A Bullology Perspective: Trump, Women, and Media

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

About 21 young girls were released from the captivity of Boko Haram the same week the mainstream media had a feeding frenzy over Donald Trump’s alleged conduct towards women and his lewd tape released by Billy ‘Goat’ Bush who loves eating trash. During that week, Republican elitists were jumping ship like the rats that they are. Mainstream media chose to barely mumble a word about the release of these young ladies which both measured the greater threat of terrorism and violation of women. Again, why did this not ‘trump’ Trump’s lewd remarks and the parade of women coming out of the woodworks making accusations of Trump ‘assaulting’ them? The word ‘assault’ has a connotation of outright rape or physical abuse. I dare say this is what the word ‘assault’ conjures up in most people’s minds, regardless of the strict legal definition. Mainstream media chose to propagandize this word to give the impression that Trump had attacked these women with the severity of a beating or rape. This is the absurdity of this media feeding frenzy. Because if the elitists cannot get Trump legitimately then why not paint him as a rapist (Dare I say that most Black men can relate to this, even in the 21st Century…) or woman beater?

One must presuppose that Donald Trump was the only male who had hit on these particular women or used foul language against them. Did anyone from mainstream media not ask these particular women if other non-famous males had hit on them and/or made lewd remarks to them? Are these non-famous men being charged with ‘assault’? Have they been brought before the cameras of the mainstream press jury for their verdict?

Real assault, real rape, real abuse, real murder, real kidnapping are what happened to these 21 young ladies… as in the case of other women who were put in cages in some man’s basement, or kidnapped, or honored killed, or domestically or corporately victimized and blackballed. This is what real assault is—not that a woman was pinched on the derriere, groped, or winked at.

What is going on with this bombardment of Trump is what I call these women’s 15-minute of Fame-Shame. Because trust you me, most of these poor-little-me girls are not traumatized, they were not raped, they were not beaten. Their agenda is about having mainstream media’s attention to take down and take out a presidential candidate the elitists do not approve of. Most of them are probably not even ashamed and did nothing to be ashamed of, but their alleged shame brings them fame. Yes, these women’s butts are the headlines rather than Iranians showing off their $150 billion butts to American warships. Let’s see now, we have Iran to the left of us, the Syrian mess to the right of us, ISIS in the middle, North Korea target practicing with bombs towards the U.S. west coast, Putin taking advantage of a U.S. president who put sanctions on Russia then had to turn around and ask for Russia’s help in Syria, and then there is terrorism homegrown and otherwise.

The real world consists of real-blooded males and females, and there will always – yes—always be some level of unwanted flirtation, womanizing, groping, pinching, lewd remarks, foul language, whistling, winking—and most of this does not add up to a hill of beans in the scheme of life. If this behavior was so detrimental, then the mainstream media should advocate the mass killing of baby boys with the same gusto as Herod to make sure future Donald Trumps are punished before they womanize or use lewd adjectives or grope or wink. It would certainly control the population with Malthusian flair and objectivity.

These women’s shallow accusations and such are exactly why true female victims cannot be taken seriously as they should be or why rape kits are stored away in jail basements for decades. The media playing these ‘assaults’ up as news headlines is why both average men and women don’t trust media anymore. No one has bothered to even ask Billy ‘Goat’ Bush ‘why’ was he recording Trump’s off the record remarks in the first place when both he and Trump were obviously locker room jiving (in the history of my journalism career I have certainly heard worse and sometimes from politicians…I’ve interviewed real murderers and rapists.)? Why, because ‘off the record’ no longer means ‘off the record’ as I was taught in journalism 101. Once upon a time, journalists honored this code. I dare say that such icons as Barbara Walters, Walter Cronkite, and those journalists covering President Kennedy or other politicos, business people, or even John and Jane Doe honored ‘off the record’. Now ‘off the record’ simply means revenge reporting and opportune reporting to become famous. Investigative reporting is about digging into people’s personal lives and using it as an excuse to discover their ‘character’ when in too many cases it is about getting juicy gossip while smacking on Juicy Fruit gum. Mainstream media now uses the Howard Stern Show as its poster boy for excellent journalism, and Howie is laughing all the way to the hog farm.

Dare I say that a good 98 percent of males will leave a woman alone if she gives him ‘that look’, or says the equivalent of ‘I don’t like it’, or as my mother would say, “I am going to slap the fire out of you, boy!” Most males will walk away. Most of these males women marry, raise, or date. These men are the loving fathers of their children. It’s the two percent who are dangerous, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, torturers—but now we live in a world where it is politically correct and quite acceptable to go from one extreme to the other extreme where all males are lumped in the category of that two percent. Most men underneath their bad conduct are also gentlemen. If it were not so, the world would be in worse shape and the barbarians would not only be at the gate but in the bedroom. Most men still believe in fighting to protect their wives, families, and country. Most men are decent if not perfect human beings.

There is a profound difference between rape and ‘I got my feelings hurt’ or murder and ‘I had to move to another seat’ or kidnapped and ‘I was groped’ or burned alive and ‘Oh, he tried to put his hand up my skirt.’ (Didn’t your mama teach you to pull down your skirt and/or pick up a vase and whack him in a most ladylike way?)

Assault? Yes, this word is being used as a weapon against any male who uses foul language and winks. This legal-squeezed term has now become so exaggerated that its consequence has ramification of Emmett Till. Even in Till’s day the mainstream media behaved that it was quite justifiable that Till received his due punishment for ‘winking’ at the wrong color of woman.

Most males would behave themselves once they know you mean business. Yes, most.

Dragging out this parade of 15-minute Fame-Shame women is no more than sexual McCarthyism with no ameliorative purpose. I would not doubt that a few secretly bragged to their BFFs, “Oooo, girl, the Donald hit on me…” whereas Joe Doe who wolf-whistled her at the Donald’s construction site probably got cussed out. As a journalist and a woman, I am sick and tired of seeing America’s real problems and issues being minimized, downsized, and wiped out by a fickle mainstream media to forward elitists’ and Republican and Democrat Establishmentarians’ agenda to keep the status quo ‘quo’ and to advance the Art of Distraction while soldiers are being deployed through the backdoor.

Yes, mainstream media knows it can treat the category of women as it does the category of Black Americans by putting out certain politically incorrect buzz words as David Duke and Assault to herd them back on to the Animal Farm to feed them hay placebos.
Yes, why not rape women of their real issues and real abuse issues instead of addressing them? Is it because they’re ‘easy’??


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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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