NFL Bullying, the N-Word and Common Sense

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

I had another column I was going to run which this one could have served as a companion piece, but this Sit-U-Ation with the NFL African American player who had to check himself into the hospital to have a nervous breakdown because a white fellow player called him the infamous ‘N-word’ was too stupid not to comment on.

First of all, it must be nice to afford a luxurious nervous breakdown by checking yourself into a hospital before the ObamaCare website is working properly, and then to have your daddy on television telling the world that you’re going to be fine after allegedly being bullied and called the N-word numerous times. Of course, the NFL Commissioner is now calling for an investigation into a white boy calling a black boy the ‘N-word’. Gee whiz! So much for the post-racial myth.

Life is life. Long after we’re all pushing up daisies, someone still will be calling someone a racial slur. And we all must thank God that we all don’t have nervous breakdowns over that or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Jackie Robinson would have checked themselves into a hospital (albeit a segregated one) to have the luxury of a breakdown because they were called the N-word.

I went to to read the transcript of the text Richie Incognito sent to Jonathan Martin. First of all, let me pause to say that when I first heard about the fuss, I couldn’t understand why Richie was incognito. What’s wrong with the boy? Is he hiding? I was quickly informed that his surname was Incognito. Moving on… I read the text of F bombs, S—t torpedoes, N-words, etc. Now, unless, Martin was born five minutes ago, why wouldn’t he have heard these words? Especially in a locker room and football setting? Or in life, for that matter?

Call me politically incorrect or politically insensitive, but couldn’t Jonathan Martin have called Richie Incognito a few choice words reserved for ‘whitey’—like the H-word (as in honkey), redneck, cracker, peckerwood? Or as we say in the South, couldn’t he just have slapped the fire out of him (but I suppose NFL players don’t slap each other) or as some have said, couldn’t Martin have ‘punched him out’?

Two five-year-olds could have handled this better. Sure, mommy would come in to pull them apart and after that life would go on.

Now what do we have here? A full-blown investigation that will cost money; time spent on the full blown investigation; the hiring of a prominent attorney to look into the matter (that ought to be a couple of millions there) and one heck of a distraction for the Dolphins. And, of course, baby boy Martin has reportedly hired his own lawyer for a possible lawsuit for “emotional distress.” Can’t common sense make a touchdown here?

I hear that the History Channel is re-making “Roots”, and it should for a generation of Black kids who are increasingly becoming dumber about their history, because unlike Jewish parents, Black parents are failing to pass on Black History. James Brown needs to come back to yell out “Say it Loud! I’m Black and Proud!” Or better yet, Brown would have said that white bully boy Incognito was “Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothin’”. Once upon a time there was no way in hell a Black man would have let a white man get away with this without laying his white ass out on the floor. After that, they both would have gotten the name calling out of their system and would have an understanding, and as Ray Charles would say, “Understanding is the best thing in the world.”

With all due respect, his daddy needs to sit his son’s black butt down and instruct him on Black history and what real Black men had to deal with—and it was more than being called the N-word by some namby pamby white boy who smelled fear on him and took advantage of it. Besides, Johnny boy could have stood up to him. Most bullies are cowards anyway. Richie boy is probably no exception to that. And if it were hazing and you didn’t like it, didn’t you have two legs to walk away or run away to live to fight another day? And why have hazing anyway? The NFL is not a college fraternity.

Having expressed that: The NFL has real problems to deal with such as football safety, brain injuries, doing right by those former players who had to work two and three jobs to make ends meet to entertain the world and make millions for owners who didn’t give a damn about them—you get my drift. This is where the NFL’s time and money should go. It would do the NFL good to call OWN and put these two little boys on “Iyanla Fix My (Football) Life” and they can become reality stars.

I don’t mean to tell the Commissioner how to do his job (actually I do, but, hey I’m trying to be politically correct), but this crybaby needs to be sent home with a one-way Greyhound bus ticket to mommy and daddy, because he is no more NFL material than I am. (In fact, being a girly girl, I have yet to watch a full football game without covering my eyes, but I have sports reporters who cover these events and they have my utmost respect!). In fact, I am almost suspecting that Jonathan Martin has discovered after about two years in the NFL that he doesn’t want it anyway, and this excuse of being terrorized by a bully ‘Incognito’ is as good as any to leave. I mean there are guys (regardless of race) out there who could man up and not let anyone run them off the field or out of their dream.

But I can tell you this (as crazy as I am) that if this 300 lb. white boy had called me the “N-word”, I would have simply said, “and your mammy is a hoe!”

Now, are you ready for some football!


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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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