Stripping Down Trump

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Let’s strip down Donald Trump.

Like millions, I watched the Republican debate on Fox Thursday night on August 6th. My only regret in the kingdom of ficklehood is that it was on at the same time as CBS’s Big Brother eviction night. (Yes, “Big Brother” from day one has been one of my guilty pleasures and that is because in ‘reality’ this show mirrors politics… moving on from those who think anything in reality TV is dumb). And yes, I thought it was a good suggestion when I initially tweeted that if Fox didn’t have room for all the candidates that it should produce a special edition of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” and put the non-top ten on that…. moving on again to ‘stripping’ down Donald Trump.

But first of all, let me digress. In the history of my life as a journalist, I have never, ever, never seen more journalists themselves become stories. (Yes, I know it can happen and has happened.). The latest is Trump’s dissing of Fox’s Megyn Kelly who co-anchored the debate. See, I don’t care if Trump disrespected her. She is a journalist. What irks me is how her fellow journalists are making a story over Trump disrespecting her just as they did when one of Trump’s advisors allegedly threatened a Daily Beast reporter. As a journalist and newspaper editor, I have been cussed out, threatened, had a Klansman and Klansmen-inspired persons call me up (which was in the 1990s!), some politicians hating on me, and I have essentially been called everything but a child of God. And if a reporter I’ve had and have under my supervision ever complained about getting their feelings hurt then he or SHE can take a hike. Now to be fair, Megyn Kelly herself did not make this a ‘news’ story (I admit I thought way back when, when just seeing how she spelled ‘Megyn’ that she was a Black girl– right up there with Temeka…You know how the stereotype goes… moving on).

Now, if a woman’s biology is derided then the woman has every right to deride a man’s little thing of biology. That should even ‘things’ out, because we all know males cannot take what they dish out when it comes to these ‘things’. Moving on from X-rating this commentary and from climbing on another level of foolishness on my behalf in spite of all’s fair in war and politics.

Anyway, since time was a second, politicians and journalists have always gotten into it, especially behind closed doors. They’re like a married couple that always fight, and wouldn’t have anything to talk about if they didn’t.

Just why is his dissing of journalists a serious story? Because it’s easier to cover Megyn’s biology than it is to cover the Iranian deal, racism, foreign affairs, immigration, and the economy. Yes, when journalists begin to cover stories about themselves then journalism has reached a poor state in which the Fourth Estate has made itself irrelevant, defunct, and an everyman’s career. It is no wonder that it has become the Rodney Dangerfield of 21st Century professions.
We now live in such a politically correct world (hypocrisy in a tuxedo) that ‘Give ‘em Hell’ Harry Truman wouldn’t be elected in this climate.

But this Megyn Kelly foolishness served as an impetus stirring up the hypocrisy concerning Shoshana Johnson, an African American female who was a POW in Iraq. This newspaper editorialized about her treatment. Bottom line: Shoshana was treated like a dog by this nation. She was captured in 2003 at about the same time as her fellow POW Jessica Lynch. Jessica was blond and white; therefore, her POW status was more important than Shoshana’s POW status. We dug deeper into what brought us to our 2010 files in which in addition to our own news coverage there was an AP story about Johnson releasing her book, “I’m Still Standing”. This Black female was denied not only PTSD treatment but had to fight for veterans benefits. Johnson is quoted in this AP interview: “It was kind of hurtful. If I’d been a petite, cutesy thing, it would’ve been different.” (Now I’m going to get back to this POW matter in a moment. Bear with me. Get a cup of black coffee.).

The fact that mainstream journalism is reprimanding Trump is like the pot calling the kettle. Mainstream newsrooms have become whiter than white—so white, in fact, that Clorox might as well be a sponsor. Just ask major Black journalists organizations about their complaints as African American journalists are being escorted out the backdoor while white female journalists are being escorted in the front door to serve as media organizations’ minority du jour.
So, let us all just ‘Emmett Till’ this Megyn matter and call it what it is, because if Megyn Kelly had been a Black female journalist, none of this would be a media Katrina, and Trump never would have been dis-invited to whatever conservative event for which he was scheduled to speak.

John McCain. Now, this gets us back to this POW matter and to those controversial Trump remarks about U.S. Senator John McCain and Trump disrespecting McCain as a war hero and former POW. Even President Barack Obama got in on this one all the way from his fieldtrip in Kenya. You can take a slug of your black coffee here.

Now this is the same President whose White House troops can’t even return a promised phone call from nearly three years ago to the Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations on the matter of getting an honorary promotion for Col. Charles Young, an African American pre-World War I soldier who served under legendary Gen. Black Jack Pershing in Mexico. Young was the first Black soldier to be promoted to colonel in 1918. Young was denied promotion to general because that meant white soldiers would have to salute him. This was the only reason. We’ve written about this issue and amid a ton of press releases, mainstream media can’t cover this, but they can cover John McCain’s alleged slight, and the President can weigh in from Kenya. By the way, Young was shipped off to Africa where he was killed in Nigeria. The President even disregarded the support Young received from two African nations on behalf of the Coalition.

Even when Cong. Barbara Lee, a Black female member of Congress, sent the President a letter of support, she was dissed by all the President’s men. So fast forwarding to the 21st Century, you have the nation’s first Black president in Africa being indignant about McCain; yet, he can’t even return the Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations’ promised call on giving this Buffalo soldier an honorary promotion (underscore ‘honorary’ here), but I ‘Shall Return’ to this issue at a later date.

Yet—and this is a big YET, the President had no problem calling up Bruce Jenner who had screwed over two women into becoming his wives and produced two sets of children after having deceived these two women that he was what he wasn’t or was or ‘wherever’. The White House congratulated Brucette on being brave. YET, he can’t respect the Coalition to honor a real hero who gave his life for his country.

Now harking back to McCain: When Trump said what he did about McCain, I did not view Trump as disrespecting McCain as a POW or as Trump disrespecting veterans or soldiers but rather as Trump attacking McCain, the politician. Then here’s the Fourth Estate having a fit over Trump’s treatment of McCain and churning out headlines that Trump refuses to apologize to McCain. And the way the President came to McCain’s defense, one would have thought he was McCain’s illegitimate son.

The Fourth Estate has yet to ask why this nation has not apologized to Black veterans, Black former POWs, Black soldiers, Shoshana Johnson, and Col. Young!
When McCain came home as a former POW, he received (deservedly) accolades and honors. And R-E-S-P-E-C-T. When Black soldiers and POWs came home all they got was a white boot up their rear ends. When the Tuskegee Airmen returned home, they couldn’t even get jobs as commercial pilots after proving they could fly planes in combat. No one has apologized to these soldiers.

Now all this is to continue the stripping down of Donald Trump. Yes, Trump got the hardest questions and yes in antagonistic tones at times. This is the nature of the beast called politics. And what was the idea of asking him to pledge that he wouldn’t run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t get the Republican nod? Why not ask this of all the candidates? Better yet, if the Republican Party is so concerned about this, then call in all of those who want to run as Republicans to make the pledge. We all know that if any other candidate had been a frontrunner, this question would not have come up? Because they would have been the Elephant’s good little boy and girl presidential hopefuls.

Now let’s backtrack: You have to look at these mainstream newsrooms. Strip them down and you see that their pulling at straws to bring Trump down by any means necessary has to do with Corporate America. These newsrooms are part of Corporate America. They are spokes in mega conglomerates’ wheels. These media groups are among the richest and most influential in America’s democracy and Americanized NGOs in foreign nations. This Corporate America establishment, too, thrives off politicians it can control and/or manipulate in its self-economic interests. As I’ve tweeted, politicians and businessmen have been in the same bed since time was a second. They have sired bills and other legislation. Corporate America has always supported and given millions to both Republicans and Democrats. They provide deep pockets to lobbyists.

Trump has given to both parties as he stated in the debate. This is what they do; this is how they operate. Big businesses have always screwed politicians. That is how they get those babies—the biggest of which was known as Bailout a.k.a. Corporate Welfare.
Trump is part of the Corporate America establishment which means with his billions they cannot control and/or manipulate him like they can and have many politicians in BOTH parties. I don’t view Trump so much as a maverick politician as I do him as a renegade Corporate America member. And the Corporate America media establishment now has to spank him (or beat the hell out of him) for being a bad boy. Yes, the Trumpster has been tactless enough to reduce them to becoming so petty in their attempts to stop his big mouth that they have failed to make sure their journalists cover serious issues. (I mean, the debate was on August 6th and Meggie is still the headline!)

Like Trump, hate Trump, or be indifferent toward Trump, you have to ask yourself in these perilous times of precarious foreign affairs, who would get Putin’s attention? Because you can bet your bottom dollar, Putin is going to make another gigantic move before a new president rolls up to the White House. Yes, America’s domestic challenges will wilt in the face of her (notice I said ‘her’) foreign challenges when Putin makes his move for all of Ukraine and perhaps when Iran reneges.

By the way, like the dress, Megyn. And glad you could get a job after serving your country, John McCain. Glad Clorox can sponsor newsrooms. And to the Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations, wait it out for another president who can respect you and your patriotism or better yet, start talking to presidential hopefuls (from both parties) to see if you can secure the ‘Honorary’ status deserved of Col. Young. Then, of course, you can always dig up Col. Young, have him declared a transgender and put out that he deceived two women by marrying them on what he was while giving them two sets of children. Then and only then can you be assured that the President will return your call after nearly three years. Even better, see if you can get ESPN to give Col. Young a Courage Award for being Black in America.
(And to those transgender supporters, these statements are only about Bruce Jenner. So you need to chill out and get another cup of black coffee.).

So when you strip down Trump, you don’t see Trump’s unmentionables, but rather you see Corporate America establishment’s dirty underwear and fear in their eyes that their renegade black sheep, Trump, just might become the lead shepherd.


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