Ted Cruz ‘Faces the Nation’ 13 Eggs Short of a Dozen on CBS

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

When I got up Sunday morning on January 26, 2014 to ‘Face the Nation’ with Bob Schieffer as he interviewed Senator Ted “Monkey” Cruz, I thought I would stroke out with laughter. This was one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve seen in a while, for there was nothing newsworthy about it. I don’t even think Bob thought he would be interviewing a monkey on an early Sunday morning amid viewers’ coffee and pancakes.

Schieffer attempted—and oh did he attempt—to interview Cruz as if Cruz were an intelligent politician but to no avail. Schieffer graciously showed every ounce of respect and decorum he could for this infamous political figure and America’s latest WMED (Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction). Schieffer’s trying to interview Teddy was like trying to interview a trick monkey in a barrel of Jack Daniels.

Once again Cruz proved that he is 13 eggs short of a dozen.

This was not about a politician being labeled a conservative, liberal, radical, or moderate. Schieffer has interviewed them all and if that politician has a certain ideological leaning then that would be discussed and argued intelligently regardless if one agrees or disagrees with said politician. But whatever question Schieffer asked, Cruz answered as if he were so intoxicated with his own ego that he failed the sobriety test.

Cruz sat there in some metaphysical stupor and told Schieffer that he neither caused nor led the government shutdown, and he blamed President Obama for causing the shutdown. Oh really???

Towards the end, Schieffer asked Cruz if he planned on running for President. Naturally, Cruz didn’t provide an affirmative answer (which in all due respect most politicians don’t on the side of the cautionary façade of being humble. You know, as in that spirit of “… if elected I will not serve…”). However, I wished Schieffer had clarified ‘President of what?’ But “Planet of the Apes” might not have been a proper response from Cruz during mid-term elections.

(I am sure you can go to CBS.com and watch Face the Nation’s first historical interview with a primate).

What I was remembering during this interview were my own thoughts on what was probably happening behind closed doors during the infamous Shutdown of 2013. Yes, there were numerous reports of how Cruz was hurting average everyday hardworking Jo or Joe Citizen. But I do not believe that Jo or Joe Citizen was the reason Congressman John Boehner and the Republican leadership began to flex some muscle; I believe that it was the Koch Brothers and other zillionaires on their I Phones and smart phones calling the Republican chair and Boehner, turning cussing into the latest Rosetta Stone, “If you don’t do something about that blankety-blank…. He’s taking us down with them… he’s ruining our fortunes…” You see, someone forgot to tell Cruz that the One Percent’s fortunes are so interwoven into the U.S. budget that if government shuts down, Wall Street goes with it, treasury notes no longer carry a treasure, the domino of big banks fall, etc. Can you say, “Bailout?” So, to you fellow peasants who think you were the reason for Boehner’s ‘I have seen the light moment’, you weren’t. Not the main reason, at least. During a shutdown, the poor gets poorer, but the One Percent gets screwed.

Of course, if Cruz chooses to oppose any immigration bill, he could use his Canadian-born self as the primate-example of the type who should not be allowed into this nation of immigrants (Note: As I’ve written earlier, African Americans should think of themselves as Involuntary Immigrants). Only the Native American can legitimately argue anti-immigration.

Yep, when one chooses a monkey to lead the Republican Party into a shutdown, you do not get an elephant; you get a monkey. Now what did the Republic Party learn from following Cruz on Shutdown 2013? What many have learned as I myself have in the history of my life: Any fanatic can have a lunatic following.

Yes, there are those who say that I am being completely unprofessional in calling Ted Cruz a monkey. And yes – yes, they are right. I am an Un-Professional. But I shall tell you this as I stand here leaning over the fiscal cliff drinking my peach mango Kool-Aid that I have with all my heart and soul and mind apologized to all the monkeys of the world for calling Cruz a monkey.

But they have yet to forgive me.


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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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