Obama, Russian Sanctions, Trump, Race, and Elitist Trash

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Putin plays chess; Obama plays checkers. I had written this line long before there was a presidential election. I had written it shortly after President Obama led a NATO movement to sanction Russia after the Ukrainian crisis. Never mind that the Ukrainians asked Obama for weapons to fight back pro-Russian Ukrainian forces; never mind that once after declaring sanctions on Russia, Obama kept threatening day after day that sanctions were coming and that these sanctions also would be aimed at Putin and his billionaire comrades. Any fool could see that these daily compilation of threats gave Putin and his comrades enough time to put their vast fortunes anywhere they wanted.
Putting sanctions on Russia will go down in history as one of the dumbest moves in international relations.

With his, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall,” Reagan signified the end of the Cold War. With this move, Obama reignited it.

This is not about being pro or anti Russia. This is about a president making a rookie move. As I had written in another piece in 2015, I don’t know what the answer was and is in dealing with Putin, but I do know that putting sanctions on Russia was not the answer. Part 2 of Obama’s juvenile move was that shortly after he’d done it, he turned around and asked Russia for help with Syria and ISIS (the same request he made just several months ago). Mainstream media will not present the question to this president ‘Why would you ask Russia to help after you had put sanctions on it?’ The President had a series of remarks where he reassured the press that he had just gotten off the phone with Putin and everything was great only to have Putin ignore him; thus, making even more of a fool of him. But, as I had earlier written, Obama didn’t get it because he is a president who resides on that strip of land between Oz and Wonderland called Delusion. Putin long has been making moves to restore the prestige of the old Soviet Union (Give a good read to former Defense Secretary and former CIA Director Robert Gates’ book, “Duty.”). He was doing this under George W. Bush, but Bush didn’t do anything or very little because he more than likely didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Sometimes it is prudent not to do anything when you can’t do anything or when you don’t know what to do. Bush recognized like most American presidents that Russia is still Russia just like the United States is still the United States. These are two super nuclear powers that once balanced the scales on that classic Balance of Power model. They didn’t like each other but they respected each other because both nations had the mutual ability to annihilate each other. They still do—a reality that Obama failed to recognize. If Russia had put sanctions on the United States then pivoted around to ask for the U.S. help with a problem, would the U.S. do it? To have put sanctions on Russia was Obama’s failed act to humiliate Russia—to make Russia lose face. This is not an argument about what is fair and what is not fair. This is about that cold world called international relations where ironically perception is the reality. Obama’s move has given Russia the perception of strength and the U. S. a perception of impotency. That’s why Iran could shake its butt at the U.S. after Obama spearheaded in giving it billions.

I also believe this was a desperate move not so much about Ukraine as it was about Putin’s leadership role in developing B.R.I.C.S., which he helped to found upon the belief that the U.S.A. and its Western allies were economically discriminating against nations of color, Eastern nations, and Developing Nations. One has to only break down the acronym B.R.I.C.S. to see that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa comprise over half of the world’s population. That population represents potential markets for America’s capitalism. (I haven’t the space to elaborate on this and will do so at a later date). Cuba more than likely would have been that second ‘C’ if Obama had not lifted the embargo on Cuba (the one ace Obama pulled off). After all, Russia had lent Cuba substantial billions and forgave its debt, probably as an understanding that Cuba would join B.R.I.C.S. Added to this geo-economic dilemma, China was already in African nations developing a relationship and markets with them. (I shall elaborate on this at a later date).

Now this cyber war spy mess has cropped up where Obama and his cohorts are accusing Russia of meddling in the U.S. election. Maybe they were; maybe they weren’t (and anyone born past yesterday knows that the U.S. has spied on Russia, too. That’s what nations do.). Russia obviously is developing its STEM troops, STEM being an area this nation’s CIA, FBI, and the like have neglected. Perhaps they should hire Disney’s K.C. Undercover and Amazon’s Alexa to help out. Either that or demand that this nation begin to develop STEM talent.

Nevertheless, this foreign policy mess is about a brat President and his bratmobile followers upset that Trump won, and they’ve gone clean stoned crazy that the person they perceived as a billionaire redneck and his basketful of Deplorables out maneuvered them. This is a brat president who continues to make juvenile moves just to get his way (including screwing over Israel). He even had the audacity to threaten Great Britain, our fiercest ally, that if its citizens voted for Brexit that he, the King of the World, would place them in the back of the line. Well, we know how that turned out, don’t we people-linos? He even had the audacity to globally boast that he called Putin and told him to “Cut it out” in a tone that a parent would use to reprimand a child. He even used this same tone with African Americans at a rally, telling them that he would be offended if they didn’t go out and vote for Hillary. Reemphasizing: In the tone a parent would use to reprimand a child. We all know how that turned out: Blacks did not turn out for Hillary as they had for him. Yes, the Donkey Establishment also wants to blame Blacks for not coming out in droves to support Hillary as they turned out for Obama. But if one were to look underneath this, this was not so much about Blacks rejecting Hillary Clinton as it was about Blacks rejecting a Black president who essentially didn’t give a damn about the Black community.

Do you really think that if Obama had been an effective first Black president that African Americans — the most loyal Donkey supporters — would not have turned out in droves for her as an extension of a quasi-third term for him? One can conduct a Black- man-woman-on-the-street interview and ask 100 Black Americans to name one specific thing Obama did to alleviate the economic woes of urban areas. Go ahead. Do it. You would be lucky if you got one answer other than the fact that he became America’s first Black president. The president has yet to get on the phone as he did with Putin and ask his BFF Mayor Rahm Emanuel about the Black murder rate in Chicago. Then, of course, a predominant Black Flint had to beg him to come to Flint during their water crisis. Black unemployment is still rearing its ugly head. Furthermore, when he held the first White House African Summit, barely a Black owned business and only a handful of Black entrepreneurs were invited. See, this Summit was for Siliconites and billionaires to wine and dine with African leaders while Black business people ate at Lazarus table at the White House. Many of these Siliconites and billionaires jumped on Obama’s wagon the first time because this first Black president was to serve as their Trojan Horse to lure African markets while leaving out Black business owners and Black entrepreneurs. This is the hidden reason why a non-Diaspora Black American was supported initially by this group of elitists as opposed to – let’s say a Jesse Jackson or any veteran Black politico with experience. Naturally, white pseudo liberals, and Black elitists got on Obama’s bandwagon. Then everyday white Americans who truly wanted to show the rest of the world that America could elect a Black man as president jumped on the wagon. Now these everyday white voters who supported Obama twice have been slammed by the Democratic Donkey as the basketful of Deplorables. And because they supported Trump this time around, they are ridiculed as bona-fide racists. We all know that had not a majority of whites supported Obama he would not have become America’s first Black president. Little did they or everyday working Black Americans realize that they were being played and were played for eight long years by white elitists and black elitists.

See, I don’t plan on going ‘high when they go low’. I am going to go lower, because sometimes you have to dig in the dirt to get to some coldhearted truths that neither the Black community nor the pseudo liberals want to deal with because most of those wearing blinders have a psychological problem in saying that this first Black president was a failed president and he especially failed the African American community which placed ‘hope’ in him to be a leader and not a ‘leader from behind.’

Let me get further in the dirt: There hasn’t been more open racial strife post 1964 than it has under this Black president. The reason this is shameful is because this is the 21st Century. Yet—and this is a big ‘(D)ucking’ Yet, these elitists, brats, Jungle Jims and their respective Jungle Jim Natives, and the Democrat Establishment want to throw this ‘mess’ of a racial divide on Trump when Trump wasn’t even running for office. Hillary Clinton wasn’t running for office. Bernie Sanders wasn’t running for office. Hell! Even Jill Stein wasn’t running for office.

These 21st Century riots, marches, Black Lives Matter’s birth, Baltimore, assassinations of police officers (regardless of their race), Ferguson, Chicago Black on Black murder genocide, Flint, Black high unemployment, killing off HBCUs, etc. came to fruition under America’s first Black president, because he chose to lead from behind.

Russia and Putin didn’t make Trump win. Obama made Trump win. Hillary Clinton didn’t make Trump win. Obama made Trump win. Bernie Sanders didn’t make Trump win. Obama made Trump win. If Obama had been a leader in the mode of a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and not boasted of ‘leading from behind’ he would have delivered the ‘hope’ he had promised. Even white Americans thought he would and helped to put him in. Twice. I cannot tell you how many times as the editor-in-chief of this newspaper, I heard everyday working and hurting African American citizens saying they would give him a second term using such words, as “I know he’s going to do it up this time… he’s going to really help Black people now because it’s his last term and he has nothing to lose… he can really help with jobs…” But did America’s fair haired Black president do this? He did not Black man-up, Instead of addressing the economic woes of the inner city Black America, he did what Democratic Establishmentarians have always done: Given Blacks a nullified, void-fied, redundant ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ bull which will go by the wayside as he struts out the White House door. This program will join such defunct public relations programs as C.E.T.A., War on Poverty, Entrepreneur Zones, Empowerment Zone. See, all these bull programs were put in place in lieu of creating jobs and Black-owned businesses to legitimately screw Black Americans. They have become both the 20th and 21st Century model to continue to stunt the growth of Black capitalism. Bottom line: A nation cannot have a group as large as America’s second largest ethnic group imploding on itself in poverty and creating a black hole that will suck the nation’s economy into it. Those whites with common sense recognize this as an economic problem—not a race problem. (More on this at a later date).

Under Barack Obama, African Americans were set back to the Civil Rights era because this first Black president had no economic agenda which included them—or any other working American for that matter. He did as so many newly elected Blacks during Reconstruction: He was so busily smiling and profiling while leading from behind that it took African Americans yet another hundred years to recover from the 1860s to the 1960s.

When his term is officially up on January 20th, President Obama will walk arm and arm with President Johnson – Andrew Johnson, that is. You see both Barack Obama and Andrew Johnson came into office at transitional periods in American history. Because they wanted to be president, they were thrust in the limelight to lead America at a delicate and critical time. No one forced them to be president.
When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, he picked up the mantel President Kennedy left. Lyndon Johnson earned his legacy. When Abe Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson chose to do nothing and let the carpetbaggers and scalawags rule the day. And under Andrew Johnson’s presidency Reconstruction was neither completed morally nor constitutionally in the spirit of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

Yes, Barack Obama will take his place in history as America’s first African American president. No one can or should take that from him.
But Barack Obama will be mainly remembered for his slogan of “Leading from Behind” and that does not ring up there with “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” or “This is a date which will live in Infamy” or “I Have A Dream.”

Yes, let us leave this elitist trash in their disposable bins. Let them march. Let them make commercials. Let them yell ‘fire’ where there is no fire. Let them bully a Historically Black College such as Talladega when under Obama HBCUs are marching into oblivion being replaced with community colleges. Let a white Academy Award winning actress knock them over the head with her Golden Globe while the only movie she has starred in with a Black anything in it was “Out of Africa.” Yes, let this elitist trash yell out to the basketful of Deplorables, rednecks, coalminers, grape pickers, urban blacks, country bumpkins, lowly school teachers, rural Americans, middle class Americans, farmers, maids, janitors, factory workers, sanitation workers, preachers, soldiers, veterans, upstanding policemen, firemen, first responders… Yes, let this elitist trash yell out from their safe neighborhoods, from their safe mansions, in their safe jobs, with their safe salaries to those who want jobs, those who want homes, those who want safe neighborhoods, those who want safe schools, those who want both food on the table and utilities on in the house at the same time, and to those who want the American dream! Damn it, from those who want CHANGE!

On January 20th, we wish Donald J. Trump success with the same enthusiasm and hope as we had wished for Barack Obama. Let it be the Past we throw under the bus and not The People.
It’s time to stop the pain. It’s time for a change. It’s time to give Trump a chance. It’s time to make America greater!


*The above is on the Op/Ed Lane on The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway at http://www.blackinformationhighway.com . Email: MSTnews@prodigy.net Welcome, Travelers!

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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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