Romney Faces Lion’s Den at NAACP Convention

By Arelya J. Mitchell, Publisher

Folks, I’ve just finished listening to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney address the NAACP convention in the lion’s den in Houston, Texas. Romney got a better response from NAACP attendees than I expected. He only got a dramatic booing when it came to his remarks on the Affordable Health Care plan a.k.a. ObamaCare.  But he forged on. The fact that Romney was applauded a number of times is indicative that Blacks might not be so much in love with Romney as they are mad as hell at an African American president who keeps sending them to the end of the soup line under the code that he is President of All the People.

 The most heavily discriminated entity in Black America remains Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs. Still, this first Black president has yet to address this segment of Black America that can help create and produce jobs not only for Black Americans but all Americans.  Giving the same respect to Black-owned businesses as the billionaire bankers who continue to reap the rewards from billions in bailouts would be a bold step in recognizing that capitalism should also apply to Black-owned enterprises.   On a national level, the economic dialogue in the Black community is only spoken in terms of jobs training and (phantom) jobs; never if ever in terms of Black-owned businesses being job producers and job creators.  

Taking this type of pragmatic leadership would help alleviate the 14.4 % of unemployment among Blacks, the highest of any minority. The economic model for Blacks is based on consumption; not on ownership and enterprise Black citizens neither created nor implemented this economic model which grew out of segregation and fear.

 Yes, African American citizens will more than likely vote overwhelmingly for President Obama again, but it won’t be with the same enthusiasm. The same gusto. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

There hasn’t been any friction between Blacks and the Democratic Party since the late and mighty Fannie Lou Hamer challenged the southern wing of the party in 1964 when she really was “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Yes, it’s a given that Democrats take Black citizens for granted and Republicans just plain downright ignore Black citizens. That’s got to end. Black citizens themselves have got to end it.

 And the fact that Romney got the number of applause that he received in what was slated to be a hostile Black environment is indicative that something has changed.  


 Ms. Mitchell is an award-winning journalist and publisher of The Mid-South Tribune ONLINE and the Black Information Highway at . Welcome, Travelers!

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Arelya J. Mitchell is an award winning journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher of The Mid-South Tribune and the Black Information Highway. She holds degrees in journalism and political science (specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political analysis)
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