Baltimore and Fear

By Arelya J. Mitchell
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

Baltimore is not so much about Black rage as it is about white fear gone amok.

This fear is so entrenched in America’s socio-economic system that it remains invisible as it erodes America into Third World Nation status.

White fear is not talked about because it is not recognized by white psychologists. It is not studied with the same compassion and commitment as that infamous black inferiority complex. Think about it. How many times have you seen on mainstream media a panelists of experts sitting around the table discussing white fear or how that white fear centers on the Black male? Or that white fear is the flipside of a white inferiority complex? I mean if one is a human being one must presuppose that certain traits are shared by other humans: Generosity, greed, jealousy, kindness—and yes, even an inferiority complex.

There’s pedagogic yak that the Black male is inherently criminal and thuggish? Yet, all during the Baltimore unrest coverage, white fear was never brought up. Exactly what do whites fear in Black people, especially Black males? This white fear of the Black male is so entrenched that even if a Corporate America company hires—let’s say three Black men wearing Calvin Klein suits with Ivy League degrees nailed to their backs—the new Black employees are viewed as thugs, and if the three (just three!) of them sit down at the same table in the executive dining room they are viewed as a gang, and the whispers begin: “What are they planning?”

White fear is so systemic that it has bred a level of white populace which can no longer think with brain cells but rather with skin cells. It has produced an arrogance masquerading under white privilege with the same ignorance of monarchies which made them actually believe they had Divine Right. It never occurred to them that those born lower were capable of thinking or had the Divine Right to be mad as hell. When one watches those old Black and white movies on TCM, one hears this arrogance in such lines as “I’m white and twenty-one.”

I watched Baltimore and could see what has been happening for a very long time: Annihilation. Destruction. Waste. Stagnation. Identity crisis. I am not referring to the inner city of Baltimore where the riots and unrest happened, but rather referring to the wealthy and alleged white middle class which looked on either in utter consternation as they wondered why the ‘natives are restless’.

I am referring to a government which is so crouched in a naiveté that all is well on the western front that it has produced a level of white politicos who think with skin cells and little else. The status quo is so color entrenched that it does not recognize that when a 21st Century Baltimore erupts and when nothing is done economically that fertile grounds are laid for homegrown terrorism or that when you have a historic practice of mass incarceration of African American males many of whom were not harden criminal or thugs when they went into the system but would more than likely come out that way because they’re branded like cows on a cattle ranch as future profit for privatized prisons. More beef. To reiterate, white fear is laying fertile grounds for homegrown terrorism. Not riots, but terrorism.

There are some White people who get this; there are some Black people who get this; there are some Brown people who get this; there are some Red people who get this, but their voices are being stamped out with the same systemic branding iron which has labeled them troublemakers.

History flaps the same page back and forth when a segment of society is pushed into despair hopelessness erupts. Hopelessness also creates a layer of fertile ground for haters to rise to the top as leaders on the back of white fear. White fear blames welfare recipients, projects, poor children getting free breakfasts, and it arbitrarily invent rules for activity under the guise of “Law & Order” (Stop and Frisk, three-strikes you’re out, cocaine vs. crack). Just dig up Hitler and ask him about it, as he chose to feed on anti-Jewish fear. He sold this fear to everyday non-Jewish Germans (especially the blue-eyed blond citizens) that the nation was languishing economically and every problem the non-Jewish German citizen had was caused by the Jews. This maneuver of using one group against another transcends race, color, or creed…and it materializes into a 21st Century Baltimore which is a microcosm mirroring a race-infested dysfunctional macrocosm that is collapsing on itself as a ‘house divided’ which cannot stand.

White fear exists. White fear controls. But, ironically, it is spiraling out of control at the expense of a Number One Nation remaining Number One. Blacks collectively are driven towards economic extinction via economic genocide because that white fear is so focused exclusively on keeping Blacks in the economic ghetto.

Now, let’s go to the Black side of things. When you have a group that does not fight back effectively because it continues not to remember its history of being Black in America, it adds fuel to its own economic demise. When you have a group that continues to think with its black skin cells as opposed to its brain cells which created HBCUs, took what was left over from the slave fields and created nourishment from white folks’ scraps, produced Black-owned businesses and sports franchises and frankly didn’t give a damn what white people thought and didn’t mind competing with them because they were taught that if you were Black you had to be three times better—sometimes six! That attitude paid off until Blacks got happy.

I write the following with astute anger: There is an atmosphere in America which is Baltimore; there is a blind stupidity in Baltimore which is America in the 21st Century.

See I don’t want to hear words like ‘healing’, ‘closure’, ‘town hall meetings’, ‘prayer days’ and all the other supposedly ‘good’ code words that do nothing but assuage Black economic pain and white fear when it’s all said and done.

How long can you march? You can march around the Earth twice and tilt it profoundly on its ass—axis, and when you get back, you’re still replicating what was done in the 1960’s when those actions amounted into something constructive, e.g. taking Jim Crow off the law books, gaining voting rights, and equal access to public transportation. White America knows and other ethnic groups know that whenever Black people go off on a (justifiable) deep end, they’re going to march eternally and nothing much else is going to get done after the marching and screaming. Let’s get happy!

See I don’t want to see town hall meetings where Blacks and whites come together to discuss their ‘feelings’ and see these town hall meetings televised via a mainstream media with the whitest newsrooms on this backside of a Civil Rights Movement. I mean, I ask you: Do you really care about anybody’s feelings at this point? After all, at this point like in the old soul tune with the lyric “Fred is dead”, it’s now ‘Freddie’s dead.’

How long can you march without an economic agenda of producing Black-owned businesses and opportunities for Black entrepreneurship to create jobs? See I don’t want to see the handing out of voter’s registration forms as if the Black Vote is the sole cure for whatever ails Black America when in reality both political parties know that the Black Vote has become a placebo to be taken only on Election Day.

Once upon a time the Black Vote meant power. It is now a false pregnancy because it produces nothing but a bastard child both parties use to benefit everything and every other race but Black when the election is over. The Black Vote has become both major parties’ bastard child because they know there is no economic umbilical cord. Other ethnic groups have a group within that group with viable wealth based on ownership—not on consumption (consumerism) as it is with the Black populace— which gives said groups political clout.

Mind you these activities such as marching, protesting, rallies, and prayer meetings are wonderful but they are not ‘good’ because they accomplish nothing but temporary satisfaction if they do not dovetail with ‘constructive action’ and not reaction. You see, Freddie’s still dead.

I looked out over a wave of protesters in the sea of despair as they swam up on shore still drowning. One was proud that they kept the pressure on. One heard speaker after speaker. One was proud of the speakers. And yes, I must add here, I do believe in prayers but I also believe with the prayers, marches, rallies, someone somewhere should have been able to pull out at least five persons and taken a Number 2 pencil and a yellow legal pad and drawn up an economic plan that goes beyond such ‘training’ programs than a proverbial “My Brother’s Keeper” which is no more than a reincarnated 21st Century C.E.T.A. program. You see, white-owned businesses get access to capital to create jobs to create more capital. Blacks get ‘training’ programs and blame.

Where were the Black economists? Black economists exist but they remain out of a dialogue from the White House to a Baltimore. There are astute business oriented ministers who preach economic-ownership along with prayer and can provide input. A Black economic think tank should have been created and this is where the next Black leadership should emerge.

Black economists can formulate that X-number of Black-owned businesses must be brought to fruition to produce jobs along with other mainstream companies such as a CVS or the like. The sin of America is that Black America has never been allowed to own its capitalism—its own means of production. White fear continues to act as overseer just as it did when whites massacred hundreds of Black citizens of such thriving communities as Rosewood, Florida and what was known as “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whites became so afraid of these two townships that were producing wealth and Black-ownership even under Jim Crow that they barged in and slaughtered Black American citizens with the same venom as Hitler did the Jews. Throughout American history, case upon case has been recorded that when a Black got something better than a white—be it a shiny new car, new shoes—or could speak using more than one syllable, the hidden policy was that it was time to barge in, cordon off, and destroy Black achievement. Everyone knows that if there are two Black males and one needed shoes and one had a plan to build a shoe factory and both wanted access to capital and went to a wealthy white philanthropist billionaire, it’s the one who wanted a pair of shoes who would be helped; the one who had a plan for a shoe factory would be dismissed and viewed as a threat. This is why it is easier for white wealthy ‘benefactors’ to give charity to Blacks but not access to capital. This is white fear rearing its ugly head even at the top of the Fortune and Forbes lists of people who operate on noblesse oblige rather than on reality. Traditionally, it’s called white paternalism.

This remains a Katrinanized nation as in post-Katrina when a federal government claimed that it could not find even one Black-owned construction company (A matter duly documented at the time by Cong. Bennie G. Thompson** who testified in a Senate hearing on Hurricane Katrina contracting abuses…but don’t get me started on Katrina), or when the U.S. Department of Agriculture aided and abetted Big Banks in stealing Black farmland (a suit that was eventually settled in the 21st Century after decades of litigation). This is how white America plays the Race Card which it put in the deck and has kept in the deck. I’ll say it again: Nobody loves a poor Black person like America.

See, Black America, you are not in America’s economic agenda. You don’t get to go to Cuba to do business. You don’t even get to go to South Africa or any other part of Africa to do business. Black economists are not invited for input. The only thing black America is cognizant of is oil. Period. If you are not on the agenda in a world where globalization is more than on an atlas, then you are simply slated for economic extinction via economic genocide. It might be best that you pick up Psalms 91 along with organizing and demanding to be included in America’s capitalism. And to you, Black men, you are still viewed as thugs and a gang even in Calvin Klein suits while you sit with two other (tokens) Black males in the executive dining room. It’s time for you to Black Man Up!

You see, Freddie’s dead. Freddie Gray represents one end of the spectrum which is a dead-end just as those Black children who can excel and want to excel represent the other end of the spectrum which, too, is a dead-end. The Black child remains expendable.

But as I’ve written: Some Blacks get it; some whites get it. Because they know that if you don’t straightened this mess out economically, this whole country will implode economically because it cannot continue to produce a white populace which can only think with skin cells because of an inbred hemophiliac sense of white privilege. It will implode economically because this nation cannot continue to produce a Black populace which continues to operate on Black skin cells because of some inbred hemophiliac sense of not being able to take names and kick fiduciary ass when needed, or have the sense that there is a profound difference between being a Christian and being a fool or continue to march without an economic agenda beyond job training.

Freddie’s dead.

See, I don’t want to see pretty little pictures of Blacks out there cleaning up the neighborhood, sweeping the sidewalks, picking up trash in post-riot. I don’t want to hear the garbage of Blacks destroying their own neighborhoods when in essence they do not own these rotting neighborhoods amid the wealthy Baltimore which thinks nothing of wasting human resources encased in Black bodies just to make sure Freddie stays dead. I would have rather seen Blacks walking straight past the rubble into a Sunday School classroom or free library meeting room to draw up an economic agenda. I want a yell out to Black economists sitting in their pristine HBCU classrooms or Ivy League Universities to take leadership roles.

Hell! You can clean up later because in reality it’s later than you think anyway.

Yes, these are pretty little pictures for mainstream media dispensing the illusion that when Black people clean up trash they’re being responsible ‘Black’ citizens. But they never examine the ‘white’ trash of the privileged who sit and judge.

Freddie’s dead.

See, I don’t want to see any mourning of a CVS when Freddie’s dead and the Black child remains expendable behind the bars of an inferior public school system.

You can rebuild CVS, but you can’t rebuild Freddie.

And if CVS returns then a Black group of regular everyday Black people should put together their one dollar bills and buy stock in CVS or any other mainstream company which comes in, and if these companies start doing something that is detrimental to that Black community’s monetary growth then call in the marchers to shareholder meetings. Hell! March where the mansions are if you don’t get what you want and need when you have a right to live on safe streets in safe houses and afford a Disney World vacation just as any member of America’s disappearing white middle class. Or to ride in a gyroscope over the White House and fear not being riddled with bullets. Bring back the Black Wall Street blueprint and 60’s boycotts and build on that.

And if CVS decides not to return, well at least it’s alive.

Freddie’s dead. Freddie was dead long before he died.


*The above is on the Editorial and Black Paper lanes on The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway. **Cong. Bennie G. Thompson’s Katrina Letters are found on the Letters & Statements lane on the Black Information Highway at . Welcome, Travelers!

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