steve Perry, the Black Alliance for Educational Options, and other economic-oriented Black educators who are building charter schools and taking control of educating Black youth for a 21st Century. There is a need for excellent schools be they charter, private, or public, or home. Yes, there is a tacit war inside the Black community and it is between the Have and Have not Blacks (so, white people-linos, step aside because what is happening in the Black community is a reckoning … more on this later). To reiterate, every Election year, these Jungle Jim Natives bring their derrieres into the Black community to secure the Black Vote for the Jungle Jims then they crawl their Black butts back into their SAFE upper middle class Black neighborhoods or back into their SAFE upscale white neighborhoods where they reside as the token proverbial Black dot. And you wonder why Black Millennials are mad as hell! Even Obama has had the audacity to show more compassion for Syrian refugees than he has for Black Millennials’ growing poverty and for the crying—not whining—of a Black populace as it heads into economic extinction. In fact, it took him damn near two years to make it into Flint when the EPA was part of the problem… (Okay, I’m taking a breath here to get control of my own outrage, because my conjunctions are not connecting and I’m skidding off course, and there isn’t enough room here for me to go completely off.)

What are you whining about?

Of course, the mainstream media continues to aid and abet the Jungle Jim Natives. A couple of weeks back, CNN lured in a Trump supporter Black minister under the guise that they wanted to do a profile of him…long story short, instead they confronted him that they had gone to his website and investigated him and found that he had lied about his educational credentials. The minister left humiliated during the interview. And the Jungle Jims and Jungle Jim Natives clapped. Now, do you think had he been a pro Hillary Clinton Black minister surrogate that this would have happened? This Black minister committed the sin of being a Trump surrogate and needed to be punished via television to send the signal to other Black ministers that they had best keep their place or the same thing will happen to them. Really, folks, have you seen mainstream media ‘investigate’ any Democratic Party Establishment Black surrogate or any white surrogate or Latino surrogate for that matter? This is the same crapola that happened to a group of Black ministers who earlier went up to Trump Tower. Oooooo, they were treated worst than terrorists by Black Democrat Establishmentarians. How dare they sit down with a Republican! Especially with the Republican renegade Trump! How dare Black citizens think for themselves! How dare Blacks attempt to practice Retribution Voting!

Then when Trump was invited into a Black church, all hell broke loose. I mean everybody knows that only Democrat candidates can go into a Black church. Lawdy! Lawdy! Lawdy! Send out the Black Democrat bloodhounds to make sure this sin doesn’t happen again! Crucify any Black minister to stop this political heresy!

What are you whining about?

See, I have yet to see a predominant Hispanic/Latino organization having a press conference over the contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment? I have yet to see a predominant Jewish organization having a press conference over contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment? I have yet to see a predominant white female organization having a press conference over contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment. I don’t see a Muslim-American organization (with the exception of Black Muslims headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan) having a press conference on contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment. I didn’t see any of these ethnic organizations coming out in support of Blacks fighting police brutality. (As a note: Black citizens want the police in their neighborhoods, but they want good policemen, and they respect those policemen…and most policemen are decent people.). But every time you turn your cotton picking head, these Jungle Jim Natives are fighting for the rights of these other ethnic groups with obsessive passion. These other groups have my respect (whether they want it or not), because at least they are looking out for their own interests and using Black folks and the Black Vote to boost their socio-economic agenda. This is the lesson Black folks keep failing to pass for over fifty years now! These American ethnic groups have also learned the power of Retribution Voting. They have learned that it is best to be a Swing Vote and stand for something rather than be taken for granted and/or ignored. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew the value of a Swing Vote, because when the party of Lincoln did not fight for Black civil rights, he switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.

What are you whining about?

Until the collective Black community stops being childlike and whining to be loved rather than fed on a platter of jobs and entrepreneurship, it will continue to be America’s Joke Vote. It will continue to kiss the Donkey’s ass and get such issues as ‘where Barack Obama was born’, a fat beauty queen and fat female comedienne as its main concerns when its Black babies can’t even get a decent meal to get fat!
I shall tell you this, that in the history of my life some of the worse racists I’ve seen were white liberals. This is the 21st Century and this should not be about ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ labels but about ‘economics’.

Until the Black community makes the Black Vote into a Swing Vote and begins Retribution Voting, only then will it garner the clout as other ethnic groups have, for it has been they who have used and utilized Black America’s civil rights movement blueprint to advance economically. Blacks have thrown away that blueprint and now wonder why their punishment has been severe. God doesn’t like stupid!

It is time for Black voters to rebel. It is time for retribution voting.


*The above is on the Editorial and Op/Ed lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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Black Veterans Group Ignored by President Now Asks for Gen. Colin Powell’s Help; A Look at Two Soldiers

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Have you ever asked for something and were punished because you asked? And if you ask again and again, again and again you are punished for daring to ask. This is the predicament the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations has found itself. Last month, this venerable organization was moved to ask for desperate help from Gen. Colin Powell to get the White House to give Col. Charles Young a posthumous honorary promotion to general. The Coalition has been trying for 38 years to get Young, the third African American to graduate from West Point, his promotion. Col. Young was the highest ranking African American officer until his death in 1922.

The Coalition had reason to have more than a glimmer of hope when Barack Obama became the nation’s first African American president. The Coalition approached the White House shortly after he became president. It was then the White House promised to call the Coalition. That was back in 2009, but that call has yet to be returned. Instead, the Coalition’s request has been met time and time again with refined bull.

This patriotic organization has remained respectful and given this Commander-in-Chief and his White House staffers more than ample time to do the right and honorable thing by Col. Young who was not promoted because it meant white soldiers would have had to salute him.

Now my blood boiled and hit the top of my head when I saw this Commander-in-Chief get all riled up and joined in the fray when all hell broke loose because the father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier derided Trump at the recent Democratic Party Convention. In fact, the mainstream media went crazy in slamming Trump and booking Mr. Ghazala Khan on every high profile network and cable news outlet seemingly in the nation. Granted, Trump should have been slammed when he compared that next day that he, too, has made sacrifices by constructing buildings. Of course, one would know that building buildings could not compare to losing a child. Okay, we got this, but had not Khan’s son been a Muslim-American and died within the realm of a politically correct atmosphere, the father never would have been invited to the Democratic Convention in the first place. And if you are a decent person, you do appreciate the sacrifice that Mr. and Mrs. Khan made. You also appreciate the sacrifice all American families that have lost loved ones in the military have made. Black soldiers from the Buffalo Soldier (which Col. Young was) to the Tuskegee Airmen certainly did not have such vehement support.

Now back to my blood boiling. See, blood is red. And when it is spilled to keep this nation safe, that spilt blood should be treated with respect. Not so when it comes to Col. Young. Does his service to this nation not matter because of time? If this is the case, should we now dismiss the service of all warriors now lying in Arlington Cemetery (where Col. Young lies) and other cemeteries? This White House has paraded about the biggest lie when it got the U.S. Army Center of Military History’s Historical Resources Branch to give as a sorry excuse that Col. Young could not be promoted posthumously because his records were destroyed in a 1973 fire. Never mind that Young’s contributions are all over the historical landscape – even in Wikipedia. Recently, I received an advance proof copy of “Dream A World Anew” to review. This book is published by Smithsonian Books and the book will be released in celebration of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. I shall present my review at a later date, but I can tell you this that even though Col. Young is not specifically mentioned in this book’s limited military pages, there is a photo of a veterans’ commemorative flag and on this flag are the words: “Veterans Reunion, 9th Batt. O.V.I., Maj. Chas. Young, Commanding.” That Major Charles Young went on to become Col. Young. Oops. I guess that flag wasn’t destroyed in the fire. “Dream A World Anew” acknowledges the contribution of the Buffalo Soldier in an enlightening piece on Black patriotism by contributor Krewasky A. Salter. Aforementioned, Young was a Buffalo soldier, and even one of the most influential generals of the time, John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing pushed for Col. Young’s promotion to general. Even Teddy Roosevelt before he was president supported Young.

Hopefully, Gen. Colin Powell will have better luck with their request. In a press release from the Coalition, Powell’s response to the Coalition was: “I am aware of Col. Young’s record and contribution and need no reminding. We all stand on the shoulders of many who went before. I am pursuing this through my channels and in my way.”

Gen. Powell may need no reminding but perhaps he should remind the nation’s first African American president/commander-in-chief and his White House staff that they need not continue to set up the Coalition as being fools for complaining about their efforts to get Young a posthumous honorary promotion. Such tactics have been used repeatedly on African Americans who seek any type of promotion in a pseudo-liberal environment when the person they’re asking has made up his mind not to do it anyway. The tactic is to promote anybody and everybody to further humiliate the person doing the asking. Since the Coalition’s request, the Obama administration has honored an array of military persons alive and dead. Yes, these soldiers deserved their honors. But it seems peculiar (dare I say even suspicious) that the more the Coalition members geared up their campaign, the more the White House became combative in not dealing with them. Over the years, the Coalition has unbeknowingly fallen into the White House pest category because they would not go away.

They shouldn’t go away.

The Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations has sent out tons and tons of press releases over the years. Not one (let me repeat, NOT ONE) mainstream news outlet has invited them in to talk about their efforts or about this Black officer who did indeed pave the way for a Colin Powell. Even Cong. Barbara Lee and Cong. Charles Rangel have written letters to the White House to get this Black soldier recognized for the patriot he was. The White House still refuses. President Obama refuses.

Now I want you, citizens of the U.S.A., to back up and take in account the adjectives ‘posthumous’ and ‘honorary’ promotion.

The Coalition has invited countless times the President and/or his representative to events honoring Col. Young. The White House has not formally declined these invitations; it has simply ignored them. That’s how pests are treated. That’s how the Coalition has been treated.

Yet, to reiterate this African American President did not hesitate to jump in the raucous over a Muslim-American patriot who died serving this nation. The hell with the Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations and Col. Young! They don’t rank in the politically correct world; their cause doesn’t rank in the politically correct world of white mainstream journalism which certainly has no problem covering Black Lives Matter but could give less than a damn about Black soldiers’ lives mattering, too! This mainstream media has no qualms in starting a firestorm over this Muslim-American patriot soldier being respected when both of these soldiers’ contributions are worthy of note. Should a stretch of time make Col. Young’s contribution less so? Does the spilling of a soldier’s blood make it less worthy over time because it once resided inside a black skin vessel?

It is a despicable shame that this Commander-in-Chief in particular has chosen to punish the Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations. We can only hope that whatever candidate becomes the next president and commander-in-chief will do right by Col. Charles Young and will not back the bold-faced lie that this White House has given that Young cannot be given an honorary promotion (and do underline ‘honorary’) because his records were destroyed in a 1973 fire when evidence abounds on what he contributed to the safety of this nation. When the Smithsonian Institution and other historical entities can find such evidence, then what is this White House’s problem?

For those who regardless of race, color, or religion want to give their support to the Coalition on this ‘matter’, they may email the Coalition’s chairman, Charles Blatcher, III at cnmmmf@aol.com . And for the record, the Coalition did not enlist my help, but when we received their numerous press releases, we joined the cause, and as God is my witness, we shall not leave this ‘matter’ alone. We can only hope that the new president will not either. It is beyond time to extend respect to the Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations. It is beyond time to extend honor to all soldiers and veterans who protect this nation and treat them as human beings and not as war fodder!

Let Col. Young truly rest in peace! Let history—his story—be told!


*The above is on the Editorial and Op/Ed Lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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Good Is Not Always Good; Police Killings and Race Relations

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Good is not always good. When passiveness, apathy, and excuses masquerade as Good, it can be a killer.

During a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest, five white Dallas police officers were assassinated in cold blood on Thursday, July 7 by a Black shooter who vaunted that he was getting revenge because two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were killed by white policemen. And before I could get these thoughts out, another incident in Baton Rouge, Louisiana happened on Sunday, July 17 in which three policemen were assassinated and the perpetrator, as in the case of Dallas, was Black and was killed. To be perfectly honest, I along with many others am not surprised that ‘things’ have escalated to the point of some African Americans taking the law into their own hands.

Those who want to blame the police officers’ deaths on the Black Lives Matter movement need a reality check. But why should Black Americans care if its critics get a reality check or not? They will no more get why this group is protesting than a Nazi would a group of Jews protesting. After Hitler, the Jewish community made sure the world knew that Jewish lives matter. The Jewish community didn’t care to have love fest politically correct town hall meetings.

If the Jewish community had waited around for ‘understanding’ and had town hall meetings on love and healing, it would have long been exterminated which was Hitler’s plan.

Of course, African Americans are on their way to economic extermination.

Of course, any decent human being hates that five white officers’ lives were cut short. Yet, as always Black Americans show more sympathy toward such tragedies than whites show when these tragedies result in the taking of Black lives.

See, grief is not an exclusive club like the country club. It is not restrictive.

We all know white lives matter. As I have written before, ‘when did white lives not matter?’ We all know blue lives matter. When in this nation did blue lives not matter—even in those days when Black men were not allowed to wear blue?

The same trauma that these officers’ families are now going through is the same the Charleston nine black church members’ families went through; it is the same as Tamir Rice’s family went through; it is the same that Trayvon Martin’s family went through; it is the same that Michael Brown’s family went through; it is the same that Freddie Gray’s family went through; it is the same that Emmett Till’s family went through; it is the same that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family went through. Yet— Yet, this remains a nation which believes underneath it all that Black people should accept being pulled over for alleged broken taillights, being followed in stores, having Black children primed for prison in a quasi-prison public school system. Yes, even the killing of Black people should somehow be tolerated with a ‘well, that’s just how it is’… live with it. Yet, it is quite acceptable and expected that the nation must mourn for one set of victims and not the other set of victims.

Yes, these lives were cut short through gun-violence, but gun-violence is a symptom – not the cause. And this is why I didn’t give a damn when the Democrat Party Establishment had a sit-in protesting gun-violence wrapping the issue in anti-N.R.A. rhetoric. I didn’t give a damn when the nation’s first Black president sat in some politically correct town hall meeting sponsored by CNN to talk about race relations (Haven’t we heard this bull(h)it before?), I didn’t even give a damn that he invited policemen and Black Lives Matter members to the White House for a powwow. These pretentious gestures in the short run and long run have nothing to do with the problem. As stated earlier and throughout time, the problem is Black poverty and a growing poverty. Poverty begets frustration and frustration begets violence. Underneath this poverty is the impetus of white fear which views even the word ‘Black’ as a threat. Black Lives Matter and Black protest critics do not have a problem with the Jewish Anti-Defamation League which protects its own or with Jews hunting down Nazi criminals. The Jewish community doesn’t give a damn when it finds a Jewish hater who is in his 90s and pulls him out to stand trial for participating in the slaughtering of over six million Jews during World War II.

See, when Black lives are cut short, I don’t want to see a Black person stand up saying they forgive the haters. Yes, I understand the Christian philosophy behind such acts of ‘forgiveness’ but I, too, understand the political ramifications of making this act public which has the perception that anybody can do anything to Black people and Black people will ‘forgive’; thus, inviting in more violence and yes, more poverty. If another event of slaughtering occurs in the Black community or with Black victims, these family members should go inside of a church and proclaim ‘forgiveness’—not in the secular sector where it is historically perceived as weakness and re-invokes the stereotype of Black people in the folds of mythological white paternalism where the white ‘father’ can whip his ‘Black child’ into righteous submission. Or better yet as an example, kill him. Like it or not, or agree with it or not, this is the perception of Blacks forgiving white perpetrators like a Dylan Roof or a bad police officer. This is where Psalms 91 should be invoked, if one wants to get religious about it. Better yet, invoke Psalms 35.

Of all the ethnic groups in America, only and ONLY the Black community wants to turn something political into ‘religion’. Yes, we all should love one another. We get that. We all want healing. We get that. We all want understanding. We get that.

But what is seldom gotten in the Black populace is that any politician regardless of race, color, or creed can fool the Black populace to have these meaningless ‘come together’ moments and ‘love one another moments’ to secure votes. Even Jesus provided bread and fish while preaching love.

There are those who say that politicians and even the President are politicizing these police assassinations. Of course, these events are political. What else could they be? A mercy killing? Racism is political. Assassinations are political.
Yes, I was proud to see Black Lives Matter continue its national peaceful protests after the Dallas tragedy. But they march recklessly when they arbitrarily close down bridges and block byways and highways or trample through shopping malls putting other ‘lives’ in danger. This is cold-blooded. This is stupid.

But I ask again of them: How long can you march?

Post-1960s, marching has become a ‘caricature’ of nothing getting done except exercise, because there is no written economic agenda to present to politicos and presidential candidates. Passion can only take you so far and that’s to the bus stop where you never get on the bus to go anywhere. Mrs. Rosa Parks getting on the bus was hard. Freedom Riders getting on the bus was hard. Marching amid police hosing you and putting dogs on you was hard. The March on Washington was hard.

Marching in the 21st Century is easy.

Yanking the microphones from presidential candidates is easier than writing out an economic agenda to yank in their faces.
And yes, Dallas Police Chief David Brown was truthful in asserting that policemen are not supported in what they do and are not appreciated. In the history of my life, I have covered enough to know that most Black citizens want the police in their neighborhoods because too many of these citizens have pulled me aside and whispered that they want more police but were afraid to say this aloud because this was a politically incorrect thing for them to say as Black people. To reiterate, they want the police there, they just don’t want bad police there.

Both Black Lives Matter and police departments have a respective painful lesson to learn here: Get rid of Black on Black crime; and get rid of bad police.

I don’t want to hear ‘Good’ policemen ‘talking about having more diversity training’. What the hell is that? Diversity training? These bad policemen know what they’re doing. They’re not stupid; they’re not untrained; they’re just bad.

By the same token, the Black community needs to stop excusing Black criminals and Black thugs who have taken over the community. There was a time in the Black community when Black seniors could sit on the front porch, when Black children could go to safe schools, and anybody could walk down to the Black-owned corner grocery store. And now the thugs one of whom could assassinate a nine-year-old boy or take the life of a little black girl as she slept in her own bedroom have literally attributed to Black genocide. These Black criminals, too, are a fraction in the community; yet, like the bad police officers, they dominate. They are the kings. They are the rulers. Why? Because Good sat down. Good closed its eyes and turned its head. Good did this in the Black community, and Good did this in police departments. Because it was never Good anyway; it was an imposter a.k.a. Irresponsibility, a.k.a. Appeasement, a.k.a. Fear, a.k.a. Political Correctness.

It’s time for the Black trash to be taken out, and it’s time for the Blue trash to be taken out.

Post-Dallas and Baton Rouge phrases I don’t want to hear are euphemisms called ‘diversity training’ and ‘conversations on race’ or see another town hall meeting where Black folks sit around with white folks to ‘talk’ about their ‘feelings’. I don’t want to see that or hear any of this when Black people are starving, can’t pay the utility bill, losing homes, drinking bad water, can’t bathe or cook in an American city, can’t pay the rent, can’t get a decent education, can’t get a job, can’t get access to business capital to grow Black employment, can’t create livelihoods for their Black lives, and can’t even ‘can’t’! I don’t want to hear empty talk of Blacks and whites loving one another.

Because in the wise words of Tina Turner, “What has love got to do with it?”


*The above is on the Editorial lane on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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Bulletin: Mitt Romney Comes Down from Mount Elephant

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

I don’t know what to make of this boy. Yes, my favorite white boy is at it again. The poor little rich boy can’t believe the renegade rich boy has claimed the Republican Presumptive Nominee title. Now my favorite little white boy has decided ‘him’ wants ‘him’ own party. Boohoo.

Yes, people-linos, I am talking about my boy, Mitt as Mitt Romney. That 47% Mitt who cannot believe he has been beaten once again, and this time by the politically incorrect upstart Trump and that Trump has essentially told him to kiss his rump.

If my boy Mitt hadn’t been so rich he would have been locked up as a bona-fide nut job under the illusion that he is king of America. All others regardless of party affiliation are mere pretenders to the throne.

While the ruckus was going on about Trump, the Mittster was donning on his long red robe. He then went before his subjects (I mean citizens) to deliver a televised speech to denounce the Donald. He turned and waved his wand, pronouncing that the Donald must go, that he is not fit to be the nominee, that he is not fit to be President, that he is not presidential. Yes, my boy came out and rattled on in a long forgotten speech before the American public that this must not happen… but, alas, by the time King Mitt came out, the Donald had whipped the behinds of nearly a dozen or more contenders. Yes, what Mitty had thought was an arrogant jester was now the Republican Presumptive Presidential Nominee.

My little white boy held up his arms to part the ‘Red’ Sea to get the Republicans to see the right light. I was there. I witnessed this.

Then I looked up – and behold—there was Mitt climbing Mount Elephant. I along with others waited for Mitt. America waited for Mitt. The world waited for Mitt. We all waited for Mitt with the same belief that Pluto would once again become a planet.

My beloved Mitt… Come back, Mitt… Come back, Shane—I mean Mitt—come back!

I sat and wept along with the rest of America. What sin had we committed for Mitt to go up to Mount Elephant?

Yes, we are now waiting and waiting… It is getting near Republican Convention time…

Lo! Lo! I fall on my knees! I believe I see my beloved white boy coming down from the mount to save the Republican Party—to save America! Alas! But who is with him? Is it Ryan’s Hope? Yes, there is a group following him. They’re wearing ‘Dump Trump’ armor. Mitt is still wearing his long red robe. His hair has turned white! He looks elegant! Magnificent! A figure to behold!

Mitt is now passing a group known to many as the Elephant Elites…he is now passing a group known as the Elephant Establishment… The EE’s they are called. They are screaming, “Mitt, save us! Save us! The Donald will destroy what the Republican Party stands for… He will destroy what the Elephant stands for…what America stands for… Mitt, Mitt! We beg of you!”

But I cannot scream. I am in awe of Mitt as he passes. Yet, somehow I find the strength to look up at Mitt. He is carrying a tablet made of platinum. I can see there is something written on it.

Mitt pauses. He turns toward the crowd.

“Thou shalt not have Donald Trump as the Presumptive Nominee!” His voice thunders across the sky.

“But, Mitt—Mitt!” I scream, yell to the top of my lungs. “He already is!”

“Then I shall destroy the Republican Party!” Mitt declares. “I shall destroy the world! I shall make Pluto a planet again!”

“But, Mitt, my little rich, Ritchie Rich, angry little rich white boy, The People who voted for him in the primaries have already spoken. They want the Donald!”

“People?” Mitt yells. “What people? Who are The People to tell me what to do? I shall gather my troops, and we shall march into the Republican Convention and do what is necessary and what is best for the peasants!”

“What’s that, Mitty? My old pal, my rich spoiled lovable pal, my rich pal who is filthy rich and thinks nothing of the 47%, my old pal who loves the One Percent, my favorite white boy in the world!”

I see Mitt turning to me with a scowl. I shiver. I quake in ‘me’ boots! Then he glares at us all. “I shall sacrifice the Republican Party Elephant, because we all know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

“What truth, Mitt? Tell us the truth, so we can be free!” someone in the white Middle Class yells out. “We have tried to remain Middle Class, but we cannot hold on!”

Mitt holds his head higher as he looks over this white middle class person. He turns and looks above the heads of the peasants. He turns yet again and climbs a little upwards on Mount Elephant, stops, then lets his eyes roam out over the sky in the direction of Pluto.

“Mitt, Mitt! What shall we do? Oh, what shall we do?” someone pleads.

Mitt sneers down at him and us all. He once again looks in the direction of Pluto then continues his climb. “We must replace the Republican Party’s Presumptive Nominee with one of ‘my’ own to defeat once and for all The People!”

“But, Mitt, we’re The People,” this lone voice whimpers in the wake of an avalanche.


*The above is on the Editorial lane on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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West Pointless and the 16 Black Female Cadets

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

I can’t let this go: This matter of one of America’s most venerable institutions on the Art of War threatening not to graduate 16 Black women cadets because they posed in a graduation class photo with clenched fists raised. The West Point elitist leadership viewed this pose as ‘political’ and allegedly pro-Black Lives Matter. I was especially incensed when I saw a description of the young ladies in the recent Time Magazine’s “Trending” column. That description read: “A graduation photo of 16 female African-American West Point cadets raising their fists in a racially charged salute was not in violation of the military restrictions on political expression, the U.S. Military Academy concluded after an investigation.” One must note in this “Trending” column the phrase “raising their fists in a racially charged salute” was printed in bold. “Racially charged?” Just let that part of the phraseology rest inside your brain. Why use the description ‘racially charged’? Exactly how was it racially charged? Oh, yes, of course, they were feminine black fists.

And they say there’s no bias in mainstream media?

And as for West Point’s ignorant leadership, we needn’t wonder why this nation has not won a war post-Vietnam or can even develop an exit strategy when it gets into war?
I was writing on this matter before it came down that the West Point elitists decided the young ‘American’ African American cadets would be allowed to graduate after some type of façade of an investigation. Time or any mainstream media never asked how this matter was investigated. Did they bring the young ladies into a room to feel their hair, bring in an Ebonics expert, water board them until they confessed that they only wanted to serve their country? Did they examine the ‘evidence’ against raised fists at sports events when fans raise theirs in victory?

But you see this ‘crap’ goes deeper and it mirrors the racism embedded in white fear, a condition which psychiatrists will not study. The psychiatry/psychology field is so busily exploring what it calls a Black Inferiority Complex, skipping over that white fear is essentially a White Inferiority Complex. This is the complex in which, systemically speaking, whites measure their self-worth against Black progress; thus, the reason why elitism rears its ugly bald head as in the case of West Point.

Elitism is racism in its rawest form. In its purest form. In its deadliest form.

Suspecting these young Black patriots is not about conservatism; it is not about liberalism but it is about the fact that African American cadets made it through the rigors of West Point academically and physically. And wow! Sixteen of them made it through, so the West Point elitists had to declare war on sixteen Black females. I am sure these elitists could not sleep at night because they had been frightened by these young women’s hair texture, skin tone, and most of all by their brain cells. But you can bet your bottom dollar that next year at this time there won’t be 16 Black Americans making it through because the West Point elitists will make sure this doesn’t happen again by any means necessary. (This attitude is one-step below their attitude of letting in too many non-pedigree poor whites from the Appalachian hills or thereof equivalent get in. Never mind if the person has brain cells or not… It is no longer about the best and brightest; it is about the whitest and wealthiest… but I digress).

Historically, West Point has treated its Black cadets like dirt when even one or two managed to get in and get through. Such as Col. Charles Young who is set to be honored in June. One of the most patriotic groups in America, the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations, has been trying to get Col. Young an honorary posthumous promotion practically since President Barack Obama became the Commander-in-Chief. Col. Young was the third African American to graduate from West Point. The White House had promised the call this venerable organization about their efforts to get this honor for an African American colonel who was not promoted to general because it meant white soldiers would have had to salute him. One can thank then Commander-in-Chief Woodrow Wilson for this stain in American history in spite of one of his most respected generals, Jack Pershing, pushing for Col. Young’s promotion. And, as one moves into the 21st Century, one sees that this West Point graduate and patriot is further snubbed in spite of Cong. Barbara Lee and Cong. Charles Rangel requesting from this president to promote the renowned Buffalo Soldier who gave his life for this nation.

Now here we are with West Point carrying forth its dangerous elitism on the heels of congressional legislation being moved to make it mandatory for women to sign up for military service, that is for them to be positioned to be called into war if needed. (Of course, with the elements of (a) poorly handling the war mess in the Middle East, (b) the fact that this nation is running out of boots to be put on the ground, (c) the guise of sending in U.S. military advisors, (d) the inhumanity of sending the same soldiers in for four or five tour duties, and (e) further screwing over them with the inhospitable veteran hospitals, it is only a matter of time before conscription will be reintroduced anyway…but I digress).

Of course, while all this “racially charged” mess was going on this Commander-in-Chief said absolutely nothing about how West Point was treating these young African American female cadets… though, he certainly had no problem defending Caitlyn Jenner who deceived two women.

All the while this ‘crap’ was going on with these young Black female patriots, even NOW or any other predominantly white female group did not come to these cadets’ defense. Yes, Harriet Tubman is set to be on the $20 dollar bill, but the echoes of Sojourner Truth’s ‘Ain’t I a Woman, Too?’ resonate in the stench of West Point, in the hypocrisy of West Point, in the archaic hierarchy of West Point, in the stupidity of West Point…

If these had been 16 white female cadets, there would have been no investigation; this gesture would not have been viewed as ‘political’ or in support of NOW. If these had been 16 Hispanic female cadets, there would have been no investigation; this gesture would not have been viewed as ‘political’ or in support of the Dreamers immigration movement. If these had been 16 Oriental-American female cadets, there would have been no investigation; this gesture would not have been viewed as ‘political’ or pro China or pro Japan. If these had been 16 Jewish female cadets, there would have been no investigation; this gesture would not have been viewed as ‘political’ or in support of Israel. Time magazine would not have printed in bold letters “racially charged”. It simply would have been viewed as triumphant gestures of women making it through an all boys network known as West Point.

But, of course, Black women are not viewed as females; they are threats to West Point wimps; therefore, they had to be investigated and further raped of their womanhood.

But what’s the point? It’s pointless to say that West Point itself should be investigated because what it did to these Black patriots was ‘political’ and in support of Jim Crow. Many Black Lives have been given to protect this nation in every war; many Black limbs have been maimed to protect this nation. Black blood has been spilt to protect this nation.

It is clear from how West Point continues to treat Black soldiers and Black women soldiers that my gesture as a girly girl civilian to West Point is a clenched fist which denotes ‘and up yours.’

Now, investigate that!


*The above is on the Editorial and Military lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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Trump, the Campaign Manager, and the Brat Journalist

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Michelle Fields is a disgrace to journalism. Those who are jumping on her bandwagon are equally so.

For those who do not know Fields, this is this little brat who has been showing off bruises she allegedly received from Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager during an event in Jupiter, Florida. Also, coming to this brat’s defense are women journalists and a group of conservative women who are now demanding that Trump fire Lewandowski. Underneath their display of outrage is nothing more than hating Trump and not from some outrage of violation over Field’s journalistic integrity.

If this matter had happened at any other presidential candidate’s event, nary would a word be heard, but whatever Trump does or anything connected to him provides a feeding frenzy which borders on mass mainstream journalism insanity.

Bonnets off to Breitbart for accepting her resignation and from those sheep in their organization who followed her. Miss Crybaby Brat Journalist felt her editor should have stood behind her when she came running back to the office whining that she was ill-treated by the Trump campaign and attacked by Lewandowski. Video will show that this brat journalist wasn’t caught in anymore of a dilemma than what many journalists have been caught up in when trying to get a story—that is in an extreme crowded situation that sometimes turns into a scuffle. Yes, you may feel someone jerk you, pull on you, yank you and such. But this is more of an irritation than a matter which merits a police assault charge. This is not about her being slugged, slapped, or slaughtered, albeit by her actions one would have thought that Lewandowski had done all of this.

Fields represents what’s wrong with journalism today, because the support she is getting hasn’t anything to do with journalism but rather the politics of mainstream media deciding that such foolishness by Fields will help them advance their collective hatred of Trump and their goal to dismantle his campaign by any means necessary, mainly because Trump doesn’t fit their mode of a conventional politico in an Age of Political Correctness. Most of these journalists know they’ve come up against worse treatment. Yes, I am sure some even got bruises or were grabbed by the arm or collar and pulled back, or touched in a way to block them from getting to the object of their reporting.

In the capacity of editor-in-chief (having been in that capacity for two newspapers), I have had my share of reporters who got into trouble while covering stories, and let me tell you if one had come back like this whiny crybaby reporter upset that she got a few non-life threatening bruises while covering her subject, I would have either fired her, put her on suspension, or given her a desk job in Antarctica.

In the history of my journalism career, I have covered presidents, presidential candidates who receive Secret Service protection; I have covered Democrat and Republican national conventions. I have been caught in the middle of tight situations such as Miss Crybaby Brat. Yes, a good reporter would have tried to get to Trump after a press conference to get more if possible and risk being jerked back, pushed back, blocked off, or tapped on the shoulder. And if he or she did not succeed, he/she simply would have gone on with life until the next event or would have called up and try to set up an interview. It is what we do. It is the nature of the beast. I have had a Secret Service man practically pick up all of my 93 pounds (at the time) and place me aside. I didn’t get angry; I just thought, “Damn, I didn’t get it! (another statement).” And I’ve been placed in a holding room where the Secret Service searched through my purse (and moaned about it because I carry a really gigantic purse with everything but the kitchen sink) while I waited to interview a presidential candidate or president. Even after being cleared, I could only take my reporter’s notebook, pen, and tape recorder… I’ve covered an event in which I had a bottle of water in my purse and was told to drink it right then and there before I covered a president. I did and life went on… I have been invited to the White House and still I had to go through Secret Service procedures. Today’s world is even deadlier for presidents and for those who seek the highest office in the nation. I can go on in many, many instances of having to go through Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, police, etc. Again, it is what we do. It is our job as journalists. If you don’t have a thick skin, then you need to develop one.

As editor-in-chief, I’ve had reporters who were taken to jail when events got out of hand, and I have been awaken in the middle of the night by a photographer to say that the reporter was being carted off the jail. I’ve had one reporter who was adept in sign language to sign from the back of a squad car to the person she was with to call me. There have been many situations like this, but never and I do mean never did a reporter file an assault charge. I would not have allowed it because, honestly, taking such an action never would have occurred to me. And if it had, I would have thought it a repugnant one and an irresponsible one.

This 21st Century journalism has become fickle because of brat journalists who operate on the theory that people are supposed to be nice to them. (Pardon me, I have to go and throw up).

Sorry, but I equate Miss Crybaby Brat Journalist with the women who cry rape when nothing has been done to them, making it harder for women who are truly raped to be taken seriously. What news agency would want her after this? I wouldn’t, because the ramifications are so serious that if one were to send her on an interview which involves a male subject, he might go into a self-protection mode and not want her for fear she would file an assault charge against him because he looked at her cross-eyed, raised his voice, or that one of his people pulled her back.

Fields is a disgrace to female reporters from all media who have had to work like dogs and take the wrath of being called the female version of a dog (as I certainly have been on numerous occasions. Now ask me if I care.) to get where they are. I didn’t see Megyn Kelly crying and complaining when Trump derided her; I didn’t see Gwen Ifill crying after receiving insults as a Black female journalist when moderating a presidential debate; I’ve never seen Barbara Walters whining and filing assault charges as she pioneered her way into media; I didn’t see Katie Couric or Lesley Stahl whimpering when they covered major political events where crowd pushing was the norm. The great Black editor Ida B. Wells covered lynchings in spite of threats; and journalist Ethel Payne went through hell for being both black and female. Nellie Bly forged on. One also looks at the brave women journalists who have covered wars and are now covering wars while bombs burst overhead, or you look at those women who have given their lives and limbs as they worked to get information back to the homeland. Even in fiction, Lois Lane wasn’t whining!

These female journalists along with others broke down barriers only to have Miss Crybaby Brat Journalist set a precedent of filing assault charges because her feelings got hurt and a couple of bruises got on her arm which Noxzema or rubbing alcohol probably could have taken care of.

On the ‘male’ side of the issue: One only has to look at footage of the 1968 Democratic convention of Dan Rather and Mike Wallace being slugged, pushed back, and see that they kept on reporting. Never did they file an assault charge. This is what a good reporter is made of: Endurance and tenacity.

If you are a journalist worth your ink, you understand that. You deal with it. Damn it, you get the story. And for the record, journalists and politicians have gotten into it since time was a second. Behind the scenes they’ve cussed out each other, called each other names, hung up on each other— and yes I have been a banshee on occasion when covering politicos who think they can bully or ignore you because you are female. Trust me Emily Post is put away.

This is a world I chose to get into when I was eleven years old and wrote my first little newspaper article on a youth event and got my first little byline. This is in my blood. I like the hell and heaven of it. I love the mess! As a female journalist, it is harder but I didn’t expect it to be anything less. Many female journalists can say the same.

So, Miss Crybaby Brat Journalist Millennial, you need to get out of the business, because if you get your feelings hurt and a couple of light bruises, you need to go home and crochet and take some selfies and stop making it unnecessarily harder for those of us female journalists who still have a long row to hoe.

And to those journalists who are on Miss Crybaby Brat Journalist’s side, you know her complaint is about bull and that her complaint is unacceptable in the Old School of Journalism which still outranks whatever is viewed as millennial-let-me-not-get-my-feelings hurt journalism. And any judge who would rule in her favor needs to have his or her head (and motive) examined, because the history of the Fourth Estate bears out that what this brat is complaining about comes naturally with the territory.

Yes, Trump’s campaign manager should fight this and win it, for him to lose this is a loss for journalism—not politicians.


*The above is on the Editorial and Op-Ed lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Welcome, Travelers!

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