The Washington Redskins to Change Name to Washington Rednecks?

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway

With all the hoopla going on about how offensive the name “Washington Redskins” is to our Native American bros and sistas, and with the Washington Redskins’ owner vowing never as in NEVER to change the name, here’s a compromise: The owner should keep the “Red” portion of Redskins, and replace ‘skins’ with ‘necks’. Voila! The Washington Rednecks!

Mmmmm. Maybe this will not set well with owner Dan Snyder who is a white boy. Besides, Snyder might have done no more than scalp a few coaches here and there while he was circling the wagons to win a Super Bowl. Of course, Washington Rednecks could be very offensive to Caucasian Americans or Euro-Americans or white Americans.

Okay, how about this? The Washington Honkies!

Mmmmmm. Maybe this won’t set well with white Americans. They could find it offensive. Okay, what about the Washington Crackers? Mmmmm, still could be offensive, but hey we’re getting there. Then, of course, you can name it the Washington Peckerwoods. Still, white Americans and woodpeckers could be offended, but maybe could understand a little better why the Native Americans are restless, and that they might like Washington Braves or thereof equivalent a bit better.

Mmmmm. I still think Washington Rednecks has more of a ring to it. And, hopefully, the average white person won’t be offended. Do you think the NFL Commissioner could put it to a vote? And as that cute little Honey Boo Boo would say, the Washington football team could be ‘Redneckonized’.

About blackinformationhighway

Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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