What Are You Whining About?

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

What are you whining about?

These were the words President Barack Obama greeted the Congressional Black Caucus with when meeting with the historic group for the first time when he was elected the nation’s first African American president. Never mind that CBC had been begging to meet with him much earlier, but Obama sent the signal to the world and the rest of the country that he was not going to meet with anything too Black too soon, further humiliating this group which had stomped for him tirelessly to make history happen.
Yet, a couple of weeks back, members of the CBC were outside deriding Trump on the birthing issue, after Trump had finally announced that the President was born in the United States of America. Never mind that this was a moot issue anyway. It was as if Trump caught them off guard when he went ahead and said albeit begrudgingly that Obama was born in the U.S.A. But since they were prepared to go ‘there’ for a fight (never mind about Black high unemployment rates, Black thugs taking over neighborhoods, a mother being shot strolling her baby, the assassination of a nine-year-old boy or Black-owned construction companies being discriminated against ), they went there anyway in spite of Trump doing what they wanted him to do. So, there they were fighting for Obama’s dignity, yelling how upset the Black community would be that Trump had dared to question where the president was born. Ohhhhh, they were outraged, they were upset, they were hurt, they were blistering black in the sun protecting the dignity of this Black president who for more than one reason has been a total failure regarding the Black community. They showed more outrage over the birthing issue than they did over contaminated water in Flint.
Then, of course, at the recent CBC banquet, Obama delivered his veiled lame duck threat that if the CBC did not get Blacks to turn out to vote for Democratic presidential candidate it would be an ‘insult’ to his legacy. If the truth be told, his legacy as far as the Black community should be ‘Welcome back to the 1960’s’ in a 21st Century America.’

What are you whining about?

This was the Black president who made it clear that he was not the president of Black Americans but all Americans. Ok, we got that. Everybody knew that. That’s what Black politicos do, reassure whites that no harm will come to them (as if it can) if they’re elected to a non-traditional Black spot on the totem pole. Wow! That’s been happening since the CBC became an offshoot of the Democratic Party at the expense of the Black populace. Humph! The CBC didn’t start off that way…

What are you whining about?

See, these are words a parent would say to a child. So why wouldn’t the President treat CBC members like children? After all the slavers had justified slavery by preaching that Blacks were childlike and needed their guidance and parental reprimand when they were naughty. Do you think the President would have greeted a Jewish caucus, a Hispanic caucus, a white female caucus this way? Do you really, really think these words would have come out of his mouth? But as I’ve written before: When the President speaks the CBC jumps and says, “How high?” And, of course, they sat there all childlike at this CBC banquet as he told them that he did not want them to screw up his legacy.

What are you whining about?

Yes, the Democratic Party brought this nation NAFTA. NAFTA was responsible for stunting the Black middle class economic growth and blazed the path for Black Millennials’ protest. Waaay back then, some Black politicos came to me as editor of a newspaper to get my support on NAFTA. I read the NAFTA bill, and reread it, and wrote strongly and editorially against NAFTA. Well, NAFTA passed anyway… but what I said would happen, did happen, and in spite of the ‘Megatrends’, you cannot rape a nation of its manufacturing infrastructure and think it can survive as a sophisticated technocracy. And guess what, people-linos, the Congressional Black Caucus supported NAFTA. Guess what, folks? The Republican Establishment supported NAFTA, and yes, many union bosses supported NAFTA, throwing the blue collar rank and file under the NAFTA bus. So much for even respecting white working class. And, forgive me for I have yet to forgive NAFTA.

What are you whining about?

In the past couple of months, I did what I like to call an unscientific audio content of analysis of what you see come out of Black Democrat politicos’, and Black Democrat surrogates’, and Black Democrat pundits’ mouths when they’re on television. Now, people-linos, sit back and think about it. When they’re making their pitches to Americans, the words ‘Latino’, ‘Hispanic’, ‘Gay’, ‘Muslim Americans’ (not the Black Muslims, mind you) and ‘women’ will cross their lips first most of the time. Then they’ll say ‘African American’ as almost an afterthought. All these words and little else come out their mouths to substantiate their credence on why Trump is a racist. Now you understand why the Black Vote is America’s Joke Vote. Everybody knows after Election Day, nobody really cares what Black citizens think or do, because they know the Black Vote after Election Day will be flushed down the toilet. They know the Democratic Party can come back year after year and retrieve Black loyalty like disposable Charmin.

Ohhhh, look back while you drink your Kool-Aid (I’m drinking my favorite, Peach Mango)… The Democratic Party Establishment has been bringing out its troops of Jungle Jims (pseudo white liberals) and the Jungle Jim Natives (pseudo black liberals). Yes, relax, put up your feet… the Jungle Jim Natives are going into urban jungles slashing out a clean path for the Democratic Party Establishment to gather up the Black Vote with cotton picking flair. Move over, Uncle Toms, the Jungle Jim Natives now outrank you plus they have a pseudo liberal mainstream media to make sure their ‘medium’ is the only ‘message’: It is mandatory that Blacks vote Democrat, which has now been re-branded as the Democrat Establishment.

Black Millennials who rebelled and voted for Bernie Sanders forgot to learn this lesson of subjugating themselves to pseudo liberal Democrat dogma. And that’s why they are being herded back to the Black Animal Farm after Bernie secured himself a new half-mil homestead and threw his support to the Democrat Establishment. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

See, Bernie represents the idealism and empty promises of socialism where only the Bernies of the world are anointed to lead the Black young sheep. Baaaaa, baaaa, Bernie! (See there is reason why even the Chinese Communist party has injected dosages of capitalism to keep the peasants happy…but I digress).

What are you whining about?

These Jungle Jim Natives and the NAACP are fighting tooth and nail African American charter schools and the likes of Dr. Steve Perry, the Black Alliance for Educational Options, and other economic-oriented Black educators who are building charter schools and taking control of educating Black youth for a 21st Century. There is a need for excellent schools be they charter, private, or public, or home. Yes, there is a tacit war inside the Black community and it is between the Have and Have not Blacks (so, white people-linos, step aside because what is happening in the Black community is a reckoning … more on this later). To reiterate, every Election year, these Jungle Jim Natives bring their derrieres into the Black community to secure the Black Vote for the Jungle Jims then they crawl their Black butts back into their SAFE upper middle class Black neighborhoods or back into their SAFE upscale white neighborhoods where they reside as the token proverbial Black dot. And you wonder why Black Millennials are mad as hell! Even Obama has had the audacity to show more compassion for Syrian refugees than he has for Black Millennials’ growing poverty and for the crying—not whining—of a Black populace as it heads into economic extinction. In fact, it took him damn near two years to make it into Flint when the EPA was part of the problem… (Okay, I’m taking a breath here to get control of my own outrage, because my conjunctions are not connecting and I’m skidding off course, and there isn’t enough room here for me to go completely off.)

What are you whining about?

Of course, the mainstream media continues to aid and abet the Jungle Jim Natives. A couple of weeks back, CNN lured in a Trump supporter Black minister under the guise that they wanted to do a profile of him…long story short, instead they confronted him that they had gone to his website and investigated him and found that he had lied about his educational credentials. The minister left humiliated during the interview. And the Jungle Jims and Jungle Jim Natives clapped. Now, do you think had he been a pro Hillary Clinton Black minister surrogate that this would have happened? This Black minister committed the sin of being a Trump surrogate and needed to be punished via television to send the signal to other Black ministers that they had best keep their place or the same thing will happen to them. Really, folks, have you seen mainstream media ‘investigate’ any Democratic Party Establishment Black surrogate or any white surrogate or Latino surrogate for that matter? This is the same crapola that happened to a group of Black ministers who earlier went up to Trump Tower. Oooooo, they were treated worst than terrorists by Black Democrat Establishmentarians. How dare they sit down with a Republican! Especially with the Republican renegade Trump! How dare Black citizens think for themselves! How dare Blacks attempt to practice Retribution Voting!

Then when Trump was invited into a Black church, all hell broke loose. I mean everybody knows that only Democrat candidates can go into a Black church. Lawdy! Lawdy! Lawdy! Send out the Black Democrat bloodhounds to make sure this sin doesn’t happen again! Crucify any Black minister to stop this political heresy!

What are you whining about?

See, I have yet to see a predominant Hispanic/Latino organization having a press conference over the contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment? I have yet to see a predominant Jewish organization having a press conference over contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment? I have yet to see a predominant white female organization having a press conference over contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment. I don’t see a Muslim-American organization (with the exception of Black Muslims headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan) having a press conference on contaminated water in Flint or Black high unemployment. I didn’t see any of these ethnic organizations coming out in support of Blacks fighting police brutality. (As a note: Black citizens want the police in their neighborhoods, but they want good policemen, and they respect those policemen…and most policemen are decent people.). But every time you turn your cotton picking head, these Jungle Jim Natives are fighting for the rights of these other ethnic groups with obsessive passion. These other groups have my respect (whether they want it or not), because at least they are looking out for their own interests and using Black folks and the Black Vote to boost their socio-economic agenda. This is the lesson Black folks keep failing to pass for over fifty years now! These American ethnic groups have also learned the power of Retribution Voting. They have learned that it is best to be a Swing Vote and stand for something rather than be taken for granted and/or ignored. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew the value of a Swing Vote, because when the party of Lincoln did not fight for Black civil rights, he switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.

What are you whining about?

Until the collective Black community stops being childlike and whining to be loved rather than fed on a platter of jobs and entrepreneurship, it will continue to be America’s Joke Vote. It will continue to kiss the Donkey’s ass and get such issues as ‘where Barack Obama was born’, a fat beauty queen and fat female comedienne as its main concerns when its Black babies can’t even get a decent meal to get fat!
I shall tell you this, that in the history of my life some of the worse racists I’ve seen were white liberals. This is the 21st Century and this should not be about ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ labels but about ‘economics’.

Until the Black community makes the Black Vote into a Swing Vote and begins Retribution Voting, only then will it garner the clout as other ethnic groups have, for it has been they who have used and utilized Black America’s civil rights movement blueprint to advance economically. Blacks have thrown away that blueprint and now wonder why their punishment has been severe. God doesn’t like stupid!

It is time for Black voters to rebel. It is time for retribution voting.


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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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