Presidential Endorsements for the March 1 SEC Super Tuesday Primary

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Politics needs to be put back in the gutters where it belongs. Someone has to clean the cesspool.
On this assessment, we make our endorsements in the Tennessee Super Tuesday SEC presidential primary to be held on March 1: One Democrat and one Republican.
Our choice for the Democrats is Hillary Clinton; our choice for the Republicans is Donald Trump.
In short, to Bernie Sanders, we can only put a spin on the Bible verse and say, “The rich will always be with you,” and that this is no time for classic class warfare, because at the end of the day the One Percent still will have the mansion(s), exotic vacations, corporate welfare and bailout entitlements. And, Bernie, we know it always has been in vogue that no one loves a poor Black person like a white liberal who tends to romanticize poverty and Black and join them together in Holy Matrimony as a couple in socialism.
For the record, African Americans already live under socialism. It is the only ethnic group in America to have been forced into quasi-socialism under Jim Crow restrictions. Since the Civil Rights Movement, this ethnic group resides under one party, the Democrat party, which has morphed from the party of the KKK to what it is today, Jungle Jim liberalism.
Under both political parties, the tenets of Adam Smith have never been allowed to develop in the Black populace. Even when Black capitalism was on the rise behind the bars of Jim Crow, the government stifled it. All one has to do is look at what happened in Rosewood and the Black Wall Street of Tulsa, Oklahoma then fast forward to post Katrina when the government claimed it could not find a Black-owned construction company to help rebuild the City of New Orleans or one can dial back to how the Department of Agriculture aided and abetted Big Banks in stealing Black farmland. American history is filled with this irrational fear of Black capitalism.
Of course, we believe that there should always be general goodwill and general welfare for when hard times hit and to be humane to those who fall through the cracks. But the truth of the matter is that collectively speaking, the African American populace has fallen beneath the cracks and continues to sink further into unemployment, underemployment, dismantling of HBCUs, housing discrimination, and the blocking of access to capital to own and operate businesses.

Yes, bad things happen to good hard-working people, healthy people. But we do know that socialism like any other economic system of government begets plutocracies. Sanders promises to eliminate inequality of income. Now what does that mean? In socialism, everybody gets a shack and one chicken. But we all know that whatever plutocracy socialism produces the leadership at the top will get two shacks, five chickens, a rooster, and some eggs.
Sanders’ promises are right up there with ‘Forty Acres and a Mule.’
America has for too long thought it in its best interest to keep Black Americans poor, disenfranchised, and uneducated and these underlying goals of systemic racism have encroached themselves onto the 21st Century in spite of this nation having elected its first African American president which has ironically given it an excuse to renege further on the American Dream—King’s Dream.

This fear of Black capitalism has pushed the nation into a downward economic spiral.

In sharp contrast to Sanders, Hillary Clinton has laid out an economic agenda. She at least mentioned the words Black entrepreneurship, Black-owned businesses, and yes ‘access to capital.’ She has also put in her political vocabulary Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) which are dying, and we believe this is not a death HBCUs deserve seeing that they were there first to educate African Americans when other educational facilities blocked their doors. No other ethnic group has come to America and by written law had to attend a certain college because of its race, color, or creed. HBCUs should be enhanced to take on the burden of education, a matter we shall expand on at a later date.

Whether Clinton is all talk if she is elected remains to be seen. But as of this date, she has at least presented more than an agenda of free colleges, free love, and a white liberalism which dutifully served its purpose in the 1960s but is ill equipped to do so in the 21st Century. Over the decades that white liberalism has sunk into Jungle Jim paternalism. The last half of the Civil Rights Movement which is economic empowerment should be first.

Regarding Clinton’s email predicament: The government’s accusing her of negligence is like the pot calling the kettle black, seeing that any fourteen year old nerd or a cyber savvy Chinese can hack into their computers and get free rein in stealing intel. Instead of going after Hillary Clinton, the government needs to beef up its own cyber security and overhaul its rules and regulations and bring them up to 21st Century standards for all departments.

We endorse Donald Trump. And we make no apologies for that, as it seems in this 21st Century politically correct atmosphere there is still no room for Black dissension. Trump is a global businessman; therefore, economically oriented to deal with people of all races, colors, and creed. This also makes him qualified to deal with a variety of situations. His having made international business deals also qualifies him in foreign policy and international relations matters.
Business is politics.

African American-owned businesses and entrepreneurs have been so conveniently cut out of what is quickly becoming the new frontier of African capitalism, as socialism is showing itself to be an utter failure in African nations. Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs have also been cut out of Cuba and the rebuilding of Haiti with the same disregard as they have been cut out of Silicon Valley which seeks to expand its internet presence in African, Cuban, and Haitian markets. The Valley represents a Jungle Jim paternalism by not hiring Black Americans.

We believe Trump understands that the Black ethnic group must be involved in developing Black capitalism as an impetus not only to create jobs for other Black Americans but to alleviate the nation’s overall economic burden. America is spiraling into a Third World status because it will not adjust to basic economic principles. One of which is that you cannot have an ethnic group as large as the African American community spiraling downward without taking the whole nation with it. Because of systemic racism, this group has reached the point of stagnation, and stagnation stinks.

Indeed, it should be incumbent upon every Black voter, Black civic group, and Black organization to examine every presidential candidate regardless of party affiliation. Black Americans have failed miserably at doing so and continue to walk through the Elephant’s dung to worship the Golden Donkey.
We applaud the Black ministers who went up to Trump Tower simply to meet with Trump. Yet, these renegade ministers were ridiculed and called out by mainly Black cliques which continue to deliver the Black vote on a silver platter to one party and by doing so these cliques have made it impossible for Blacks to negotiate and strategize. Yes, negotiate and strategize, two words Trump isn’t afraid of using. Two words early civil rights leaders weren’t afraid of using if they didn’t get what was needed. We have heard from Black citizens who are afraid to voice their support for Trump because they feel they will meet the same hazing as the aforementioned ministers.

A society which does not engage in dialectics can only stagnate. To reiterate, the Black community is stagnant and with that stagnancy it has become economically victimized, economically impotent. It has become irrelevant in political power play. It has become the litmus test for each party to measure how conservative or liberal it is only for each party to garner votes. It has become the group every other ethnic group or interest group can go to and obtain a body count then forget it once they have what they want. This is the only ethnic group which has not learned the art of retribution voting. This is why the Black Vote has become America’s butt joke.
At the end of each election, it is flushed down the toilet.
We make this move of endorsing Trump. And we don’t intend to back down, back up, or back track!

We have seen time and time again how Trump can say something such as closing immigration to Muslims. That part of the statement is reported, yet, the other part of what he said which was ‘until we can see what the hell is going on’ is conveniently left off and the first part becomes the proliferated sound bite. We have seen time and time again how Trump can present his idea of solving a problem only to see other candidates rip it off and mainstream media portray those ideas as coming from everybody but Trump. This is an age of terrorism which emanates from a particular region of the world and, unfortunately, that region is the Middle East. This is not an era when Paddy and Molly came over to get away from the Potato Famine. This is not the 1800’s or 1900’s when the Statue of Liberty symbolized ‘give us your tired, hungry and huddled masses.’ This is an era when the Statue of Liberty is apt to be blown to bits.
In one debate, Trump praised policemen and this was presented as his being anti-Black, when in FACT, Trump stated that there were bad policemen and these should be dealt with. Yet, that wasn’t added to his sound bites. Yet, these same mainstream media pundits have yet to explain how they have failed to cover the white militia group holed up in a federal facility in Oregon fighting the police in an armed stand-off which has lasted for months. If this had been a Black anything taking such a stand, the mainstream media would have covered it 24-7. But it is in the corporate media owners’ elitist-racist interest to portray the Black Lives Matter group as anti-police when Black Lives Matters is in fact anti-bad police. We, too, have covered too many years how Black citizens who want the police in their community, but do not want those policemen who abuse their power. We have had Black seniors who have pulled our reporters aside and whispered that they want the police there to keep them safe. One only has to ask those like the Black mother who saw her child killed by stray gang bullets or those who saw a nine-year-old boy assassinated.

Long before Trump got as far as he has, we had read and re-read Trump’s immigration position paper which is on his website for the reading. Nothing in media was reported on what Trump said about African Americans in this immigration paper. For the written record, in his “Put American Workers First” section of this paper, Trump stated: “Decades of disastrous trade deals and immigration policies have destroyed our middle class. Today, nearly 40% of black teenagers are unemployed. Nearly 30% of Hispanic teenagers are unemployed. For black Americans without high school diplomas, the bottom has fallen out: more than 70% were employed in 1960, compared to less than 40% in 2000…”

Yet, Trump continues to be painted as a racist, anti-Black, a buffoon, a white monkey. Why? Simple, the boys at the top of the establishment and media mainstream establishment can’t control him. Their medium is their message.
We welcome the renegade Trump.

And to the rest of the Republican field, especially to you, John Kasich, in this time of crisis we don’t want to see someone trying to be ‘presidential’ and above the fray. Besides, do you really think Americans would be tuning into a debate if Trump were not in it? One can be presidential after he or she wins, seeing the mess that this nation is in, and after the swearing in, he or she better be ready to put on blue jeans and go to work.

Regarding Trump’s foul language, that would be the least of this nation’s problems should North Korea drop a nuclear bomb this way as ISIL grins and Russia winks. When you’re Number One, you automatically have a target on your back. The foreign policy game is like in any other game: Whoever takes out Number One becomes lead dog.

What is so perturbing about “Making America Great Again”? Americans were duped into NAFTA. Its manufacturing infrastructure has been outsourced; workers have been emaciated, including Black Americans who could at one time count on Detroit for jobs, but instead have gotten the lead poisoning of Flint. There has been talk of relocating Syrian refugees in America; yet, there is no talk of relocating the poor white and Black citizens of Flint to a healthier environment. Even the damn EPA was so politically correct with their protocols that they have F-up a generation of babies.

As for the rest of the Republican field, we still ask ourselves WHY just WHY does this major political party continue to disrespect its African American citizens? When the Nine parishioners were murdered in Emanuel Church by a terrorist (regardless of his color), this Party of a democracy by the People and of the People could not extend condolences for fear it would be perceived as being pro-Black. Yet, this Elephant decided it could reach out to Parisian victims of terrorists and extend condolences. This was morally wrong and unpatriotic towards a community which has fought in every war to keep America safe.

This now has become a nation where there is more of an outcry about Syrian refugees being ill-treated than about citizens being poisoned in Flint! One of the loudest voices heard in advocating to place Syrian refugees in America came from the President who stood up to chastise Americans, yelling ‘this is not who we are!’ When in fact it is exactly who we are for we have morphed into a nation that neglects its own. We have become a nation which treats its veterans like what rhymes with ‘hit’. This is the same President who refuses to return a call to the National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations. This call was promised to them as far back as 2012 when they asked for and continue to beg for an Honorary promotion of Col. Charles Young, a Buffalo soldier who fought with General Jack Pershing, but was not promoted to general because it meant white soldiers would have had to salute him.

Yes, ‘this is exactly who we are.’

Need we wonder why Americans of all ilk, colors, religions, creed are mad as hell! Yes, this is exactly who we have become: A nation that mistreats its veterans and soldiers. It ignores its Black minority as being in economic domestic crisis; it ignores its Black children, its Appalachian children, its poor white children, its brown children, its red children, its Oriental-American children, its public school system, its mentally ill, because it’s too busy being politically correct to see to its own. And lo and behold if you profess the Christian faith then you’re either painted as anti-Muslim, a redneck, a Black shouting dancing ignorant Holy Roller, or a 13-headed jingoistic monster!

Damn well! Americans are angry, even to the point of foaming at the mouth like mad dogs!

For the record, we don’t want to see cute, politically correct debates. We don’t care about the foul language, because we don’t see ISIL saying, ‘Please, may I chop your head off’ or ‘Please, may I burn your babies alive’ or ‘Please, may I lock your loved one in a cage, douse gasoline and burn him alive while you watch the matinee.’

Yeah, go ahead and ask those parents how they sleep at night knowing their child had his head chopped off; Yeah, go ahead and ask these parents if they can still feel their child’s last pain of horror as an ax came down. Go on. Ask the people who found bodies of children doused with gasoline and burned alive! Go ahead and ask the parents of the little Nigerian girls who were taken and raped and turned into sex slaves. Yeah, ask the parents whose babies’ heads were chopped off as if they were small animals or no better than rats being exterminated. Yeah, ask them how they feel about Herod’s return in the 21st Century.

Our rage rages on.

We are presently engaged in several war fronts. Yes, there is enough blame of the previous administrations and the present one to go around, but where does that get us? We’re in this mess now and now is the time to find a way out. This is no time for another Neville Chamberlain II.

This nation needs an unconventional leader for unconventional times, because the only thing we have to fear is stupidity.

Yes, in this election, it is time to put politics in the gutters. It is time to put politics in the outhouse. Someone has to clean the cesspool—to clean the crap to come up with clean solutions.

And if America wants a nice, cute, politically correct president then all we can say is (D)uck that!


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